17+ Shounen Ai Anime Series To Watch

If you want excellent shounen-ai anime series, check out Banana Fish, Hybrid Child, No.6, Yuri on Ice, and Monochrome Factor. Shounen-ai, or Boys’ Love, also known as BL, captures the dynamics of male relationships in various shades.

Within the BL spectrum, Yaoi and Shounen-ai represent different degrees of intimacy. Shounen-ai prioritizes emotional connections rather than emphasizing the physical aspects of Yaoi.

The genre often explores profound relationships, sometimes even mirroring the deep ties found within a family.

Shounen Ai Animes That Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

Shounen-ai animes exude a “lovey-dovey” aura, showcasing characters trying to understand one another truly. This effort ultimately leads to the development of a deep, meaningful connection.

The emotionally charged romance in Shounen-ai has drawn in countless fans who seek poignant narratives capable of stirring their hearts.

Your Gateway to Shounen Ai: “Banana Fish”

Gateway to Shounen Ai Banana Fish

Have you ever dived into a story where emotions rage like the stormy seas, yet the undercurrents of affection offer a soothing calm? Welcome to the world of “Banana Fish,” a standout shounen ai anime that beautifully intertwines complex narratives with subtle BL undertones.

With an engaging plot and intriguing characters, you are destined for a rollercoaster of emotions. Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura will captivate your heart with their trust-based relationship.

A Taste of History with “Hybrid Child”

Hybrid Child

For lovers of historical drama and robotics, “Hybrid Child” offers a unique blend that stands unrivaled in shounen-ai anime. This series grapples with themes of love, life, and what it means to be human, all through the eyes of cute android boys!

The anime skillfully incorporates shounen ai hints, igniting sparks of romance and friendship among characters. Despite its short run, the series etches unforgettable moments in viewers’ hearts, making it a must-watch for all.

Shounen Ai Fantasy: “No.6”

No.6 - anime about the apocalypse

In the mood for dystopian adventures peppered with shounen-ai elements? Look no further than “No.6.” This anime takes you on a thrilling ride within a utopian city that hides darker secrets than you’d ever imagine. Our protagonists, Shion and Nezumi, form an unlikely bond against this backdrop.

Their friendship blossoms into something more profound, adding a soft touch to the hardened reality of their world. It’s a sublime mixture of action, drama, and quiet moments of love that will keep you hooked until the end.

Light-hearted Romp: “Given”

Given - Anime

Breathe in the sweet melody of youth with “Given,” a shounen ai anime that harmoniously blends music, romance, and the trials of young love. With a heart-tugging story of a band and the relationships within, “Given” hits all the right notes for a good shonen ai anime.

The character development, the music, and the slow-build romance between the leads all contribute to a resonating story that beautifully captures adolescent love’s essence.

The Thrill of Sports in “Yuri on Ice”

Yuuri Katsuki & Victor Nikiforov – Yuri!!! On Ice

lace up your skates for the globally adored “Yuri on Ice.” This anime pairs the thrilling world of professional ice skating with shounen ai undertones, resulting in a show-stopping performance!

The heartwarming relationship between Yuri and Victor takes the spotlight; their camaraderie on and off the ice will surely leave viewers yearning for more. So, sit and witness a captivating story of love, ambition, and figure skating that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Dive Into the World of Magic with “Doukyuusei”


What happens when a diligent student and a lax musician cross paths? A magical tale of love called “Doukyuusei” unfolds! This shounen-ai anime show invites you to a vibrant world filled with love, music, and countless heartfelt moments.

The refreshing simplicity of “Doukyuusei” is a reminder that sometimes, love happens without grand gestures or high stakes. This anime stands out with its beautifully illustrated art style and memorable music, making it a must-watch for cute shounen ai animes fans.

Supernatural Meets Shounen Ai in “Monochrome Factor”

Monochrome Factor

Step into a different realm with “Monochrome Factor,” an anime that impeccably balances supernatural elements with shounen ai undertones. This series takes you on a fantastical journey filled with action, humor, and hints of romance.

Watching the bond grow between the stoic Akira and the playful Shirogane will keep you entertained and anticipating their every interaction. “Monochrome Factor” is the perfect treat for those seeking adventure in their shounen-ai anime.

Journey Through Time in “Spiritpact”


Are you intrigued by the idea of spirits, exorcists, and reincarnation? Well, you’re in luck! “Spiritpact” takes you on an exhilarating journey through ancient and modern times, where the spirits of the past meet the present.

This shounen-ai anime show tastefully sprinkles BL undertones, adding a unique touch to the fascinating plot. The unfolding relationship between the hot-headed You Keika and the mysterious Tanmoku Ki will have you glued to the screen, eager for the next episode.

Embrace Innocence with “Patalliro!”


If you’re looking for something light-hearted and filled with hilarious antics, then “Patalliro!” is the anime for you. It’s one of the earliest shounen-ai anime shows that offer plenty of laughs, action, and a hint of romance.

Our main characters, Bancoran and Maraich, provide endless comedy with their interactions, all while managing to sneak in moments of genuine affection. This classic is a trip down memory lane and a good shonen ai anime to introduce you to the genre.

