Top 25+ Cartoon Fox Characters You’ll Love

A List of the most iconic cartoon fox characters includes Robin Hood, Nick Wilde, Maid Marian, Ninetales, Finnick, and Fox McCloud.

With their fiery red fur, bushy tails, and sly expressions, foxes have long been a staple in animation.

These cunning creatures have captivated our imaginations and have found their way into our hearts with their entertaining antics, witty dialogue, and unforgettable personalities.

Discover Your Favorite Fox Cartoon Characters

Today, we’ll embark on a journey through the enchanting world of fox cartoon characters, exploring classic and contemporary favorites that have left their paw prints on the history of animation.

Foxy Foxworth

Foxy Foxworth - new looney tunes

Foxy Foxworth, a character from the Looney Tunes universe, remains lesser known because of her limited appearances. In the 1950s, Foxy debuted in the Merrie Melodies animated short “Hare-um Scare-um” as Bugs Bunny’s love interest. She embodies a beautiful and charming female rabbit, sharing similarities in design and personality with Bugs.

Initially, creators designed Foxy as a female counterpart to Bugs. However, her limited role in the series led to her replacement by other female characters, such as Lola Bunny.

Lola Bunny eventually rose to fame as Bugs’ more popular and recognizable love interest, especially after her appearance in the 1996 film “Space Jam.”

Foxy Foxworth’s brief presence in the Looney Tunes universe did not create a lasting impact on the series or popular culture.

Carmelita Fox – Sly Cooper

Carmelita Fox Is A Popular Female Fox Character

Let’s meet Carmelita Montoya Fox, one of the most popular female fox cartoon characters.

She is a powerful, intelligent, and resourceful character from the popular Sly Cooper video game series. As a law enforcement officer with a strong sense of justice, Carmelita breaks the mold of what we typically see in female fox characters in animation and gaming.

With her unmatched determination and fiery personality, she has captured the hearts of fans worldwide and serves as a great role model for female characters in the industry.

Farley – Charlotte’s Web 2

Farley - Charlotte's Web 2

Farley, often known as Farley the Fox, is the main antagonist in Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Great Adventure. This wicked and sinister red fox orchestrates the loss of numerous chickens and eggs from various farms, becoming Wilbur’s arch-nemesis.

Rob Paulsen lends his voice to Farley, having also voiced Strut in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, Rinkus in The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire, and the Craniacs in ChalkZone.

Br’er Fox – Song of the South

Br'er Fox Song of the South

The Uncle Remus folktales feature Br’er Fox, a fictional character popularized by the 1946 Disney film “Song of the South.” Also known as Brother Fox or Bre’r Fox, the character appears in stories first published in the late 19th century by Joel Chandler Harris.

Based on African American oral traditions from the Southern United States, these stories primarily revolve around anthropomorphic animals with human-like qualities, such as Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear.

Br’er Fox, a cunning, intelligent, and somewhat deceptive fox character, often is the antagonist in these stories. He consistently tries to catch the clever and resourceful Br’er Rabbit.

Claudette Dupri – New Looney Tunes

Claudette Dupri - New Looney Tunes

In the cartoon episode “The Spy Who Bugged Me,” Claudette, a French female cartoon fox, first appears. As a talented spy, she steals items and information from her targets, including Bugs Bunny.

She tries to eliminate Bugs with a laser when her initial attempts fail, but her plans ultimately fall short! Interestingly, Claudette’s outfit bears a striking resemblance to Marvel Comics’ Black Widow.

Renamon – Digimon

Renamon - Digimon

Renamon, a famous fictional fox character from the third installment of the Digimon franchise, Digimon Tamers, stands out as an anthropomorphic, fox-like digital creature or Digimon with a sleek, yellow body and purple markings.

Her calm and composed demeanor set her apart from many other Digimon in the series.

Rita the fox – Jungledyret

Rita the fox - Jungledyret

Rita the fox, a prominent character in the Danish animated film series “Jungledyret” (also known as “Jungledyret Hugo” or “Hugo the Jungle Animal” in English), plays a key role throughout the series, created by Flemming Quist Møller.

The series follows the adventures of Hugo, a rare and friendly jungle creature, as he interacts with other characters, including Rita, the fox.

Rita is a fox cartoon character who embodies street-smart, resourceful, and independent qualities as an urban animal. She relies on her wit and cunning skills to survive in the city.

Vuk – The Little Fox

Vuk - The Little Fox

In the Hungarian cartoon, Vuk, a little fox kit, strays from his family’s den only to discover it empty when he returns.

Raised by his uncle, Vuk transforms into a cunning and clever adult fox, using his wisdom to exact revenge on the hunter he blames for his family’s fate. Along the way, he also finds a beautiful vixen!

Honest John – Disney’s Pinocchio

Honest John - Disney's Pinocchio

In Disney’s classic 1940 animated film “Pinocchio,” Honest John, a sly and deceitful anthropomorphic fox, plays a significant role in the story. Along with his feline sidekick, Gideon, he manipulates and exploits Pinocchio for personal gain, acting as one of the film’s antagonists.

