Different Colors And Names Of The Care Bears

Discover the original Care Bear names and colors from Tenderheart Bear, Good Luck Bear, Bedtime Bear, Funshine Bear, and Grumpy Bear.

The Care Bears family started with ten charming bears that captured children’s hearts worldwide.

These original 10 bears included Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-lot Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Wish Bear, each with their distinct personalities and adorable designs.

As the years passed, more bears joined the fun, further expanding the Care Bears family.

And let’s not forget about the Cousins – these lovable characters also became part of the Care Bears family, bringing their unique traits and personalities to the mix.

It’s safe to say that the Care Bears family is ever-growing and evolving, capturing the hearts of new generations of fans along the way.

The Original Care Bears

Each Care Bear is associated with a specific trait or emotion, such as love, kindness, and friendship. By embodying these characteristics, they serve as role models for children and adults alike, teaching us about empathy, compassion, and understanding.

Created by: Those Characters from Cleveland (Cloudco Entertainment)
Original work: Greeting cards published by American Greetings (1981)

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Birthday Bear

birthday bear from The Care Bears

Gender: Male
Colour:  Golden Yellow
Symbol: Pink cupcake with a blue candle.

Let me introduce you to Birthday Bear – one of the ten original Care Bears who made their debut on American Greetings cards in the late 1980s. This loveable bear has been a fan favorite ever since, making numerous appearances in various forms of Care Bear media, including the classic 1980s series.

Birthday Bear brings joy and excitement to any celebration, from his party hat and colorful ribbon to his cheerful smile.

Whether throwing a surprise party for a friend or baking a delicious cake, this lovable bear knows how to make birthdays special.

Bedtime Bear

Bedtime Bear - Care bear Names

Gender: male
Colour: blue
Symbol: moon with a hanging star

Meet the dreamy blue bear with the moon on his tummy and sleepy eyes – he’s the Sleepy Bear! This adorable bear has an essential job. Ensuring all children get the sleep they need and bringing them sweet dreams.

His calming presence and soothing lullabies will help your little ones drift off to sleep, feeling safe and secure in his comforting embrace. With Sleepy Bear by their side, parents can rest easy knowing their children are getting the restful sleep they need to grow and thrive.

Friend Bear

Friend Bear - care bear names and colors

Gender: Female
Colour: Orange
Symbol: two flowers

Meet the perfect friend – someone who is genuine, friendly, and approachable, making it impossible not to want him as a companion. With his amiable nature, this ideal friend exudes warmth and sincerity, putting people at ease effortlessly.

His companionship is like a soothing balm, making you feel heard, supported, and appreciated. With him by your side, you can be sure that you have a true friend who will always be there for you through thick and thin.

Cheer Bear – Pink

Cheer Bear - pink care bear name

Gender: Female
Colour: Pink
Symbol: Rainbow

Allow me to introduce you to the ultimate cheerleader of the group – a bubbly and enthusiastic character who knows how to get the adrenaline pumping. With her contagious spunk and unrelenting positivity, she’s the party’s life and the group’s heart.

Her infectious energy and unwavering optimism make her the perfect companion for any adventure or challenge. No matter the obstacle, she’s always there to cheer you on and boost your confidence with her unwavering support.

Good Luck Bear

Good Luck Bear - original care bear

Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Symbol: raincloud

Meet the Care Bears’ trusty mascot – a charming character who has Lady Luck by his side. With his lucky streak and unshakable optimism, he’s the perfect symbol of good fortune and prosperity. While times may be when his luck wears a little thin or seems slow to arrive, it never abandons him completely.

With Lady Luck riding shotgun, he’s always ready to take on the world with a can-do attitude and a heart full of hope.

Funshine Bear

Funshine Bear - Original yellow Care Bear

Gender: Female (1980s), male (2004)
Colour: Yellow
Symbol: smiling sun

Funshine Bear is the life of the party, with the sun radiating on her tummy and a grin stretching from ear to ear. Whether day or night, rain or shine, she’s always up for a good time.

If there’s a celebration, she’s there with bells on; if there isn’t one, she’ll make sure to start one herself!

Grumpy Bear

Grumpy Bear Blue Carebear

Gender: male
Colour: blue
Symbol: raincloud

Grumpy Bear is known for constantly complaining about every little thing, particularly when it comes to being the sole person responsible for completing tasks. Despite this, he adamantly refuses assistance, as it’s all part of his performance.

He possesses a talent for making even the most straightforward task appear insurmountable.

