Coop Burtonburger: The Heroic Heart of Kid vs. Kat

Coop Burtonburger is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the animated television series Kid vs. Kat. He is a 10-year-old boy who is constantly in conflict with his sister’s mysterious pet cat, named Kat, who he believes is up to no good.

As the plucky protagonist of the series, Coop takes center stage in the never-ending feud with the enigmatic alien cat, Mr. Kat.

Let’s explore the many facets of this adventurous 10-year-old and uncover what makes him such a beloved character.

Coop Burtonburger: Defying Odds in Kid vs. Kat

Coop Burtonburger, voiced by Erin Mathews, captures the spirit of a typical 10-year-old: energetic, curious, and imaginative. Despite facing overwhelming odds against a cunning extraterrestrial adversary, Coop never backs down, showcasing his resilient spirit.

Coop’s bravery, determination, and sense of justice make him an instantly relatable and endearing protagonist.

Coop’s relatability is further highlighted by his struggles with everyday life, such as dealing with school, navigating friendships, and managing his relationship with his younger sister, Millie. His character represents the ups and downs of being a kid, making him a hero that viewers can connect with on a deeper level.

Coop Burtonburger Defying Odds in Kid vs. Kat

Coop’s Relationships – Friends, Family, and Foes

Coop’s relationships with other characters shape his personality and drive the story in “Kid vs. Kat.” His best friend Dennis, also his confidant, provides a loyal friendship highlighting the value of camaraderie and support. Coop and Dennis team up to overcome challenges and outsmart Mr. Kat.

Coop’s interactions with his family, especially his sister Millie and father Burt, bring heart to the show. Despite their differences, the Burtonburgers’ love for each other shines through, emphasizing the strength of family bonds.

The intense rivalry between Coop and Mr. Kat is at the series’ core. Their battles of wits, creative pranks, and confrontations captivate viewers and make “Kid vs. Kat” an engaging and entertaining show.

The Personal Growth – Lessons Learned

Throughout the series, Coop undergoes a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. He learns the importance of persistence as he continues to expose Mr. Kat’s true nature despite numerous setbacks. Coop also develops a sense of empathy, realizing that sometimes his actions might have unintended consequences for those around him.

By facing the challenges that life throws at him, both mundane and otherworldly, Coop learns valuable lessons about responsibility, teamwork, and adaptability. These experiences make him a stronger and more compassionate individual, essential to his appeal as a main character.

Coop's Lasting Impact - A Timeless Hero

Coop’s Lasting Impact – A Timeless Hero

Coop Burtonburger’s enduring charm and relatability have left an indelible mark on the hearts of Kid vs. Kat fans. His courageous spirit, sense of justice, and unwavering loyalty to his friends and family make him an iconic and beloved character in animation.

Even years after the show’s conclusion, Coop remains a symbol of resilience and determination for viewers of all ages. His character teaches us to embrace life’s challenges and find humor and adventure in everyday situations.

Coop Burtonburger stands tall as a timeless and inspiring figure in the pantheon of animated heroes.

The Art of Storytelling – Coop’s Role in Memorable Episodes

The vibrant world of Kid vs. Kat is home to numerous memorable episodes, and Coop’s adventurous spirit often serves as the driving force behind these stories. Whether he’s trying to uncover Mr. Kat’s secret plans or dealing with everyday challenges like school projects and friendship dynamics, Coop’s engaging presence keeps viewers invested in the show.

His resourcefulness and quick thinking are showcased in episodes like “Do Not Fort Sake Me,” where Coop and Dennis must defend their treehouse from Mr. Kat’s nefarious schemes.

In “Tickled Pink,” Coop’s determination to bring Mr. Kat’s true intentions to light is humorously highlighted when he accidentally turns the alien cat invisible. These episodes prove that Coop’s role in the series is integral to its success.

Coop Burtonburger

The Voice Behind the Hero – Erin Mathews

The talented voice actor Erin Mathews breathes life into Coop Burtonburger’s character. Mathews expertly captures Coop’s enthusiasm, courage, and vulnerability, giving him a distinct and recognizable voice. Her nuanced performance allows viewers to connect with Coop on a deeper level and emphasizes the character’s emotional depth.

Erin Mathews’ work in Kid vs. Kat is a testament to the importance of skilled voice acting in animation. Through her portrayal of Coop, she brings authenticity to the character that endears him to audiences worldwide.

Who is Coop Burtonburger?

Coop Burtonburger is the main protagonist in the animated television series “Kid vs. Kat.”

What is the show “Kid vs. Kat” about?

“Kid vs. Kat” is about a 10-year-old boy named Coop who is constantly in conflict with his sister’s mysterious pet cat, Kat, who he believes is up to no good.

What is Coop’s relationship with Dennis like?

Coop and Dennis are best friends and confidants. They face challenges together and rely on each other for support.

What is Coop’s relationship with his family like?

Coop and his family have a strong bond and love for each other despite disagreements and misunderstandings.

What is the central conflict in “Kid vs. Kat”?

The central conflict in “Kid vs. Kat” is the ongoing rivalry between Coop and Mr. Kat. They engage in battles of wits and intense confrontations.


  • Dennis (best friend)
  • Fiona Munson (love interest)
  • Lorne (sometimes)
  • Harvey (sometimes)


  • Mr. Kat (arch-nemesis)
  • Old lady Munson
  • Mr. Cheeks
  • Kat Kommander
  • Mr. Kitty
  • Todd Kronklin
  • Buck Diamond
  • Phoebe (sometimes)

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