Sexy Anime Female Characters Sporting Black Hair

Black-haired anime girl characters include Akame, Ruri Gokou, Satsuki Kiryuuin, Sawako Kuronuma, Tomoko Kuroki, and Yukino Yukinoshita.

Hey there, fellow cosplayers! Are you ready to bring your favorite anime characters to life? Good news: you’ve come to the right place! We’ve covered whether you need to use killer hair extensions or rock your natural black hair.

Let’s face it, Japanese manga and anime have stolen the hearts of kids, teenagers, and grown-ups alike. And who can blame us? Those characters are drop-dead gorgeous, with superpowers to match.

So, get ready to be inspired if you’re a die-hard fan of the “K-On!” girls or love a good anime storyline. We’ve compiled a list of 40 anime girls with black hair hairstyles and costume ideas to help you slay your cosplay game.

So grab your wigs, and let’s get to work!

Anime Girls with Long Black Hair

Black hair might be the most natural black color, especially in Japan, Asia, and anime. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity! The world of anime is bursting with an incredible variety of black-haired waifus, each one more lovable than the last.

So without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the world of anime and check out the cream of the crop when it comes to dark-haired girls. These are my top picks for the best black-haired beauties that anime offers!

Shinomiya Kaguya

Shinomiya Kaguya - anime character with black hair and bangs

Kaguya may be a big-shot student council member, but let’s face it: she’s far from a role model. Sure, she’s got those captivating red eyes and striking black locks, but that’s about where her perfection ends.

What she lacks in grace, she more than makes up for in awkwardness. And let’s wait to get started on her dizzying dance of mixed signals with Shirogane.

These two are like a couple of lovebirds trying to build a nest in a hurricane.

Urabe Mikoto – Mysterious Girlfriend X

Urabe Mikoto - Mysterious Girlfriend X

Let’s talk about Urabe, the black-haired beauty from Mysterious Girlfriend X. Sure, she might not be as famous as some anime leading ladies, but don’t let that fool you – this girl’s got some serious skills.

And speaking of intrigue, Urabe’s personality is just as fascinating as her mysterious powers. Her abilities are so mysterious that we’re not even sure what they are. That’s all part of the intrigue, right?

But let’s be real; the show’s real star is that hair. Are those piercing eyes staring out from behind a curtain of black locks? It’s a look that’s both mysterious and alluring.

Iki Hiyori – Noragami

Iki Hiyori - Noragami - anime female character with black hair

This girl might not have flashy superpowers or crazy quirks, but that makes her so relatable.

Sure, her body might have a mind of its own (literally), but when it comes to personality, she’s as human as they come. And in a world of over-the-top anime characters, that’s a big deal.

With Iki, what you see is what you get – and honestly, what you get is pretty great. She’s the kind of character who can make you feel like you’re right there in action with her, experiencing all the ups and downs of her journey.

Kuchiki Rukia – Bleach

Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach

Hold onto your zanpakuto, anime fans, because we’re about to talk about the one and only captain of Soul Society’s 13th division – the character who started it all!

That’s right, folks, without her fateful encounter with a certain boy, we might never have gotten to experience this series’s epic journey.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff – her appearance. That black hair of hers? It’s a total vibe.

It gives her an androgynous edge that’s pretty darn cool. And let’s be real – with all those Shinigami running around looking like they stepped out of a boy band; it’s hard to tell who’s who anyway.

Sarashina Ruka – Rent-A-Girlfriend

Sarashina Ruka - Rent-A-Girlfriend - Black Hair Anime Girls

As one of the youngest characters in the show, Ruka has a lot of competition when it comes to grabbing the spotlight. But with her passionate love for our main character, she manages to steal the show repeatedly.

Sure, Rent a Girlfriend might have four leading ladies, but when Ruka’s around, things get seriously entertaining. Her childlike demeanor and infectious energy make anyone fall head over heels for her.

Ryuko Matoi – Kill la Kill!

Ryuko Matoi - anime girls black hair

Ryūko is a total badass who’s come to Honnōji Academy looking for her father’s killer. And she’s not just armed with any old weapon – oh no. She’s got half of a pair of Scissor Blades, which just so happens to be the other half of the blade that took her dad’s life.

But here’s where things get interesting – those Scissor Blades are the only weapons capable of taking down the Goku Uniforms.

And those bad boys are made of Living Fibers, which give the people who wear them insane superpowers.

Akemi Homura – Black Hair Anime Girl

Akemi Homura - anime girl black hair

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the girl who’s seen it all. She’s got the high-class style, the intimidating stare, and a head of long black hair that makes everyone else look basic.