Love-a-Lot Bear

Love-a-Lot Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: pink
Symbol: two hearts

Love-a-lot is the ultimate hopeless romantic of the gang. Whatever the situation, she always sees it through the lens of love.

With her magical touch, she can cast a spell that can make anyone’s heart skip a beat and bring them head over heels for someone.

Her powers are as charming as they are mesmerizing, and it’s no wonder everyone falls for her enchanting persona.

Wish Bear

Wish Bear - care bare names

Gender: Female
Colour: turquoise
Symbol: shooting star

Wish is the ultimate dreamer of the crew, with a heart full of hope and a mind full of whimsy. She genuinely believes you can make anything happen if you wish hard enough. And the best part? Her wishes have the power to turn into reality!

She can transform the world around her with a simple whisper of her desires into a magical wonderland. Who needs a magic wand when you have Wish Bear around?

Tenderheart Bear

Tenderheart Bear

Gender: Male
Colour: Brown /orange
Symbol: Heart

Meet the mastermind behind the Care Bears crew – the unofficial leader with an uncanny ability to rally the troops and inspire them to follow his every move. He’s the ultimate go-to guy for getting things done and making things happen.

But sometimes, his niceness can land him in trouble. He’s such a good-natured fellow that he has to call in the cavalry when his kindness gets the better of him. Even superheroes need a helping hand sometimes!

Second-Generation Care Bears

The Second-Generation Care Bears featured updated designs, personalities, and storylines while still maintaining the core values and messages of the original Care Bears.

This new generation of bears also introduced new characters, new adventures, and new challenges for the Care Bears.

Baby Hugs

baby hugs care bear

Gender: Female
Colour: Pink
Symbol: Heart with a star inside

If there’s one thing that Hugs loves more than anything else, it’s wrapping her arms around her friends and giving them a warm, fuzzy embrace that makes them feel fantastic.

And speaking of family, Hugs, and Tugs are siblings and share a bond that’s as strong and enduring as their love for each other.

Baby Tugs

Baby Tugs - Care Bear Names

Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Symbol: Star in a diaper

Despite his youthful appearance, Tugs is a full-fledged Care Bear with all the heart and bravery needed to protect and care for those in need. He may seem small and innocent, but his determination and strength are not underestimated.

Whether young or old, big or small, Tugs is there to keep a watchful eye and lend a helping hand whenever needed.

Champ Bear

Champ Bear

Gender: Male
Colour: Golden orange (1980s), blue (2004)
Symbol: Loving cup

Meet Champ Bear, the ultimate sports enthusiast of the Care Bears crew. He’s the go-to guy for all things athletic and always ready to share his knowledge and passion with his friends.

Whether teaching them the game’s rules or helping them out of a tough spot, Champ Bear will lend a hand and lead the team to victory.

With his can-do attitude and unwavering spirit, he’s a true champion in every sense of the word.

Daydream Bear

Daydream Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: Blue
Symbol: Heart with Stars

DayDream Bear is a true visionary, her head in the clouds and her imagination soaring to new heights.

Her dreams and aspirations for a better world are bigger and bolder than anyone else’s, and she’s always looking for ways to make them a reality.

With a heart full of hope and a mind full of wonder, DayDream Bear inspires us to dream bigger and aim higher. After all, who knows what amazing things we can achieve when we let our imaginations take flight?

Grams Bear

Grams Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: Grey
Symbol: Flower Bouquet

Grams Bear is the ultimate caregiver, ensuring everyone feels the warmth and love of a parent’s embrace.

When you’re sick or feeling down, she’s there to nurse you back to health and shower you with the love and attention you need.

And when you need a helping hand, she’s there to lend an ear and offer a shoulder to lean on. With her kind heart and gentle touch, Grams Bear reminds us that there’s nothing more comforting and healing than a mother’s love.

Harmon Bear

Harmon Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: Purple
Symbol: Two hearts, musical notes (1980s), smiling flower (2004)

Meet the musical maven of the Care Bears crew, a groovy bear who’s always bopping and jiving to the latest beat.

She’s a true music lover who believes that there’s nothing that a good tune can’t fix but sometimes struggles to find just the right melody to soothe the savage beast.

With her upbeat attitude and infectious rhythm, she’s always ready to lift the spirits of those around her and get the party started. After all, when words fail, music speaks!