Contrary to his name, Honest John exhibits no honesty. He lures Pinocchio off the path to school and persuades him to join Stromboli’s puppet show, capitalizing on the young puppet’s naivety.

Later in the film, Honest John reencounters Pinocchio and tricks him into visiting Pleasure Island, where boys turn into donkeys due to misbehavior.

Junjie from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Junjie from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Junjie, a fox and Kung Fu Master, embodies pure evil as he seeks to eliminate Master Shifu, Po, and the Furious Five to claim the title of Master of the Jade Palace.

Both Junjie and Shifu were once students of Master Oogway, but Junjie betrayed Shifu, attempting to oust him. Since then, Junjie has become Shifu’s evil counterpart, and their designs share similarities.

Foxy the Pirate – Five Nights at Freddy’s

Foxy the Pirate - Five Nights at Freddy's

Foxy the Pirate, also known as Foxy the Pirate Fox, appears as a character in the popular horror video game series “Five Nights at Freddy’s” (FNAF), created by Scott Cawthon.

As an animatronic character, Foxy serves as one of the primary antagonists in the game, which takes place in a fictional pizza restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Here, players assume the role of a night security guard.

Resembling a stereotypical pirate, Foxy has reddish-brown fur, an eyepatch, and a hook for one hand. He mainly resides in the “Pirate Cove” area of the restaurant.

Fox – Franklin and Friends

Fox - Franklin and Friends

Fox, a character in the children’s animated television series “Franklin and Friends,” comes from the popular “Franklin the Turtle” books by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark.

The show features the adventures of Franklin, a young anthropomorphic turtle, and his friends as they learn important life lessons, tackle challenges, and enjoy their time together.

As one of Franklin’s friends in the series, Fox is a clever, friendly, and sociable character who enjoys spending time with his friends and engaging in various activities.

Gideon Grey – Zootopia

Gideon Grey - orange fox cartoon character

The 2016 animated film Zootopia, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, features Gideon Grey as a character. Set in a world of anthropomorphic mammals, the movie delves into themes like prejudice, stereotypes, and the importance of acceptance.

Gideon Grey, an orange fox cartoon character, plays a crucial role in the film’s storyline. Initially, the young fox is portrayed as a bully, particularly towards the protagonist, Judy Hopps, a rabbit aspiring to become a police officer.

Stereotypes and misconceptions about foxes being untrustworthy and sly influence Gideon’s actions and attitude.

Swiper – Dora the Explorer

Swiper - Dora the Explorer

Swiper, a prominent character in the popular children’s animated television series “Dora the Explorer,” plays a significant role in the show.

The series follows the adventures of Dora, a young girl, as she embarks on various quests with her trusty companion, Boots the monkey, teaching young viewers basic Spanish phrases and problem-solving skills.

As an anthropomorphic fox, Swiper is the primary antagonist in many episodes. His sneaky nature and attempts to steal items from Dora and her friends characterize him.

Mrs. Fox – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mrs. Fox - Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mrs. Fox, a central character in “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” appears in the children’s novel by Roald Dahl and its later adaptation into a stop-motion animated film directed by Wes Anderson.

The story focuses on the cunning and resourceful Mr. Fox, who steals food from three cruel farmers—Boggis, Bunce, and Bean—to provide for his family and friends.

As Mr. Fox’s loving wife, Mrs. Fox is a strong, supportive, and caring character who grounds and encourages her husband throughout their adventures.

Fennekin – Pokémon

Fennekin - Pokémon

Fennekin, an animated fox character from the Pokémon franchise, makes its debut in the sixth generation of Pokémon games, “Pokémon X” and “Pokémon Y.”

As a Fire-type Pokémon, Fennekin boasts a distinct fox-like appearance, featuring large ears, a bushy tail, and orange fur with yellow accents.

Together with Chespin and Froakie, Fennekin is one of the three starter Pokémon in the Kalos region that players can choose at the beginning of their journey.

Fox McCloud – Nintendo Universe

Fox McCloud - Nintendo Universe

Fox McCloud, a well-known character from the Nintendo universe, appears primarily in the “Star Fox” series of video games.

As an anthropomorphic fox, he leads the elite mercenary team known as Star Fox, operating in the Lylat System to protect it from various threats, particularly the evil scientist Andross and his minions.

Introduced in the 1993 game “Star Fox” for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Fox McCloud has been featured in numerous sequels and spin-off games.

Finnick – Zootopia

Finnick - Zootopia

Finnick, a memorable fox character in the 2016 animated film “Zootopia” by Walt Disney Animation Studios, appears in a world of anthropomorphic mammals exploring prejudice, stereotypes, and acceptance themes.

As a small fennec fox, Finnick partners with the film’s sly protagonist, Nick Wilde, a red fox, to execute various hustles and schemes in Zootopia.

Despite his small size, Finnick surprises those around him with his tough, streetwise demeanor and deep, gruff voice.