And good luck trying to strike up a conversation – she’s got a reputation for being colder than the North Pole.

But here’s the thing: it was sometimes different from this. An old photo of her with a different hairstyle suggests she might have been more of a bookish wallflower back in the day.

Chi-Chi – Dragon Ball series

Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball series

We need to talk about Chi-Chi. When we first meet her in the series, she’s breaking out some seriously foreign threads – a big departure from the usual martial arts-inspired outfits we see on Goku and the gang.

But hold up a second – maybe it’s not Chi-Chi who’s out of place in this futuristic world. Maybe Goku and his crew need to step up their fashion game.

Regardless of who’s setting the trends, things heat up when Chi-Chi starts rocking Chinese-inspired clothing as Goku’s wife.

Her black hair and unmistakable Asian influence become impossible to miss, quickly becoming her signature look for the rest of the series.

Tsuyuri Kanao – Demon Slayer

Tsuyuri Kanao - Demon Slayer

Get ready to meet the girl who turns heads wherever she goes – it’s none other than Tsuyuri Kanao from Demon Slayer! With her long, flowing black hair, she’s got a striking and memorable look.

But here’s the thing – there’s so much more to Kanao than just her appearance. Sure, she’s one of the show’s lead characters, but she doesn’t always get the love and attention she deserves.

Maybe it’s because of her emotionless behavior, but it’s understandable when you consider her dark past.

The good news is, as the series progresses, we see Kanao grow and evolve into someone who’s not afraid to express herself.

Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami - Kakegurui

This girl’s been turning the whole school on its head with a series of increasingly risky games, putting her money and reputation on the line.

Sure, at first glance she’s a total bishōjo – but don’t be fooled. She’s got a serious “gambling madness” and thrives on taking risks during gameplay.

Her classmate Ryōta reports she’s addicted to the thrill of it all.

But here’s the thing – she’s not just lucky. She’s also incredibly observant, able to quickly pick up on any manipulation happening during the games.

And while she may not place huge importance on money, you can bet she’s not about to back down from a high-stakes bet.

Akiyama Mio – K-ON!

Akiyama Mio - K-ON!

She might not have the most prominent personality, but she’s hard to miss with her long, flowing black hair.

One thing’s for sure – Akiyama is no slouch when it comes to playing bass guitar and supporting her bandmates on stage. She’s got a passion for music that more than makes up for any shyness or timidity.

And while she might not be the flashiest member of the crew, she’s the glue that holds everything together.

So when it comes to dependable friends and talented musicians, Akiyama is the real deal – and that’s why we’re giving her a well-deserved spot on our list of top anime characters.

Yuuko Ichihara – xxxHOLiC

Yuuko Ichihara - xxxHOLiC

This witch has some serious skills – she’s the one who designed the two Mokonas that helped Shaolan and Sakura travel through different dimensions and even created the wish shop where our hero Kimihiro works.

But here’s the real kicker – as the story unfolds, we learn that this witch, Yûko, is at the heart of all the events in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHOLiC.

Talk about a major player!

And if you’re looking for a symbol to represent this incredible witch, look no further than the butterfly – a true symbol of beauty, transformation, and the endless potential for growth and change.

Kurenai Yuhi – Naruto

Kurenai Yuhi - Naruto

If you’re looking for black-haired women in the world of Naruto, you might be in for a bit of a challenge. Despite the series’ blend of ancient and modern Japan, there’s a serious lack of ladies with raven locks – sorry, Hanabi and Tenten, you know I love you!

But fear not because Kurenai is here to save the day. She’s the only character who packs a punch when it comes to both attitude and design. And unlike some of the other refined women on this list, she’s not afraid to let her hair down.

Her unkempt look makes her so memorable, and her clothing is even more daring than Ino’s ever was.

Kuroyukihime – Accel World

Kuroyukihime - Accel World

Listen up, folks – we’ve got a real powerhouse of a character in the mix here. Meet Kuroyukihime – the leading lady of Accel World and the one who started it all.

But let’s not get it twisted – Kuroyukihime is more than just a plot device. This girl has got it all – brains, beauty, and a whole lot of charisma. With her striking good looks and personality to match, it’s no wonder she’s one of the most notable characters in the series.

But that’s not all.

Kuroyukihime also convinced our main character to dive headfirst into the world of Accel World – and trust us; things only get more exciting.

Tendou Akane – Ranma ½

Tendou Akane - Ranma ½

Meet Yaoyorozu, a hero-in-training with one of the most potentially cheat-worthy quirks out there. But what sets her apart from the rest is her refined demeanor – this ojou-sama always speaks eloquently and gracefully.