Laugh A Lot Bear

Laugh A Lot Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: Orange
Symbol: laughing star

Laugh-a-lot Bear is the ultimate jester of the Care Bears crew, always up to some shenanigans and keeping everyone in stitches.

Her mission is to spread joy and laughter wherever she goes; she takes it very seriously!

Whether you’re feeling blue or need a good chuckle, Laugh-a-lot Bear is there to tickle your funny bone and put a smile on your face. Her contagious laughter and witty humor remind us that the best medicine is sometimes a good old-fashioned belly laugh.

Secret Bear

Secret Bear

Gender: Male
Colour: Golden brown
Symbol: Heart-shaped lock

Say hello to the silent star of the Care Bears crew, Secret Bear – a master of the art of pantomime! He may prefer to communicate without words, but that doesn’t stop him from getting his message across loud and clear.

In fact, his whispered secrets are some of the most sought-after nuggets of information in all of Care-a-Lot, as he can keep confidence like nobody else.

Of course, sometimes his pantomimes can be a bit confusing, but that only adds to the mystery and intrigue of this enigmatic bear. Who needs words when you can say so much with just a gesture?

Share Bear

Share Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: Purple
Symbol: milkshake with two straws (1980s), two crossed lollypops (2002)

Sharing is caring, and nobody knows that better than Share Bear! She truly believes in the power of generosity and the joy of sharing with others.

To Share Bear, there’s no such thing as being too greedy, as there’s always enough to go around if we all share.

By sharing our time, resources, and love, we can create a more compassionate, kind, and harmonious world. So let’s follow Share Bear’s lead and spread the love through sharing!

Surprise Bear

Surprise Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: light blue
Symbol: Jack in the box with a star coming out

Prepare for the ultimate wild card of the Care Bears crew – Surprise Bear! With him around, you never know what kind of mischief or merriment is just around the corner. If he thinks of something funny or daring, he’s not afraid to dive right in and make it happen.

To Surprise Bear, life is all about having fun, and he’s not afraid to let loose and let his wild side shine.

Whether pulling a prank, starting a dance party, or just being himself, Surprise Bear keeps us on our toes and reminds us never to take life too seriously.

Take Care Bear

Take Care Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: red (1980s), pink (2004)
Symbol: apple (1980s), smiling heart (2004)

Say hello to the ultimate health guru of the Care Bears crew – Take Care Bear! He aims to keep everyone in tip-top shape and ensure they feel their best.

Think of him as a kind of Care Bear doctor or nurse, always ready to offer a helping hand and a healing touch.

From band-aids to bed rest, Take Care Bear has everything needed to nurse you back to health and ensure you feel your best. With his compassionate heart and expert care, he’s a true superhero in every sense of the word.

Trueheart Bear

Trueheart Bear

Gender: Female
Colour: light yellow
Symbol: rainbow star with a heart inside

Trueheart Bear! She’s the wise and compassionate leader of the Care Bear Cubs, with a heart that’s as big as Care-a-Lot. As the mentor to the young and eager cubs, she shows them the true meaning of caring and helps them develop their caring powers.

To Trueheart Bear, there’s nothing more important than spreading love and kindness; she leads by example in everything she does. She’s the ultimate role model and a shining example of what it means to be a true Care Bear.

Care Bear Cousins

The Care Bear Cousins were introduced to expand the Care Bears franchise and offer fans a new cast of characters to love and relate to.

While the original Care Bears were all bears, the Care Bear Cousins were diverse animals, including lions, rabbits, dogs, penguins, and others.

Brave Heart Lion

Brave Heart Lion

The fearless leader of the Care Bear Cousins – Brave Heart Lion! With his striking orange coat and thick, flowing mane, he’s a true king of the jungle.

His Belly badge is a regal red heart with a golden crown, symbolizing his strength and leadership.

Bright Heart Raccoon

Bright Heart Raccoon

Bright Heart Raccoon is the brains behind the Care Bear Cousins crew! He’s a brilliant thinker and inventor, relying on logic and reasoning to solve even the most complex problems.

With his sharp mind and innovative spirit, he’s always looking for ways to improve the world around him and make life easier for his fellow Cousins.

Cozy Heart Penguin

Cozy Heart Penguin

Say hello to the original Care Bear Cousin – Cozy Heart Penguin! This lovable character first appeared in the 1980s Care Bears series, capturing the hearts of fans young and old.

With her cute and cuddly appearance, she quickly became a fan favorite and remains an iconic part of the Care Bears franchise to this day.

