These 12 Lizard Cartoons Are Sure to Make Your Tail Wag

Lizard cartoon characters include Rango, Pascal, Randall Boggs, Bruni, Treecko from Pokemon, Flick, Bill the Lizard, and Miss Crawley.

Are you actively seeking a clever name for your new scaly sidekick or eagerly itching to fawn over some of pop culture’s most famous lizard characters?

Look no further because we have you covered! Our list includes everything from pint-sized Rango to The Geico Gecko from Geico Commercials.

Most Popular Lizard Cartoons

Don’t be fooled by their reptilian appearance, as some of these lizards are charming!

The Geico Gecko – Geico Commercials

The Geico Gecko - Geico Commercials

The Geico Gecko is a beloved mascot and advertising character for the insurance company Geico. The Gecko made his first appearance in a Geico commercial in 1999 and has been a fixture in the company’s advertising campaigns ever since.

The Gecko is a small, green lizard who speaks with a charming British accent. He is often depicted wearing a suit and tie, which adds to his sophisticated and professional demeanor.

The Gecko’s witty and playful personality makes him a likable character among audiences.

In the commercials, the Gecko serves as a spokesperson for Geico and delivers messages about the company’s insurance policies and services.

Randall Boggs – Monsters University, Monsters, Inc.

Randall Boggs - Monsters University, Monsters, Inc.

Randall Boggs is a memorable lizard character in the Pixar animated films Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. He is a purple reptilian monster who can become invisible, making him an effective villain.

Randall serves as one of the main antagonists in Monsters, Inc. He is envious of the film’s protagonist, Sulley, and will do anything to surpass him in terms of scare performance. Randall’s ruthless behavior and willingness to harm others make him a formidable opponent for Sulley and his friends.

In Monsters University, Randall is depicted as a fellow student of Sulley and Mike Wazowski. Although initially portrayed as a friend of Mike’s, Randall’s true colors are soon revealed as he becomes jealous of Sulley’s success and seeks to sabotage him.

Leon Powalski – Nintendo Universe

Leon Powalski - Nintendo Universe

Leon Powalski, a character from the Star Fox games, is both a villain and anti-hero. He belongs to the rival mercenary group Star Wolf and holds the second-highest rank in piloting, right below Wolf O’Donnell.

Unlike previous members of Star Wolf, Leon has remained a part of the team for an extended period, just like Wolf.

He is considered Falco Lombardi’s supposed rival. Leon is known as the Assassin of Star Wolf, a title he takes immense pride in, and he relishes torturing and playing with his enemies before ultimately killing them.

Pascal – Tangled

Pascal - Tangled

Throughout Disney’s animated film Tangled, released in 2010, Pascal serves as Rapunzel’s loyal and loving companion. As a small reptile, Pascal’s facial expressions and body language convey a lot of emotion and personality, making him a memorable character.

In the film, Pascal plays a crucial role in Rapunzel’s journey. He frequently aids her in navigating challenging situations and serves as her constant companion and confidant. Pascal’s unwavering support and affection for Rapunzel highlight the significance of true friendship, adding depth to the story.

Pascal’s character is also known for his adorable appearance, playful nature, and heartwarming loyalty, which leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Bruni – Frozen II

Bruni - Frozen II

Meet Bruni, the hotheaded (literally) character from Disney’s Frozen II! As one of the four elemental spirits of the Enchanted Forest, Bruni is the Fire Spirit – and boy, can he set things ablaze!

Feeling naughty, he unleashes flames that light up the forest, creating a stunning yet dangerous spectacle.

But don’t let his fiery nature fool you – Bruni has a softer side too. When he’s feeling more subdued, he can create small flickers of flame that the Northuldra tribe find helpful.

It’s a testament to his versatility and how he can be destructive and useful depending on his mood.

Steve – Phineas and Ferb

Steve - Phineas and Ferb - lizard cartoon character

Steve is a minor character in the popular animated television series, Phineas and Ferb. He is a green lizard cartoon character who occasionally appears throughout the show.