The Drama of “Loveless”

Loveless Anime

Unravel the mystery and intrigue of “Loveless,” a series that expertly combines fantasy, drama, and shounen ai hints. With a unique world-building and an intricate magic system, this anime offers a compelling plot bolstered by the complex relationship between Ritsuka and Soubi.

Their emotional journey together will captivate you, making it an unforgettable addition to your shounen ai anime list. If you’re seeking a series that challenges the norms and deepens into themes of loss, identity, and love, “Loveless” should be your next watch.

Experience Classic Shounen Ai in “Gravitation”


Fancy a journey back in time with a shounen-ai classic? “Gravitation” spins a vibrant tale of passion, dreams, and, of course, love. As a popular band’s lead singer falls for a famous novelist, we witness Shuichi and Eiri’s tumultuous yet heartfelt relationship.

This good shounen ai anime mixes the thrill of music, the struggles of fame, and a touching love story, creating an experience that’s nostalgically beautiful and entertaining.

Rediscover Friendship in “Hitorijime My Hero”

Hitorijime My Hero

If you’re searching for a story that explores friendship, mentorship, and love, “Hitorijime My Hero” will be a delight. It’s a shounen ai anime show that gradually unfolds the relationship between a high school boy and his older mentor.

With relatable characters and real-life issues, this anime skillfully weaves in BL undertones that leave you rooting for the protagonists. It’s the perfect combination of cute, comedic, and sometimes intense, making it a commendable addition to your watch list.

Indulge in Fantasy with “This Boy Can Fight Aliens”

This Boy Can Fight Aliens

In a quirky mix of action, sci-fi, and shounen ai hints, “This Boy Can Fight Aliens” is a unique gem. This short film, although quick, manages to make a lasting impression with its poignant story of friendship, duty, and hidden love.

It’s a testament to how a good shonen ai anime doesn’t need a lengthy runtime to deliver an impactful narrative. With a relatable protagonist and a sweet underlying romance, this anime is a charming spectacle worth your time.

Chase Dreams with “StarMyu”


Imagine the bustling life of high schoolers intertwined with the competitive world of musicals, and you have “StarMyu.” This shounen-ai anime show beautifully brings to life the dreams and struggles of aspiring performers.

As friendships blossom and rivalries heat up, the story lightly brushes upon shounen ai undertones, making it entertaining for drama and subtle romance fans. Get ready to be serenaded by catchy music, lovable characters, and a storyline that keeps you engaged until the end.

Step into “Antique Bakery”

Antique Bakery - Anime Baking

Love, life, and cakes, what more could you ask for? “Antique Bakery” is a delightful shounen ai anime show set in a bakery that becomes the stage for love, friendship, and personal growth. The relationships among the characters are sweet and complicated, much like the pastries they sell.

Their tales of unrequited love, shared history, and newfound feelings are beautifully presented, making it one of the cutest shounen ai animes you can find. Indulge your sweet tooth with this heartwarming series that will leave you craving more.

Discover Traditional Japan in “Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu”

Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu

Welcome to a world where magic, love, and tradition go hand in hand in “Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu.” This shounen ai anime skillfully merges traditional Japanese culture with the charm of the supernatural.

What makes this series special are its delightful visuals and the unfolding relationship between Chiharu, a magician, and Toyohi, a passionate regular guy. With each episode, you’ll get immersed in their story filled with shounen-ai hints, fantasy, and a wholesome depiction of love.

Mystery Meets Shounen Ai in “Love Pistols”

Love Pistols

Prepare for an unusual yet engaging ride with “Love Pistols.” This series pairs shounen-ai undertones with a unique premise around humans evolving from various species, not just monkeys. Despite its bizarre setup, the developing bond between Norio and Kunimasa makes for a captivating watch.

The anime successfully mixes mystery, humor, and romance, creating a world that pulls you in with its quirky charm. This is if you’re up for an unconventional but good shonen-ai anime.

Embrace the Bittersweet with “Elektel Delusion”

Elektel Delusion

An online shounen-ai anime that stands out is “Elektel Delusion.” This series beautifully portrays the complex transition of friendship into something more. The evolving relationship between Shunpei and Fumi, childhood friends turned lovers, tugs at the heartstrings.

Amidst the sweetness and humor, there’s an undercurrent of deep emotional exploration that adds depth to the series. It’s the perfect balance of cute, angsty, and endearing, making it an essential addition to your shounen-ai anime bucket list.

Enter the Music World in “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi”

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

If you’re a fan of music and secret love, “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” is your stop. This series takes you behind the scenes of a music company where love blossoms amidst lyrics and melodies. The show perfectly integrates the struggles of the music world with a tender romance between Ritsu and Masamune.

Shounen ai undertones are intricately woven into the plot, making the series a heartwarming watch. With its catchy music, compelling story, and lovable characters, this anime surely hits the right notes.

Travel to the West in “Saiyuki Reload: Zeroin”

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin

For lovers of action, adventure, and subtle romance, “Saiyuki Reload: Zeroin” provides a captivating journey to the West. This shounen-ai anime portrays strong character relationships amidst thrilling battles and comedic situations.

The bond among the main characters, especially Goku and Sanzo, is a highlight of the series, with their camaraderie carrying hints of shounen-ai. This mix of action, humor, and subtle romance makes the anime a well-rounded and entertaining watch.

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