Whether she’s snuggled up in a cozy scarf or waddling through the snow, Cozy Heart Penguin always warms our hearts with her sweet and charming personality.

Gentle Heart Lamb

Gentle Heart Lamb

The gentle and charming Gentle Heart Lamb is a soft pastel green hue with a Belly badge with a pink lace-trimmed heart-shaped pillow.

With her bright blue eyes and signature curl of long light green hair on her forehead, she’s a true icon of the Care Bears franchise.

Her palms, face, inner ears, tummy fur, and the heart-shaped bottoms of her hooves are pure white, adding to her innocent and pure appearance.

Lotsa Heart Elephant

Lotsa Heart Elephant

Lotsa Heart Elephant is the pink powerhouse of the Care Bear Cousins! This larger-than-life character packs a punch with her bright pink coat and matching Belly badge, which resembles an old-style hand weight with a heart on each side.

With her incredible strength and unwavering spirit, Lotsa Heart Elephant is a force to be reckoned with, and a true inspiration to us all.

Whether she’s lifting weights or lifting spirits, Lotsa Heart Elephant always puts her heart into everything she does, and reminds us that with determination and hard work, anything is possible!

Loyal Heart Dog

Loyal Heart Dog

The loyal and lovable Loyal Heart Dog is a charming blue pooch with an indeterminate breed.

His Belly Badge is a red heart-shaped medal, symbolizing his unwavering dedication and loyalty to those he cares for.

In his 2003 redesign, Loyal Heart Dog gained a white spot around his right eye, as well as white fur on the inside of his ear and a white tip on his tail.

Noble Heart Horse

Noble Heart Horse

A beautiful purple equine with a mint green and blue striped mane and tail, the Noble Heart Horse is majestic and magical.

His Belly Badge features a large multicolored heart radiating from a small star, symbolizing his boundless love and shining spirit.

With his graceful movements and regal appearance, Noble Heart Horse is a true icon of the Care Bears franchise, capturing the hearts of fans, young and old.

Playful Heart Monkey

Playful Heart Monkey

Say hello to the playful and mischievous monkey of the Care Bear Cousins crew – a charming light orange primate with a big personality.

His Belly Badge features a red heart-shaped balloon surrounded by colorful party favors, symbolizing his love for fun and celebration.

With his endless energy and infectious spirit, this monkey is always ready to start the party and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Proud Heart Cat

Proud Heart Cat

Introducing the proud and colorful Proud Heart Cat! In her original design from 1985, she had an orange-tan body with a peach muzzle and inner ears, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

However, in merchandise such as a UK-only stuffed animal, her body was light yellowish-orange with a white muzzle, inner ears, paw-hearts, and palms from 2008 to 2013.

Despite these changes, her Belly Badge has remained the same – a multicolored heart bursting with love and pride.

Swift Heart Rabbit

Swift Heart Rabbit

Say hello to the speedy and stylish Swift Heart Rabbit! With her striking aqua-blue fur and bright, shining eyes, she’s a true beauty to behold.

Her Belly Badge features a large red heart flanked by two small white wings, symbolizing her lightning-fast speed and ability to soar to new heights.

Whether hopping through the meadows or racing through the clouds, Swift Heart Rabbit is a true icon of the Care Bears franchise, reminding us all to chase our dreams and never give up.

Treat Heart Pig

Treat Heart Pig

Meet the fun-loving and snack-obsessed Treat Heart Pig – a porcine pal with love for good times and great snacks!

Whether it’s a big milestone or a small victory, Treat Heart Pig believes in celebrating life’s special moments in every way possible.

With her upbeat personality and contagious energy, she encourages others to join in the fun and indulge in some delicious treats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Care Bears

How many Care Bears are there?

Initially, 10 Care Bears existed, but the number has expanded to over 60 as creators introduced new bears to represent various emotions, holidays, and special occasions. Tenderheart Bear, Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Share Bear are some of the most iconic Care Bears.

What are the Care Bear Cousins?

The Care Bear Cousins, a group of animals, reside in the Kingdom of Caring. The creators introduced them to broaden the Care Bears universe and educate children on the significance of diversity and inclusion. Brave Heart Lion, Lotsa Heart Elephant, and Cozy Heart Penguin are popular Care Bear Cousins.

Can I watch Care Bears movies and TV shows today?

Yes! Many Care Bears movies, and TV shows are available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Additionally, DVDs and Blu-ray copies of various Care Bears series and films can be found online and in stores.

Are Care Bears toys still available for purchase?

