Magica De Spell: DuckTales’ Enchantingly Diabolical Villainess

Magica De Spell is a fictional character from the Scrooge McDuck universe, which includes comic books and animated series. Created by Carl Barks, she first appeared in the comic “The Midas Touch” in December 1961.

Magica is a sorceress and one of the main antagonists in the series, often pitted against Scrooge McDuck and his family.

She is characterized by her relentless pursuit of Scrooge’s Number One Dime, which she believes will amplify her magical abilities, given that it’s the first dime earned by the wealthiest duck in the world.

DuckTales’ Magica De Spell

From the mystical realm of Mt. Vesuvius, Magica De Spell swoops into DuckTales, leaving a trail of enchanting chaos. With her raven-shaped shadow, this sassy sorceress doesn’t just cast spells; she captivates the audience with her charmingly nefarious antics.

She’s not your typical cackling witch but a character imbued with an unusual mix of ambition, cunning, and a dash of humor. This blend transforms her into a bewitching figure we can’t help but admire.

magica de spell

The Spellbook of Schemes

Magica De Spell’s obsession with Scrooge McDuck’s Number One Dime is legendary. Her scheming plots to snatch this lucky coin are as eclectic as they are relentless.

From turning herself into an innocent, wide-eyed niece to commanding a horde of inanimate objects, her creativity knows no bounds. Her tricks make every episode a veritable Pandora’s box of delightful unpredictability.

A Voice to Charm the Stars

June Foray’s phenomenal voice acting transformed Magica into a character of enchanting depth. With a thick Eastern European accent, she breathed life into a villainess as cunning as she is comedic.

It’s a perfect paradox: a voice so alluring, it becomes music to our ears, even while plotting dastardly deeds.

Fashionably Fearsome

Magica De Spell’s appearance is as spellbinding as her character. Her modish black dress, her glowing green amulet, and the stark contrast of her pale skin against her raven-black hair all paint a picture of a witch who’s as fashionable as she is fearsome.

While most villains lurk in the shadows, Magica chooses to stand out, becoming an icon of style and intimidation in the process.

magica de spell ducktales villains

The Power of Persistence

While Magica may be a villain, she teaches us an important lesson about persistence. Despite her numerous failed attempts at acquiring Scrooge’s dime, she never gives up. Instead, she regroups, re-strategizes, and comes back stronger. Her resilience is as admirable as instructive, reminding us that the magic lies in trying again in the face of failure.

In the Shadow of a Raven

One of the most intriguing aspects of Magica De Spell is her living shadow, Poe. Transformed from a raven into an ethereal sidekick due to a spell gone awry, Poe is the perfect foil to Magica. Their interactions add a layer of warmth and humor to her character, showing us that even a villain can have a soft spot.

Enchantingly Unforgettable

Magica De Spell’s entrancing charm lies not just in her magical powers but in her larger-than-life personality. She’s a captivating blend of mischief and ambition, a villainess who turns every setback into a setup for a grand comeback.

This raven-haired sorceress from DuckTales has indeed cast a spell, making her an unforgettable figure in the realm of animated antagonists.

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A Study in Shadows: Magica’s Personality

Magica De Spell is a paradox, a villainess who captivates while she conspires. Her personality is a heady brew of ambition, cunning, humor, and surprising depth. She’s persistent, never letting failure deter her from her ultimate goal. Yet, she’s not a one-note character defined only by her desire for Scrooge’s dime.

Magica is quick-witted, resourceful, and has a flair for the dramatic, adding a layer of appeal to her character. She’s a villain, yes, but one who’s compellingly charismatic. Her interactions with her shadow, Poe, reveals a softer side to her, adding depth to her character. This charisma, cunning, and complexity blend makes Magica De Spell a memorable character.

A Symphony of Spells: Magica’s Powers and Abilities

Magica’s prowess in the arcane arts is as grand as diverse. She can conjure, transform, and manipulate with a flick of her wrist, making her one of the most powerful sorceresses in DuckTales.

Her primary tool of trade is her magical amulet, which serves as a conduit for her spells. Her skills cover a broad spectrum of magical arts, from transmutation to teleportation.

One of Magica’s most intriguing abilities is her power to animate objects. With a wave of her wand, she can turn an ordinary broom into a loyal servant, making the inanimate spring to life at her command. But that’s not all; she can also shapeshift, often using this ability to take on innocent disguises to further her schemes.

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The Charming Culprit of Chaos in DuckTales

Her cunning mind matches Magica’s magical prowess. She’s a master strategist, always crafting elaborate plans to acquire Scrooge’s lucky dime.

Whether using potions, spells, or manipulation, Magica combines her magical abilities with her strategic acumen to create a formidable challenge for the Duck family.

Magica De Spell’s sorcery is more than just her ability to conjure and command. It’s an extension of her character, a tool she uses to express her ambition, cunning, and indomitable spirit.

Her magic isn’t just about spells and potions; it’s about the willpower and creativity she employs to bring her plans to life. Her abilities and intriguing personality make her a truly enchanting character in DuckTales.


  • Minima De Spell (niece)
  • Nonna Caraldina (grandmother)
  • Matilda (cousin)
  • Tragica De Spell (great-grandmother)
  • Lena De Spell (creation/”niece”)


  • Ratface (raven)
  • Poe De Spell (raven)
  • Bradford Buzzard (vulture; reboot series only)

Magica De Spell is a very powerful witch with magical powers

Creator’s Inspiration: Magica De Spell

  1. Creator’s Inspiration: Magica De Spell was created by the legendary comic book artist and writer Carl Barks. He was inspired by Italian actress Sophia Loren while creating Magica’s character.
  2. Unique Living Situation: Magica lives in a fascinating location – a spooky, decrepit manor on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, a famous volcano in Italy.
  3. Sibling Sidekick: Her sidekick is a raven named Poe, actually her brother. Due to a magical mishap, Poe was transformed into a non-anthropomorphic raven. Magica has been trying to reverse this spell ever since.
  4. Avid Collector: Magica is an obsessive collector of “lucky dimes.” Her ultimate goal is to melt Scrooge McDuck’s first earned dime and her amassed collection of lucky coins into an amulet. She believes this will give her the Midas Touch – the ability to turn anything she touches into gold.
  5. Reimagined for the Reboot: In the 2017 reboot of “DuckTales,” Magica’s character was reimagined. Her backstory was fleshed out more, and she was portrayed as being trapped in Scrooge’s Number One Dime, with her niece Lena working to free her. This version of Magica was voiced by Catherine Tate, best known for her role as Donna Noble in “Doctor Who.”
  6. Symbolism: The character of Magica De Spell often symbolizes greed and obsession as she relentlessly pursues Scrooge’s Number One Dime to gain more power. Despite her numerous failures, she never gives up, illustrating the lengths to which obsession and greed can drive individuals.

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