Despite her black hair, she’s every bit the refined, rich lady – and her unique visual style perfectly complements her fierce determination.

As a stereotypical affluent character, she may sometimes misunderstand common modern life, but she’s also a smart cookie who knows how to adapt and thrive in any situation.

Kasumigaoka Utaha – SaeKano

Kasumigaoka Utaha - SaeKano

Prepare to be swept off your feet by a character from the oh-so-popular SaeKano anime series! Utaha is her name; she’s not your typical two-dimensional character. Nope, she’s got a personality and a sense of style that’ll leave you mesmerized.

From her gorgeous locks to her expressive face and killer outfits, Utaha knows how to leave a lasting impression. Her appearance is just one of the many things that make her stand out from the crowd.

She’s got a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her relatable to everyone – even if she doesn’t break a sweat doing it.

And let’s not forget about her striking red eyes and luscious black hair. Utaha is the character that leaves you wondering why real-life beauties can’t measure up to her stunning level.

Sonohara Anri – Durarara!

Sonohara Anri - Durarara!

Don’t be fooled by her shy and timid demeanor – this character fits the mold of a “bookish girl” to a tee.

Her classmates, especially her comrade Masaomi, are mischievously fascinated by her apparent shyness, which only adds to her mysterious allure.

Even in everyday situations, she’s easily flustered, playing into her timid persona. But just like the rest of her close circle of friends, she’s keeping a secret. And it’s closely tied to her stunning black hair and piercing eyes.

Hibiya Chitose – Chobits

Hibiya Chitose - Chobits

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we’ve got another MILF-worthy landlord in the anime world!

Chitose embodies classic beauty, with her luscious black locks as a bold contrast to her modern wardrobe.

But it’s not just her appearance that sets her apart. Chitose’s design gives off an air of complexity, leaving us to wonder about her mysterious past. And despite this, she exudes a calm and collected energy that only adds to her intrigue.

Her character design may seem a tad predictable, but the execution is spot on. We can’t help but be impressed by this stunning landlord and her captivating presence.

Akeno Himejima – High School DxD

Akeno Himejima - High School DxD

Meet Akeno, the second in command of the Gremory clan and known as the “Priestess of Thunder.” She’s not just a pretty face either – as the vice-president of the occult research club and ranked as a “Lady,” she’s a force to be reckoned with.

In her normal state, Akeno is a gentle and discreet young lady who loves to drop the occasional “ah there, ah there!” But don’t be fooled by her sweet exterior – there’s more to this girl than meets the eye.

A certain mystery surrounding her leaves us all wondering what she’s hiding.

And as it turns out, Issei’s instinct to mistrust her isn’t far off. When the gloves come off, Akeno transforms into a fierce and sadistic fighter, frightening her opponents.

Sunohara Mei – Clannad

Sunohara Mei - Clannad

Meet the precious little sister of Sunohara Youhei – the resident punching bag of the series. Her striking black hair is a constant reminder of what her brother used to look like before he dyed his hair.

As a worrywart and busybody, she’s always on the lookout for any activity that her friends or brother might be up to. And when she finds something, she jumps into action to help them in any way she can.

Tomoya’s admiration for her cuteness has led some to label him as a lolicon in mere minutes.

Shiina Mayuri – Steins; Gate

Shiina Mayuri - Steins; Gate

Meet Shiina Mayuri, the lead female character in Steins; Gate. Despite her childlike appearance, Mayuri brings a sense of fun to the otherwise serious show.

But don’t let her playful nature fool you – Mayuri plays a crucial role in the show’s overall storyline and progression. There’s a certain point in the series where she becomes the most important character, and that’s when we realize just how valuable she truly is.

Unfortunately, some truly awful stuff happened to our beloved Mayuri in the show. It’s a harsh reminder that not all characters are invincible, even in anime.

Nico Robin – One Piece

Nico Robin - One Piece

Nico Robin from One Piece is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to her sheer cunning and experience.

As one of the main characters, Nico has a lot going on her – but let’s talk about the most important attribute of all: her appearance. In terms of sheer beauty, she’s one of the best in the entire show. You can’t help but be captivated by her stunning looks whenever she’s on screen.

And let’s not forget about her color scheme – the contrasting black and blue accentuate her beauty even more.

With these lethal colors as part of her design, Nico Robin proves time and time again just how impressive she is as a character.

Tousaka Rin – Fate series

Tousaka Rin - Fate series

Rin might be an Eastern magus, but her family specializes in Western magic, which shows how unique and interesting she is.

