A Tribute to the Iconic Slappy Squirrel of Animaniacs

The Legacy of Slappy Squirrel: A Cartoon Character That Has Stood the Test of Time is an Animaniacs fan favorite. From the beloved animated series Animaniacs, Slappy’s quick wit and sharp tongue make her a force to be reckoned with.

Don’t let her age fool you; this granny squirrel packs a punch with her clever one-liners and sharp comebacks. She’s not one to be underestimated.

Slappy Squirrel, the wisecracking, acorn-loving cartoon character from the beloved animated series Animaniacs, has entertained audiences for decades. With her quick wit and sharp tongue, this granny squirrel is not to be underestimated.

Slappy first appeared on the show as the star of her own segment, “Slappy’s Cartoon Show,” in which she would introduce classic Warner Bros. cartoons and add her own humorous commentary. But it wasn’t long before she became a fan favorite, and soon she was popping up in wacky adventures with her fellow Animaniacs.

Who Is Animaniacs Slappy Squirrel?

Gender: Female
Type: Elderly Cartoon Squirrel
Age: 75-80 years old
Species: Squirrel
Portrayed by: Sherri Stoner
Media of origin: Animaniacs (1993-1998)
Animaniacs: (2020-present) (Cameo)

Slappy is a cantankerous, crusty, and curmudgeonly gray squirrel with a thick New York accent. At 80-something years old, Slappy has seen it all.

She lives in a cozy hollow tree with her adoring nephew Skippy, who can’t get enough of her wild tales from her days of cartoon stardom.

While Skippy is about cuteness, Slappy is about chaos, relishing in cartoon violence and scoffing at today’s sanitized animated shows.

First appearing in the show’s third episode, “Slappy Goes Walnuts,” Slappy is a retired Looney Tunes character who crossed over into the world of Animaniacs. In some episodes, we even glimpse her past as Slappy the Slap-Happy Squirrel, a nod to the MGM character Screwy Squirrel.

Slappy Squirrel Humor

Slappy Squirrel Humor

Slappy may be getting up there in years, but don’t let her wrinkles fool you. She’s still got a few tricks up her sleeve, and she’s not afraid to use them on her hapless opponents.

These poor saps are usually as clueless as decrepit, but Slappy is always one step ahead.

She dishes out cartoon violence with a side of nostalgia, reminiscing about her supposed “classic” film appearances of her youth. But don’t let her talk fool you; her enemies are not famous cartoon characters; they remind her of them.

And with a catchphrase like “Now that’s comedy!” delivered after every victory, it’s clear that Slappy’s sense of humor is as sharp as her fists.

She’ll even throw in an occasional “You remind me of a very young (insert name)” for good measure. Though she may poke fun at her age and ailing health, Slappy is a force to be reckoned with and never fails to leave her enemies in stitches… literally!”

Who is Slappy the Squirrel Based on?

Sherri Stoner, a writer and voice actress, created Slappy as a joke.

Stoner, known for her roles as troubled teenagers in TV movies, was jokingly referred to by friend and writer John McCann as someone who would continue to play such roles until she turned 50.

A Fictional Filmography of Slappy

A list of Slappy’s Looney Tunes cartoons can be compiled by referencing the show.

  • Slappy Goes Nutz (poster seen in Slappy’s house)
  • Cartoon where Slappy works as a construction worker and Walter Wolf tries to eat her (title unknown)
  • Cave Girl Slappy”(1932; directed by Piz Peeners)
  • Hi Ho Slappy (1938; directed by Weg Memo)
  • Wap Wap Wap Wappy Slappy (1944; directed by Stubby Winker)

Slappy Squirrel Appearances

Slappy Squirrel Appearances

  1. Animaniacs (Original Series)
  2. Theme song (nonspeaking)
  3. Episode 1 – The Monkey Song (nonspeaking) & Nighty-Night Toon
  4. Slappy Squirrel Theme Song
  5. Episode 3 – Slappy Goes Walnuts
  6. Episode 5 – Taming Of The Screwy (Cameo)
  7. Episode 8 – Bumbie’s Mom
  8. Episode 13 – Little Old Slappy From Pasadena
  9. Episode 16 – Hurray for Slappy
  10. Episode 22 – Guardin’ the Garden
  11. Episode 25 – Hercule Yakko
  12. Episode 27 – I Got Yer Can
  13. Episode 35 – Baghdad Cafe
  14. Episode 36 – Critical Condition & The Three Muska-Warners (Cameo)
  15. Episode 38 – Spellbound (Cameo)
  16. Episode 40 – The Slapper
  17. Episode 41 – Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter & Broadcast Nuissance (Cameo that wasn’t shown in the censored version)
  18. Episode 45 – …And Justice for Slappy
  19. Episode 46 – Turkey Jerky (Silent Cameo)
  20. Episode 49 – A Christmas Plotz (Cameo, as the Jacob Marley character)
  21. Episode 50 – Twas the Day Before Christmas
  22. Episode 51 – Frontier Slappy
  23. Episode 58 – Oh Oh Ethel (pre-theme sketch) & Smell Ya Later
  24. Episode 59 – Woodstock Slappy
  25. Episode 62 – Scare Happy Slappy & MacBeth (Cameo)
  26. Episode 64 – No Face Like Home
  27. Episode 65 – The Warners’ 65th Anniversary Special
  28. Episode 70 – Nutcracker Slappy and A Quake, a Quake!
  29. Episode 71 – Three Tenors and You’re Out
  30. Episode 72 – Rest in Pieces
  31. Episode 73 – Gimme a Break
  32. Episode 74 – Method to Her Madness
  33. Episode 78 – The Sound Of Warners (Cameo)
  34. Episode 79 – My Mother the Squirrel
  35. Episode 81 – Soccer Coach Slappy
  36. Episode 82 – The Big Wrap Party Tonight
  37. Episode 83 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock
  38. Episode 84 – Cutie and the Beast
  39. Episode 85 – Jokahontas (Cameo)
  40. Episode 90- Ralph’s Wedding (Cameo)
  41. Episode 92 – Dot the Macadamia Nut (Cameo) and Bully for Skippy
  42. Episode 95 – Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 1) (Cameo)
  43. Episode 97 – The Sunshine Squirrels
  44. Episode 98 – The Christmas Tree
  45. Episode 99 – The Scoring Session

Pinky and the Brain

  1. Episode 65- Star Warners

Animaniacs Reboot

  1. Episode 5 – “Good Warner Hunting” (nonspeaking)
  2. Episode 15- “Please Submit” (silent cameo on the comic cover)

Why Is This Animaniacs Squirrel A Fan Favorite?

  1. Similar to Bugs Bunny, Slappy is a cunning trickster who seeks revenge on those who are cruel to her and her nephew, Skippy.
  2. Slappy cares deeply for her nephew, Skippy.
  3. Slappy often defeats her opponents using classic cartoon tactics, such as bombs and mallets.
  4. Slappy’s design is well-done.
  5. Like the Warner siblings, Slappy frequently breaks the fourth wall.
  6. Sherri Stoner excellently provides Slappy’s voice.
  7. Slappy is quite formidable for her age.
  8. Slappy and the Warner siblings, Pinky and The Brain, and the Goodfeathers are some of the best elements from Animaniacs.


  • “Now that’s comedy!”
  • “You remind me of a very young…”
  • “Go away!”
  • “Somebody shoot me!”
  • “Oh, now this is sad!”
  • “Ehhh enough with the singing already.”
  • “She asked as if she cared”
  • “Oh, put a sock in it!”

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