Absolutely! Care Bears toys, including plush bears, action figures, and playsets, continue to be produced and sold worldwide. You can find Care Bears merchandise at major retailers, specialty toy stores, and online marketplaces.

How can Care Bears teach children valuable life lessons?

The stories of the Care Bears often center around themes of empathy, kindness, and friendship. Children can learn essential social and emotional skills by watching the Care Bears’ adventures, such as understanding and managing their feelings, showing compassion towards others, and working together to solve problems.

Who created the Care Bears?

Elena Kucharik, an artist at the American Greetings Corporation, for use on greeting cards in 1981, created the Care Bears.

What is the “Care Bear Stare”?

The Care Bear Stare is a powerful ability used by the Care Bears to channel their love, caring, and positive energy to defeat negativity, fear, and other harmful emotions. When performing the Care Bear Stare, the bears stand together and project a beam of light from their belly badges.

Have there been any reboots or new versions of the Care Bears?

Yes, there have been several reboots and new adaptations of the Care Bears over the years, including the “Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot” (2007-2008) and “Care Bears: Unlock the Magic” (2019-2020) series.

Do the Care Bears have any villains or adversaries?

Throughout the various Care Bears series and movies, the bears have faced numerous adversaries, such as No Heart, Beastly, and the evil wizard Shreeky. These antagonists often represent negative emotions, selfishness, or a lack of caring, and they serve as a contrast to the positive values embodied by the Care Bears.

Are there any Care Bears books available?

Numerous Care Bears books are available, including picture books, early readers, and chapter books for various age groups. These books often contain stories that reinforce the themes of caring, sharing, and friendship.

Care Bears Family

The Care Bears Family is a group of fictional characters created by American Greetings in 1981.

The characters were originally designed for greeting cards but later became the subject of a popular animated television series and numerous other merchandise.

Original Bears

  • Bedtime Bear (1982)
  • Birthday Bear (1982)
  • Cheer Bear (1982)
  • Friend Bear (1982)
  • Funshine Bear (1982)
  • Good Luck Bear (1982)
  • Grumpy Bear (1982)
  • Love-a-Lot Bear (1982)
  • Tenderheart Bear (1982)
  • Wish Bear (1982)

Originally Introduced in Television Shows/Movies

  • Baby Hugs Bear (1984)
  • Baby Tugs Bear (1984)
  • Grams Bear (1984)
  • Secret Bear (1985)
  • Share Bear (1985)
  • True Heart Bear (1986)
  • Perfect Panda (1986)
  • Polite Panda (1986)
  • Me Bear (2005)
  • Messy Bear (2005)
  • Too Loud Bear (2005)
  • Oopsy Bear (2007)
  • Wonderheart Bear (2012)
  • Shiver Me Timbear (2012)
  • Great Giving Bear (2012)
  • Watchful Bear (2019)

Originally Introduced in Merchandise

  • Champ Bear (1985)
  • Harmony Bear (1985)
  • Surprise Bear (1985)
  • Laugh-a-Lot Bear (2003)
  • Bashful Heart Bear (2004)
  • Best Friend Bear (2004)
  • Thanks-a-Lot Bear (2004)
  • Sweet Dreams Bear (2005)
  • Amigo Bear (2006)
  • Togetherness Bear (2021)
  • Dare to Care Bear (2023)

Merchandise-Exclusive Bears

  • Daydream Bear (1985)
  • Take Care Bear (1987)
  • Do-Your-Best Bear (2004)
  • Hopeful Heart Bear (2005)
  • Smart Heart Bear (2005)
  • Always There Bear (2006)
  • Heartsong Bear (2006)
  • Play-a-Lot Bear (2006)
  • Shine Bright Bear (2006)
  • Superstar Bear (2006)
  • Work of Heart Bear (2006)
  • Sweet Celebrations Bear (2022)
  • Be Me Bear (2023)
  • Calming Heart Bear (2023)

Care Bear Cousins

  • Brave Heart Lion (1985)
  • Bright Heart Raccoon (1985)
  • Cozy Heart Penguin (1985)
  • Gentle Heart Lamb (1985)
  • Lotsa Heart Elephant (1985)
  • Loyal Heart Dog (1985)
  • Playful Heart Monkey (1985)
  • Proud Heart Cat (1985)
  • Swift Heart Rabbit (1985)
  • Treat Heart Pig (1985)
  • The Koala (1980s)
  • Noble Heart Horse (1986)

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