And let’s be real, Rin is a total boss. She’s assertive and authoritative, and if she can use logic to make her point, she will. But here’s the thing – she’s not immune to reason. If you can present a sound argument, she’ll listen to you (imagine that!).

Rin might have some technical limitations regarding her abilities, but she’s also got a wild and creative mind that’s always churning up unusual solutions.

And you can bet that she’s not afraid to team up with some unlikely allies to get the job done.

Shiba Miyuki – Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Shiba Miyuki - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Hold on to your winter coats, folks – we’ve got the renowned Snow Queen herself, Miyuki, on our hands. And with her hime-cut black hair serving as the perfect complement to her grace and elegance, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks to her standard abilities falling under the category of extreme removal of heat, Miyuki can make things colder than a polar bear’s toenails. And let’s say that is handy when she needs to bring the chill to any situation.

But even with her cool campus reputation, Miyuki is anything but cold when it comes to her dear brother. She’s got a warm heart that matches the heat she removes from everything around her.

Videl – Dragon Ball Z

Videl - Dragon Ball Z

It’s time to give Videl the love and attention she deserves! This woman is the real deal, and there are so many reasons to love her.

First and foremost, Videl is the lead female character in Dragon Ball Z and currently is Gohan’s wife. And let’s be real – Gohan hit the jackpot with this one because Videl is gorgeous.

With her luscious black hair and eye-catching red attire, Videl effortlessly captures the attention of the entire Dragon Ball fandom.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also an incredibly strong human, proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Mr. Satan’s daughter.

Boa Hancock – One Piece

Boa Hancock - One Piece

It’s time to sail with Boa Hancock, captain of the Kuja pirates, and Amazon Empress Lily. And with her monikers “The Pirate Empress” and “The Serpent Princess,” it’s clear that she’s not just any ordinary pirate.

Boa Hancock is widely considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s so stunning that anyone who looks at her falls in love with her at first sight.

And with her beauty often serving as a get-out-of-jail-free card, she’s been known to pose as a selfish, spoiled, and arrogant woman.

But don’t be fooled by her appearance – there’s more to Boa Hancock than meets the eye.

Reizei Mako – Girls und Panzer

Reizei Mako - Girls und Panzer

Buckle up, tank enthusiasts – we’re talking about the one and only Reizei Mako, the main tank driver for the Anglerfish team. And with her laid-back attitude, she’s easily the most chill student in the franchise.

But don’t let her relaxed nature fool you – Mako is also a specific fan-favorite for Girls and Panzer lovers. It could be her cozy vibe that draws people in.

While there may not be anything extraordinary to mention about her black hair, we can’t deny that it’s still quite nice. And it’s just one part of what makes Mako such a lovable character.


Dororo - anime girl with black hair

Despite her youth and short hair, Dororo was often mistaken for a boy – which wasn’t helped by her tomboyish upbringing. But in her modern portrayal, we see a bit less of her serious side, so she’s not as cruel as her older incarnations.

And let’s talk about her hair for a moment – although it was androgynous initially, it eventually grew into elegant locks that showcase her true beauty. Now, we know her as the gorgeous waifu we can’t help but love.

Hino Rei – Sailor Moon

Hino Rei - Sailor Moon

Rei! She represents the average traditional-yet-modern Japanese girl of her time, and as a miko, or shrine maiden, her long black hair is already fitting for her character.

But as Sailor Mars, her fiery personality shines through. The rich, darker color combinations of her suit and hair make her instantly recognizable as an anime icon to this very day.

So let’s give it up for Rei – a character whose hair and personality are as iconic as they come!

Maki Oze

Maki Oze

With the ability to manipulate the flames that surround her as she pleases, she’s a fierce combatant, although she can’t create her flames like Shinra or Arthur.

Despite her impressive military background, she left the Tokyo army to help the population.

And while she may be a little blue flower, don’t underestimate her – she can easily get carried away when her opponent demeans her to a big bully.

Hanekawa Tsubasa – Monogatari

Hanekawa Tsubasa - Monogatari

Let’s talk about a character whose attributes include sensibility and critical thinking – two skills worth bragging about! In fact, “Araragi-kun” even described her as the “class representative of all class representatives.”

But her double-braided black hair throws her into the stereotype of a library/book-lover type, especially when coupled with glasses.

While her black hair doesn’t last for long, her initial nerdy image is worth noting on this list.

Lisa Yadōmaru

Lisa Yadōmaru

This girl might look like your average schoolgirl, but don’t be fooled – she’s a force to be reckoned with.

You should know that she always has an adult book, which shows that she’s never short on resources. She even manages to hold her own against Ichigo in Hollow mode for a few minutes – pretty impressive, right?

