Gyaru Girls in Anime: The Most Memorable and Iconic Characters of the Genre

Popular gyaru anime characters are Sakura Hibiki, Yuria Niguredou, Marin Kitagawa, Nana Sunohara, Mikoto Aiura, and Ran Kotobuki.

Gyaru, or gal, is a subculture of Japanese fashion that appeared in the 1970s. The style is characterized by the use of numerous accessories such as hair clips, necklaces, bracelets, colorful makeup, and nail polish, often accompanied by dyed (usually blonde) hair and tanned skin.

Gyaru fashion celebrates individuality and freedom of expression, often defying traditional Japanese beauty standards.

From Bold to Sweet: Ranking the Top 10 Gyaru Girls in Anime

Although the subculture has faced negative stereotypes, this is not the case for all its members, including the characters in anime. These gyaru girls are intelligent, compassionate, and some of the most amiable characters in the anime universe.

They revel in their fashion choices and radiate confidence while proving that one can look incredible while staying true to oneself.

Yukana Yame – My First Girlfriend Is A Gal

Yukana Yame - My First Girlfriend Is A Gal

As the title suggests, my First Girlfriend is a Gal is a comedy anime that revolves around gyaru culture.

The anime’s lead character, Yukana Yame, epitomizes the gyaru fashion trend and is one of the show’s most iconic characters.

Sporting a strawberry blonde hairdo, tied in a high ponytail, a school uniform modified to be more revealing, and loose socks, Yukana exudes an effortless charm and an easy-going personality.

Beyond her flirty demeanor, she is a compassionate, affectionate, and innocent individual who values her friends and her relationship with Junichi, her boyfriend.

Yuria Niguredou – Mieruko-Chan

Yuria Niguredou - Mieruko-Chan

Yuria is another gyaru character whose appearance deviates from the usual style. Despite her youthful appearance, she is a high school student and sports the typical bleached blonde hair with faded pink tips.

Her uniform is adorned with mushroom accessories, and she adds some gothic lolita fashion items to complete her look, which has a darker twist than the conventional gyaru fashion.

Yuria’s personality also sets her apart from the typical gyaru stereotype. She is assertive, pushy, and fearless, often intimidating those around her. However, beneath this tough exterior, she is shy and longs for genuine companionship, which she finds in her newfound friends, Miko and Hana.

Despite having weak powers, Yuria strives to be an excellent medium and kind-hearted person.

Sakura Hibiki – How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift

Sakura Hibiki - How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift

Sakura Hibiki from the anime How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? may have a large appetite and a sedentary lifestyle, but she never neglects her appearance. Her long bleached hair and deep tan perfectly embody the classic characteristics of a gyaru.

However, when Hibiki realizes that her love for food has caused her to gain weight and fears losing her appeal to others, she joins a gym.

This decision ultimately leads to her discovering a newfound passion for fitness, and she bravely faces the challenges of her fitness journey with her outgoing and bubbly personality.

Junko Enoshima – Danganronpa

Junko Enoshima - Danganronpa

Junko’s initial impression is that of a short-tempered, simple-minded gyaru, but beneath her facade lies a complex personality. Her fashion sense is impeccable and aligned with the latest gyaru trends, albeit with a darker tone than the usual bright colors.

This unconventional style choice serves as a subtle hint of her true nature. While Junko may appear friendly and cheerful on the surface, her indifference is evident, and her moods are highly unpredictable.

She becomes easily bored with maintaining her appearance and can be intelligent, manipulative, and violent without feeling remorse for her actions.

Junko can switch her demeanor instantly, leaving others uncertain and anxious about her next move. Her character is layered, and her true self is far from what she initially appears to be.

Akari Watanabe – More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers

Akari Watanabe - More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers

Akari is an energetic and confident gyaru who radiates a warm and friendly demeanor towards everyone. Her appearance is in sync with gyaru fashion trends, with her pink hair and embellished school uniform, although it’s not overly flamboyant.

Despite her outgoing nature, Akari is considerate towards others and always maintains her sweet and kind disposition. When paired with Jiro for a pseudo-marriage simulation program, Akari treats him with kindness and respect, working together to become an exemplary couple.

Even though she initially hoped to be paired with someone else, Akari is determined to make the best of the situation, ensuring that she and Jiro can transfer to be closer to their crushes.

Lord Of Pastimes – Lord Of Pastimes

Lord Of Pastimes - Lord Of Pastimes

The Lord of Pastimes in the Asobi Asobase anime series adopts an exceptionally bold gyaru appearance that falls under the yamanba or ganguro styles instead of the conventional gyaru fashion. Her striking appearance features a deep tan with white patches, white hair, heavy makeup, and mint contact lenses.

Unfortunately, due to the negative stereotypes and associations surrounding the gyaru culture, the Lord of Pastimes has been falsely labeled as a promiscuous and morally bankrupt individual, leading many to believe she lacks intelligence.

However, the Lord of Pastimes proves she is far from unintelligent by scoring within the Top 100 in the national exams.

Nana Sunohara – Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-Sou

Nana Sunohara - Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-Sou

Nana, the younger sister of Ayaka, shares a striking resemblance to her sibling but embraces the gyaru subculture. Her tan complexion is a signature feature of the gyaru style, and her naturally blonde hair is a touch longer than Ayaka’s.

