12 Queen Characters in Anime You Can’t Miss

Popular anime queen characters include Queen Serenity, Empress Marianne, Queen Nehelenia, Empress Lelianne, and Queen Nakaba.

Anime queens seize the spotlight as some of the most formidable and awe-inspiring female characters, wielding potent abilities and boasting meticulously crafted personas.

History and literature inspire many of these regal figures, yet many female anime leaders are unique creations. As an anime enthusiast, you can encounter these iconic queens in various narratives—from riveting fantasy tales and historical epics to intricate sci-fi animes and uproarious adventure shows.

Anime Royalty: Queens Who Rule Their Kingdoms

While numerous anime queens uphold righteousness and demonstrate wise leadership, a thrilling assortment of devious evil queens also exists.

These malevolent monarchs wield their unique powers to orchestrate chaos masterfully. Moreover, some of anime’s most potent evil witches ascend to queenship, reigning in their menacing yet captivating style.

Queen Serenity: The Moon’s Magnificent Monarch (Sailor Moon)

Queen Serenity The Moon's Magnificent Monarch (Sailor Moon)

Regarding anime royalty, Queen Serenity of “Sailor Moon” shines like a moonbeam. Her exquisite grace and quiet strength embody the essence of a true queen. But don’t be fooled by her serenity—her intense love for her daughter and her people fuels a fierce determination.

This cosmic monarch sacrificed herself to save the Solar System, earning a spot in the Anime Queen Hall of Fame. Her actions teach us that love and sacrifice are the ultimate strengths, proving once again that a queen’s power goes beyond her crown.

Queen Historia: Ruling With Strength (Attack on Titan)

Queen Historia

Meet Queen Historia of “Attack on Titan”—a monarch who’s more than meets the eye. Historia defies the traditional queen archetype, transitioning from a seemingly fragile girl to a queen ready to bear the weight of her nation.

Historia’s rule is a testament to the transformative power of courage and resilience. She isn’t just a queen; she’s a symbol of hope in a world of fear. She fights not just for herself but for the freedom of her people, showing us that true strength comes from within.

Empress Marianne: The Graceful Strategist (Code Geass)

Empress Marianne

Empress Marianne of “Code Geass” truly demonstrates how the world of anime presents queens who break barriers. Known for her legendary piloting skills, Marianne doesn’t sit idle in a palace.

Marianne doesn’t just wear a crown—she wears the mantle of leadership with style and grace. She’s on the front lines, commanding troops and making strategic decisions that shake the world. Her dynamic character proves that queens can be warriors, leaders, and intellectuals.

Queen Yona: The Crimson-Haired Survivor (Yona of the Dawn)

Queen Yona The Crimson-Haired Survivor (Yona of the Dawn)

Queen Yona of “Yona of the Dawn” adds a crimson hue to the anime queen spectrum. Cast out of her kingdom and left with nothing, Yona rises from the ashes, transforming from a naive princess into a courageous queen.

Yona’s evolution is a testament to the power of endurance and the strength of a queen’s heart. Her journey is a compelling tale of survival, resilience, and growth. With every hardship, Yona strengthens her resolve and hones her leadership skills, proving that a queen isn’t born; she’s made.

Queen Eto: The Ghoul Sovereign (Tokyo Ghoul)

Queen Eto Tokyo Ghoul

Veering into the darker side of anime, we encounter Queen Eto of “Tokyo Ghoul.” Unraveling the world of ghouls and their struggles, Eto’s reign is far from conventional. As a ghoul queen, she strives to create a world where ghouls and humans coexist, illustrating that a queen’s concern extends beyond her kind.

Her cunning mind and strategic maneuvers make her a fascinating character who leverages the shadows to shape her kingdom. Eto redefines the term ‘queen,’ reminding us that power is not always found in the light.

Queen Otohime: The Sea’s Benevolent Ruler (One Piece)

Queen Otohime The Sea's Benevolent Ruler (One Piece)

From the deep blue depths of “One Piece” emerges Queen Otohime, a ruler as compassionate as she is wise. Her benevolent rule is guided by her dream of harmony between humans and fishermen. Otohime’s leadership style is not about dominance but understanding and advocating for her people’s needs.

She swims against the current, unafraid to stand up for her beliefs. Through Otohime, we learn that the strongest queens rule with their hearts.

Queen Mirellia: The Majestic Diplomat (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

Queen Mirellia The Majestic Diplomat (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

Queen Mirellia from “The Rising of the Shield Hero” graces our list with her strong, dignified presence. A skilled diplomat and strategist, she seeks to mend relations between different races, showcasing that a queen’s power is not always about warfare but often lies in diplomacy and peace-building.

Her wisdom and grace under pressure make her a shining example of leadership. Mirellia shows us that queenship is not just about ruling—it’s about leading with foresight and promoting harmony.

Queen Dianna: The Dual Monarch (Turn A Gundam)

Queen Dianna Turn A Gundam

In the complex world of “Turn A Gundam,” Queen Dianna stands out with her unique circumstance. Ruler of the Moonrace, Dianna navigates a double life due to an uncanny resemblance to a commoner.

Her character explores the notion of queenship from an entirely different angle, reminding us that queens, too, are human, with their desires and struggles. Dianna’s story teaches us the importance of empathy in leadership and that sometimes, understanding your people requires walking a mile in their shoes.

Queen Nakaba: The Red-Haired Oracle (Dawn of the Arcana)

Queen Nakaba Dawn of the Arcana

Last but certainly not least, meet Queen Nakaba from “Dawn of the Arcana.” A queen with the rare ability to see the future and the past, Nakaba’s reign is anything but ordinary.

She is a reminder that queens can come from the most unexpected places and that destiny often has plans. Her courage in the face of adversity and dedication to changing her kingdom’s discriminatory rules demonstrate that being a queen is not about power but creating positive change.

Queen Kushana: The Warrior Monarch (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)

Queen Kushana

Stepping into the captivating world of Studio Ghibli, Queen Kushana from “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” captures our attention. Renowned for her military prowess, she portrays a different brand of queenship—strong, assertive, and fiercely independent.

Despite physical challenges, Kushana commands respect, not through her royal title, but through her unwavering will and determination. Her story reminds us that a true queen never backs down in adversity.

Queen Beryl: The Ambitious Sorceress (Sailor Moon)

Queen Beryl

If you’re seeking an unconventional queen, look no further than Queen Beryl from “Sailor Moon.” As the ambitious ruler of the Dark Kingdom, Beryl is a formidable sorceress consumed by her lust for power and control.

She may be the antagonist, but her character illuminates a significant truth—that uncontrolled ambition can lead to one’s downfall. Beryl’s story is a cautionary tale about the intoxicating lure of power and the importance of balance in leadership.

Queen Clarines: The Medicine Monarch (Snow White with the Red Hair)

Queen Clarines Snow White with the Red Hair

We have Queen Clarines from “Snow White with the Red Hair.” Known as the Medicine Monarch, she’s a queen of the people, devoting her rule to improving medical knowledge in her kingdom.

Her reign emphasizes the importance of knowledge and progress, proving that a queen can drive development. Queen Clarines shows us that a ruler’s greatest strength can be their care and concern for their subjects’ well-being.

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