7 Horror Anime With The Creepiest Monsters

Horror anime is a genre that focuses on fear, terror, and horror. Some creepy monsters include Shikies, Tiyanak, Neuronist Painkill, and Urado.

This can be achieved through dark settings, storylines, disturbing imagery, and supernatural elements such as ghosts and monsters.

Horror anime often deals with mature themes such as violence and death, making it more suitable for older audiences.

Some popular horror anime include “Elfen Lied,” “Tokyo Ghoul,” and “Hell Girl.”

Whether you’re a fan or not, horror anime adds an element of thrill to the world of animation. Fans of the horror genre may enjoy the suspense and excitement of being scared while watching these types of anime.

However, some viewers may watch horror anime too intense or disturbing.

Creepiest Monsters In Anime

Bloodthirsty creatures have been used creatively in horror anime to tell some of the most iconic and scariest stories of all time.

As frightening as Lovecraft’s eldritch creatures, anime monsters can be spooky folktales and sci-fi stories.

Let’s have a look at some of the most terrifying monsters.

Shiki (Anime)

Shikies - Shiki

Shikies are among the scariest and deadliest monsters in horror anime.

Shiki anime is based on Ryu Fujisaki’s Shiki manga series, based on Fuyumi Ono’s novel series of the same name.

A series of bizarre deaths occur in an isolated town called Sotoba, where the Kirishiki family has just moved into a castle built on the outskirts of town.

Megumi Shimizu, one of the most iconic anime vampires of all time, was Shiki’s most terrifying enemy.

In addition to drinking human blood, these murderous creatures enjoy torturing their victims.

There are also intriguing mysteries and terrifying characters in Shiki, making it one of the twisty horror anime series.

Tiyanak – Trese

Tiyanak - Trese

Tiyanak - Trese

There are some truly terrifying monsters in Trese, which is one of the scariest and most creative horror anime series of modern times. There are plenty of exciting and creepy mythological creatures in Trese, but Tiyanak is probably the most frightening.

In addition to being deadly, these undead beings also have the saddest backstories since they are the reincarnations of children who were abandoned to die.

A great world-building and intriguing mysteries make Trese one of the best horror anime shows.

She solves murders caused by all kinds of evil supernatural beings using her magical abilities.

This story is even more special because Trese’s creatures are based on Philippine folklore.

Neuronist Painkill – Overlord

Neuronist Painkill - Overlord

Among all horror anime monsters, Neuronist Painkill is one of the creepiest looking and most terrifying.

One of the best and most feared torturers in anime, this disgusting-looking beast enjoys physically and mentally torturing her victims.

It is also one of the most chatty anime monsters who is happiest when she can eat a bit of her brain.

There are plenty of bloody and nightmarish characters and scenes in Overlord, one of the darkest horror fantasy anime series. The powerful humans in Overlord still struggle to overcome the horrifying challenges of their new and dark world despite their powerful abilities.

Urado – Ghost Hunt

Urado - Ghost Hunt

The most terrifying and cruel monster in Ghost Hunt is Urado, also known as Kaneyuki Miyama.

Because of Elizabeth Bathory’s dark myths, Miyama was already murderous and insane when he was a human, murdering people and bathing in their blood to cure his illness.

As a result of his death, he became even more dangerous and was among the bloodthirsty evil spirits the team had ever encountered.

There are some of the most iconic anime ghost hunters and genuinely terrifying monsters in Ghost Hunt, one of the most exciting and scariest supernatural horror anime series of all time. Mai Taniyama is a psychic researcher joining Kazuya Shibuya’s Psychic Research team.

To investigate all kinds of paranormal activities, they travel around Japan together.

Parasytes – Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasytes - Parasyte: The Maxim

Sci-fi-inspired horror anime monsters Parasytes are some of the most mysterious creatures in history.

In this world, these creepy and terrifying creatures have suddenly appeared and want to take over the planet by drilling into humans when they are still small, then taking over as they grow. Even though they are small, they are still reasonably easy to kill.

However, as these deadly creatures grow, their power increases, becoming almost invincible.

With its twisty and thought-provoking story, Parasyte: The Maxim is one of the most popular and scariest splatterpunk horror animes of all time.

Izumi is a young boy whose body is invaded by an alien monster called a Parasyte who secretly wants to take over the planet and start possessing humans.

Bunny Elder Bairn – Blood-C

There is no doubt that Bunny is one of the scariest and most sadistic Elder Bairns in Blood-C. They love to kill and eat people with their creepy limbs. Known as eldritch-inspired monsters, they’re obsessed with killing people for their blood and are most well-known in anime.

Blood-C is one of the most atmospheric and scary horror anime shows with plenty of frightening and powerful anime monsters.

Throughout the story, Saya Kisaragi, a brave high school girl, seems and acts like any other girl. When the sun sets, she becomes a powerful swordswoman and warrior who protects her village’s residents from deadly monsters.

Eto Yoshimura – Tokyo Ghoul

Eto Yoshimura - Tokyo Ghoul

Eto is a short woman in her mid-20s. In addition to her modest or sloppy fashion, her long green hair is usually messy or in a bun.

While her hair is typically unkempt, she is noted to be an incredible beauty with many admirers and has been compared to her mother, Ukina. Her resemblance deepens when she cuts it into a short bob.

Her identity is kept secret by wrapping her entire body in bandages while she is active in Aogiri.

A floral scarf drapes around her neck, which she wears over a maroon cloak with floppy ears.

The Complexity Of Eto Yoshimura


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