Though she doesn’t wear many accessories, Nana’s fashion sense is trendy and varied throughout the series.

In contrast to her sister, Nana exudes a lively and optimistic personality while maintaining the same kindness and patience. She frequently interacts with Aki, who is self-conscious about his appearance, and consistently displays a friendly and approachable attitude towards him.

Yuzu Aihara – Citrus

Yuzu Aihara - Citrus

Yuzu Aihara from Citrus has a rebellious streak that is reflected in her fashion choices. With a classic gyaru look, she often modifies her school uniform and dons bold, vibrant makeup, leading to clashes with the Student Council.

Although Yuzu sometimes pretends to be a naive, air-headed blonde to hide her insecurities, her true character is much more complex and refined than her appearance suggests. She is a talented cook and a loving partner.

Marin Kitagawa – My Dress-Up Darling!

Marin Kitagawa - My Dress-Up Darling!

Marin’s unique style, self-assurance, and amiable personality have won over the hearts of her fans. She has an impeccable sense of fashion, and her pink contacts and trendy accessories are always on point. Her glittery pink nails are a signature element of her style.

Marin’s wardrobe is diverse, and she dresses according to the occasion. Even when she wears slightly revealing outfits, she exudes confidence and easily wears them.

However, Marin can get flustered over minor things, such as forgetting to wear her contacts during Wakana’s visit.

Despite her youthful demeanor, Marin is a mature character who is unapologetically herself. She values her friendship with Wakana and refuses to hide it from others, even if it means facing judgment from others.

Mikoto Aiura – The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

Mikoto Aiura - The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

One of the few individuals who are aware of Saiki’s supernatural abilities is Mikoto Aiura from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Unlike Kusuo, she is an openly practicing psychic and fortune-teller, driven to assist others with her powers.

Mikoto is a cheerful and well-liked person who embraces the gyaru style with a hard tan, blonde hair, and many accessories. She embodies many typical gyaru stereotypes, such as a cutesy demeanor, an easy-going attitude, and an affinity for extroverted hobbies.

Ran Kotobuki – Super GALS!

Ran Kotobuki - Super GALS!

As a child, Ran Kotobuki had big dreams of becoming a police officer just like her parents. She imagined herself out on the streets, catching bad guys and making her city safer.

But when she discovered that being a police officer meant giving up her beloved dyed hair and flashy accessories, Ran’s dream came crashing down.

However, Ran didn’t let this setback hold her back. Instead, she channeled her energy and passion into becoming the No.1 Gal in Shibuya. The vibrant and lively atmosphere of the gyaru culture appealed to Ran, and she thrived in every aspect of it.

In Super GALS!, we are introduced to a cast of fashion-forward characters who embody the essence of Shibuya’s fashion movement. Ran, with her impulsive and carefree nature, is a standout among them. But don’t let her bubbly demeanor fool you because Ran means business when it comes to justice.

Rio Nakamura – Assassination Classroom

Rio Nakamura - Assassination Classroom

Meet Rio, the self-proclaimed “cool and gorgeous” girl of Class 3-E. Eccentric and unpredictable, Rio is an enigma to her classmates.

While some consider her a prodigy due to her academic accomplishments in elementary school, others consider her a bit sleazy and mischievous.

Rio’s intelligence is undeniable despite her tendency to tease and play pranks. She often uses her quick wit to outsmart her classmates, especially Nagisa. However, underneath her playful exterior, Rio genuinely cares about her classmates and values their friendship.

While Rio may not fit the typical gyaru aesthetic with her lack of accessories, she rocks a blonde hairdo that earns her the nickname “Gyaru English.”

Don’t let her appearance fool you, though, as Rio is a force to be reckoned with academically and socially.

Kaede – Gal & Dino, AKA My Roomie Is A Dino

Kaede - Gal & Dino, AKA My Roomie Is A Dino

Kaede is a spunky young girl who unexpectedly lives with a dinosaur named Dino after a wild night out. With a penchant for cursing and a loud personality, Kaede initially seems like an unlikely caregiver for a prehistoric creature.

But as we get to know Kaede, we discover she has a gold heart. Despite her gruff exterior, she cares deeply for Dino and takes her responsibility as his roommate seriously. Kaede may not have experience caring for a dinosaur, but she puts in the effort and learns a lot from Dino, even though he can’t talk.

Kaede’s fashion sense is as bold as her personality, with a colorful array of clothes and accessories that reflect her individuality. She may not fit the mold of a traditional caregiver, but Kaede proves that being kind and caring comes in many different forms.

Galko – Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan

Galko - Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan

Never judge a book by its cover, and that’s a lesson that the protagonist, Galko, in Please tell me! Despite her bold fashion choices, Galko is often unfairly judged as a wild and promiscuous party animal by those around her. Galko-chan, teaches us all.

However, as we get to know Galko, we discover that her appearance does not reflect her true character. She may be unapologetic about wearing revealing clothing and possess excellent social skills. Still, at her core, she is a kind and emotional teenage girl who gets embarrassed by intimate topics.

Friendly and generous, Galko defies the stereotypes and misconceptions that others have about her. She reminds us that our appearances don’t define our personalities and teaches us never to judge solely on our appearance.

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