Mr. Fox – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox - Fantastic Mr. Fox

In “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” a children’s novel by Roald Dahl and later a stop-motion animated film directed by Wes Anderson, the main character is Mr. Fox, a clever, resourceful, and anthropomorphic fox living with his wife, Mrs. Fox, and their four children.

The story unfolds as Mr. Fox provides for his family and friends by stealing food from three cruel and wealthy farmers—Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. When the farmers seek revenge on Mr. Fox and his family, he concocts a cunning plan to outsmart them, resulting in exciting and humorous adventures.

Ninetales – Pokémon

Ninetales - Pokémon

First appearing in the initial generation of Pokémon games, “Pokémon Red” and “Pokémon Blue,” Ninetales is a popular Fire-type Pokémon in the franchise, sporting a fox-like appearance and an elegant, graceful design.

With its nine tails, believed to hold mystical powers in various myths and folklore, particularly in East Asian cultures, Ninetales captures the imagination of fans.

When exposed to a Fire Stone, Vulpix, another fox-like Pokémon, evolves into Ninetales.

Eevee Cute Fox Cartoon Character

Eevee Cute Fox Cartoon Character

Introduced in the first generation of Pokémon games, “Pokémon Red” and “Pokémon Blue,” Eevee is a beloved Pokémon in the franchise, celebrated for its adorable fox-like appearance and unique evolutionary possibilities.

Since its introduction, Eevee has gained fan-favorite status thanks to its cuteness and versatility.

As a small, quadrupedal Pokémon, Eevee boasts a fluffy mane and bushy tail, giving it the appearance of a cute cartoon fox. Its large, expressive eyes and playful demeanor further endear it to franchise fans.

Miles “Tails” Prower – Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles Tails Prower - Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles “Tails” Prower, a popular animated fox character, hails from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series created by Sega. Tails debuted in “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” as the sidekick and best friend to the iconic blue hedgehog, Sonic.

Since his introduction, Tails has become a staple in the franchise, appearing in numerous games, animated series, and comics.

With his unique two-tailed design, Tails can fly like a helicopter, enabling him to keep pace with Sonic’s incredible speed and assist him during various adventures.

Vixey – The Fox and the Hound

Vixey - The Fox and the Hound

Vixey, a charming female fox character, appears in the 1981 animated film “The Fox and the Hound,” produced by Walt Disney Productions. Based on the 1967 novel of the same name by Daniel P. Mannix, the movie tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a young fox named Tod and a hound dog named Copper.

As Tod’s love interest in the film, Vixey is a beautiful, gentle, and kindhearted vixen. She helps Tod transition from his life with humans to living in the wild, adding depth to the story with her presence.

Maid Marian Is A Female Fox Character

Maid Marian - Robin Hood

Maid Marian is a key character in the 1973 animated film “Robin Hood,” produced by Walt Disney Productions.

The film is an anthropomorphic adaptation of the classic English legend of Robin Hood, in which the characters are portrayed as various animals. In this version, Maid Marian is a beautiful and elegant vixen (female fox).

In the movie, Maid Marian is the love interest of the heroic outlaw Robin Hood, who is also depicted as a fox. She is the niece of King Richard and is often seen in the company of her lady-in-waiting, Lady Kluck.

Nick Wilde Male Cartoon Fox

Nick Wilde - Zootopia

Nick Wilde plays a central role in the 2016 animated film “Zootopia,” produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. This movie, set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic mammals, delves into themes like prejudice, stereotypes, and the significance of acceptance.

As the deuteragonist, Nick Wilde, a charming, sly, and quick-witted red fox, starts as a small-time con artist hustling in Zootopia. He encounters Judy Hopps, a trailblazing rabbit police officer—the first of her kind in Zootopia.

Despite their differences and initial mistrust, Nick and Judy forge an unlikely alliance to crack a missing mammal case.

Tod – The Fox and the Hound

Tod - The Fox and the Hound

Tod, a delightful and endearing character from the 1981 animated film “The Fox and the Hound,” produced by Walt Disney Productions, captures viewers’ hearts as a cute fox cartoon.

Tod’s heartwarming and innocent demeanor is central to the story, which revolves around the unlikely friendship between him, a young red fox, and Copper, a hound dog puppy.

The film explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the societal expectations that often challenge these bonds.

Throughout the movie, Tod’s irresistible charm and playfulness endear him to audiences, as he navigates the complexities of his relationship with Copper.

Robin Hood Is A Famous Fox Character

Robin Hood Famous Fox Character

In the 1973 animated film “Robin Hood,” produced by Walt Disney Productions, the most famous fox cartoon character, Robin Hood, takes center stage. The film adapts the classic English folklore and portrays Robin Hood as a dashing and charismatic anthropomorphic fox, captivating audiences worldwide.

Robin Hood’s heroic adventures form the film’s core, as he steals from the rich to give to the poor and fights against injustice and corruption in the kingdom.

His quick wit, charm, and cleverness endear him to viewers, while his unwavering sense of justice and loyalty to friends further cement his iconic status.

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