Steve is known for his distinctive green color and somewhat awkward, shy personality. He is often shown as nervous and anxious and frequently stammers when he speaks. Despite his shyness, however, Steve is friendly and kind and always willing to lend a helping hand.

One of Steve’s most memorable appearances in the show is in the episode Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror, where he attends a beach party along with the other characters.

Miss Crawley The Reptile Cartoon From Sing

Miss Crawley - Sing - cartoon lizards

With spines running from her head to her long tail, Miss Crawly is an anthropomorphic iguana who boasts green scales with wrinkly white scales on her throat.

Her left eye is green, while the right is made of brown-colored glass and frequently dislodges. Miss Crawly dons a green cap, white shoes, and a yellow dress with dark yellow flowers.

In Love At First Sight, she adorns a white and pink dress hat with dark pink feathers and brim, an accompanying pink feathered boa, and a dazzling iridescent purple dress while courting the bull.

Liz – The Magic School Bus

Liz - The Magic School Bus

Liz is a famous lizard cartoon character from the popular children’s television series The Magic School Bus. She is a green lizard who serves as the teacher’s pet, Ms. Frizzle. Although Liz is a non-verbal character, her facial expressions and body language convey a lot of personalities.

In the series, Liz frequently accompanies Ms. Frizzle and her class on their educational field trips, which often take them on wild and exciting adventures.

Liz’s calm and collected demeanor contrasts with the frantic energy of the other characters.

Joanna – The Rescuers Down Under

Joanna - The Rescuers Down Under

In the Disney animated film “The Rescuers Down Under,” Joanna is a comedic sidekick to the film’s main antagonist, the poacher McLeach.

Joanna, a small, green, and blue cartoon goanna lizard, frequently causes chaos and mishaps as she tries to help McLeach capture the film’s protagonist, a young boy named Cody, and the rare golden eagle Marahute.

Although Joanna’s bumbling nature causes trouble, she remains fiercely loyal to McLeach and determined to help him achieve his goals, even if it means risking her safety.

Kecleon – Pokemon

Kecleon - Pokemon

Kecleon is true masters of disguise, blending into their surroundings to evade predators and sneak up on prey.

With the ability to turn almost completely invisible instantly, these elusive creatures make it nearly impossible for predators to detect them using sight alone.

When they’re on the hunt, Kecleon patiently waits amongst the foliage until the perfect moment to strike. They can easily capture unsuspecting prey with lightning-fast reflexes and long, sticky tongues.

But their camouflage skills don’t stop there. Kecleon also has the remarkable ability to change color based on their mood and health, creating a visual language that’s unique to each individual.

Bill the Lizard – Alice in Wonderland

Bill the Lizard - Alice in Wonderland

In Chapter Four, Alice views Bill as carrying out all the laborious tasks for the White Rabbit and the rest of the Wonderland inhabitants.

When Alice eats a cookie that causes her to grow uncontrollably and becomes trapped inside the Rabbit’s house, the Rabbit tries to enter through the door and window without success.

Since Bill and another creature are the only ones with a ladder, he is sent to investigate by climbing up the chimney. However, Alice refuses to let Bill enter and instead employs her enormous foot stuck in the chimney to kick him high up into the air.

Rango – Green lizard Cartoon Character


Johnny Depp voices Rango, the lizard cartoon character of the 2011 animated film, who finds himself in the Wild West town of Dirt after accidentally falling out of his owners’ car. As a chameleon, Rango’s ability to change his appearance to blend in with his surroundings comes in handy in the rough-and-tumble town of Dirt.

Initially, he presents himself as a tough gunslinger, but his facade quickly crumbles when he uncovers Dirt’s severe water shortage.

With the assistance of colorful characters such as Beans, the iguana, and Priscilla, the cactus mouse, Rango actively sets out to save the town and uncover the truth behind the water shortage.

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