As the former vice-captain of the 8th Division, this girl has a ton of experience. But what’s interesting is her striking resemblance to Nanao, the woman who used to read to her.

There’s more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri

Okay, get ready to hear about a character whose backstory will seriously tug at your heartstrings. This girl might not talk much (like, practically never), but don’t be fooled – she has some serious skills and an unmatched stoicism.

However, here’s the thing – she doesn’t seem to have any desire. She’s unable even to make basic decisions for herself – like deciding when to eat, even if she’s starving – without someone else telling her what to do.

But it’s not her fault. She had a tough childhood before she was sold and taken in by her master and older sister, which left her with some serious psychological scars.

Tsukamoto Yakumo – School Rumble

Tsukamoto Yakumo - School Rumble

Despite her soft-spoken demeanor (which, to be honest, doesn’t involve much talking at all), she’s incredibly assertive, especially when it comes to getting things done.

Now, regarding her appearance, she looks like her sister, Tenma. But one key difference sets her apart – her striking combination of jet-black hair and piercing eyes. It’s the only clue you need to know that she’s Tenma’s younger sister.

And let me tell you; this girl is truly gifted – she has so many talents that it’s hard to keep track.

I bet even Harima Kenji would be impressed by all she can do!

Kochou Shinobu – Demon Slayer

Kochou Shinobu - Demon Slayer

The sheer beauty of the insect Hashira is truly indescribable. It’s no wonder that Kochou Shinobu effortlessly captivates the attention of everyone around her.

As one of the prominent female characters in the “Demon Slayer” anime series, Shinobu hasn’t been given a dedicated storyline, but her outstanding qualities speak for themselves.

Time and time again, she has proven to be a cut above the rest.

But it’s not just her impressive skills that make her noble.

As we learn more about her through the storyline, we see that her ultimate goal as a Hashira has always been to serve humanity and make the world a better place.

Gokou Ruri / Kuroneko

Gokou Ruri - Kuroneko

Let me introduce you to a close friend of Kousaka and Kirino, who may be the biggest letdown for fans of the series.

In her casual clothes, she might seem pretty unremarkable – even her signature hime-cut hairstyle can’t quite make her stand out. But when she slips into one of her gothic getups, she becomes a different person – fierce, imposing, and impossible to ignore.

You can bet that she’d turn heads at any anime convention, where she’d be a force to be reckoned with.

Hyuuga Hinata – Naruto

Hyuuga Hinata - Naruto

Do I even need to say it? Hinata Hyuuga is one of the most beloved characters of all time.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with her – after all, she’s one of the main female characters in the legendary anime series “Naruto.”

Hinata was also the first popular example of the Kuudere archetype, which refers to a shy character who struggles to express their feelings to their love interest.

But her character is so much more than that – she’s shown incredible bravery and courage, especially during the intense Pain Invasion arc.

These moments of strength and courage have secured Hinata’s place as one of the most iconic characters in anime history.

Nico Robin – One Piece

Nico Robin - One Piece

Tell you something fascinating about Nico Robin – in a sea of black-haired characters in her series, she stands out for her sheer appeal. And no, I’m not just talking about her looks – her attitude sets her apart.

Sure, she’s a formidable fighter with superhuman abilities. But what makes her stand out is her sharp mind – she’s the logical engine of her crew, always analyzing and gathering data at every opportunity.

Sometimes, she might indulge in more simplistic thoughts, but that’s because she’s always prioritizing the bigger picture.

Yukinoshita Yukino – Oregairu

Yukinoshita Yukino - Oregairu

Listen up, because I’ve got a hot take from Hachiman himself – if there’s a Snow Queen, you can bet an Ice Queen is lurking somewhere too.

And let me tell you, Yukinon fits that bill perfectly. With her jet-black hair and stern expression, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

But what sets her apart is her razor-sharp mind – she’s practical, logical, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. If you hint at being anything less than 100% rational, she’ll let you know about it in no uncertain terms.

And here’s another thing she has in common with Hachiman – they both despise insincere niceties. No false pleasantries for these two, thank you very much.

Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan

Let me tell you something about Mikasa that’ll make you sit up and take notice – she’s one of the most beloved fighters in the entire series, hands down.

And it’s not hard to see why – with her striking black hair and Far Eastern heritage, she’s a true standout in a universe dominated by Western physical attributes.

But here’s what sets her apart – her abilities are almost superhuman. Some say it’s because of her bloodline, but it’s just as likely that her survival experience has played a huge role in making her the fighter she is today.

All in all, Mikasa is a true force to be reckoned with – and it’s no wonder that she’s captured the hearts of so many fans.

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