Must-Watch Badminton Anime Series

Must-watch badminton anime series include Hanebado, Salaryman’s Club, and Love All Play, where badminton and romance Collide.

At first glance, badminton might not seem like an obvious choice for an action-packed anime series. However, badminton has all the ingredients for a thrilling sports drama with its fast-paced gameplay, powerful smashes, and nail-biting rallies. The sport’s strategic depth and the intense physical and mental challenges players face make for engaging storylines that resonate with fans of the genre.

Badminton anime shows like “Hanebado!” and “Salaryman’s Club” have successfully brought the sport to life, showcasing its unique appeal through stunning visuals and captivating character development. By blending high-stakes action with heartfelt human stories, these series have captured the essence of badminton and inspired a newfound appreciation for the sport among viewers.

Badminton Anime: The Appeal of the High-Flying Sport

As the genre keeps expanding, creators naturally explore lesser-known sports like badminton, adapting them into compelling and emotional narratives. From high school athletes to office workers who form corporate badminton clubs, the sport’s versatility offers many storytelling opportunities for exploration.

Hanebado! – Unleashing the Power of the Shuttlecock

Badminton Anime - Hanebado!

Author: Kōsuke Hamada
Genres: Sports manga, Seinen manga
Episodes: 13 (List of episodes)
Magazine: good! Afternoon
Original network: Tokyo MX, KTV, BS11, AT-X
Studio: Liden Films

In badminton anime, “Hanebado!” emerges as a clear frontrunner. Premiering in 2018, this thrilling sports anime focuses on Ayano Hanesaki, a naturally gifted badminton player, and her journey as a member of the Kitakomachi High School badminton team. The anime dives into the excitement of competitive badminton, exploring the players’ personal growth, friendships, and rivalries.

“Hanebado!” sets itself apart with its intense action scenes, realistic character movements, and high-quality animation that captures the fast-paced nature of badminton.

The series dives into the complexities of its characters, delving into their motivations and emotions, making their growth and development all the more compelling. As the players refine their skills and form bonds with their teammates, they learn valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and self-discovery.

Salaryman’s Club – Badminton in the Corporate World

anime about badminton - Salaryman's Club

Characters: Mikoto Shiratori, Tatsuru Miyazumi, Sota Saeki, Toya Saeki, Koki Takeda, Inami
Genres: Anime, Sports manga
First episode date: January 30, 2022 (Japan)
Program creator: Liden Films
Language: Japanese
Original network: TV Asahi, BS Asahi

“Salaryman’s Club” is another badminton-themed anime that takes a unique approach to the sport by exploring the world of corporate badminton clubs. The story revolves around an unlikely group of office workers who form a badminton team, striving to balance their work lives with their passion for the sport.

As the characters navigate the challenges of corporate life and badminton, the anime delves into themes of camaraderie, teamwork, and personal growth. “Salaryman’s Club” offers a fresh perspective on badminton, proving that the sport’s appeal extends beyond high school settings and reaches people of all ages and backgrounds.

Love All Play – Badminton and Romance Collide

anime badminton - Love All Play

“Love All Play” is a romantic comedy anime focusing on badminton. The story follows the lives of two badminton players who find themselves drawn to each other, both on and off the court. As they navigate the complexities of relationships and the competitive world of badminton, they discover the importance of balance, trust, and communication.

The series blends sports action with lighthearted romance, providing a unique and engaging viewing experience for fans of both genres. “Love All Play” showcases the passion, dedication, and strategy involved in badminton while exploring the personal connections that can develop between players. With its charming characters and heartfelt storylines, “Love All Play” adds another dimension to the world of badminton anime.

Surprising Absence of Badminton Anime – Time for a Change

Despite the growing popularity of sports anime in recent years, badminton remains relatively unexplored in the anime landscape. “Hanebado!” is the most prominent badminton-focused series, leaving fans yearning for more shuttlecock-smashing action.

The lack of badminton anime allows creators to develop stories showcasing this exhilarating sport. With its fast-paced gameplay, intense rallies, and complex strategies, badminton is ripe for adaptation into an engaging and dramatic anime series. As the success of “Hanebado!” demonstrates, there’s a demand for more sports anime that spotlight lesser-known disciplines, and badminton is a prime candidate for further exploration.

badminton animes

The Potential for Future Badminton Anime – Expanding the Genre

The success of “Hanebado!” and the growing interest in sports anime suggest that there is potential for more badminton-themed series. Fans of the genre are always eager to explore new sports and stories, and badminton provides a wealth of opportunities for engaging narratives, character development, and intense competition.

Future badminton anime could draw inspiration from real-life players, tournaments, and dramatic moments in the sport’s history. By showcasing the unique skills and strategies required to excel in badminton, creators can captivate audiences and foster a deeper appreciation for this fast-paced and exhilarating sport.

As the world of anime continues to evolve and expand, it’s only a matter of time before we see more series that serve up powerful smashes, thrilling rallies, and unforgettable badminton action.

Turning to Badminton Manga

Anime may not have many badminton-focused series, but enthusiasts can find more stories in manga. Manga artists enjoy the creative freedom to explore badminton’s intricacies, unique strategies, intense competitions, and players’ journeys.

“Smash!” by Kaori Saki serves as a badminton-themed manga example. Running from 2006 to 2010, it tells the story of high school student Taira Shouta. He dreams of becoming a professional badminton player and works hard to improve his skills and rise in the competitive world.

As creators see the potential in captivating badminton stories, more manga series may emerge. This development could lead to future anime adaptations, expanding the genre and giving fans more exciting badminton action.

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