Top 20+ Anime Characters with Fiery Red Eyes

Anime characters with red eyes include Sebastian Michaelis, Taiga Kagami, Karma Akabane, Kaguya Shinomiya, Enju Aihara, and Rory Mercury.

Red-eyed anime characters are often cast as the villains, but when they’re not playing the bad guy, they sure make for some quirky and intriguing allies to the protagonist!

You won’t find any wallflowers in this bunch because these characters are all about commanding attention with their captivating crimson gazes.

The Allure of Red Eyes in Anime Characters

These red-eye crusaders are the ones that stick with us long after the show has ended, thanks to their captivating personalities and distinctive traits.

Akame – Akame Ga Kill

Akame - Akame Ga Kill - anime character with red eyes

In the world of Akame Ga Kill, one red-eyed character truly steals the show – and that’s none other than the titular heroine herself, Akame. With a name like that, you know she means business! The anime’s production was in the capable hands of studio whitefox.

Don’t be fooled by Akame’s cool and collected exterior – this skilled assassin may be hard to read, but that’s only because she keeps her emotions under wraps.

Her tough upbringing, where she was trained as a killer against her will alongside her sisters, has made her stoic, detached, and somewhat elusive.

Sebastian Michaelis with Dark Red Eyes – Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis with Dark Red Eyes - Black Butler

Meet Sebastian Michaelis, the enigmatic and downright devilish butler of the Phantomhive household in Black Butler. His striking red eyes are just part of his haunting appearance, including ghostly pale skin and an all-black wardrobe.

Don’t let his impeccable butler act fool you – behind closed doors, Sebastian is a force to be reckoned with. This ruthless demon has little regard for morality and doesn’t hesitate to manipulate or deceive those around him to get what he wants.

While he may condemn humans for their dirty tactics, Sebastian isn’t above resorting to his cunning schemes to rise to the top.

Kurenai – Naruto w/ Light Red Eyes

Kurenai - Naruto Light Red Eyes

Kurenai Yuhi is much more than just her stunning red eyes. This fierce and talented elite ninja is the leader of Team 8 and a true force to be reckoned with. In the Yūhi family, red eyes are a defining trait, and Kurenai inherited hers from her father, Shinku.

Her eyes are unique, boasting two shades of red and an extra ring for good measure!

But Kurenai isn’t just a pretty face – she’s also a caring mother, a brave warrior, and a go-to Genjutsu master in her village. Her nurturing personality and “big sister” vibes have won her the love and respect of her peers, and her dedication to her family is unparalleled.

She eventually made the tough decision to retire from her ninja duties altogether, choosing to focus on being a full-time mom to her daughter.

Kaguya Shinomiya – Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Kaguya Shinomiya - Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Get ready to fall head over heels for Kaguya Shinomiya and her deep red eyes, which have become the stuff of anime legend. Fans couldn’t help but take notice when she delivered the now-iconic line “how cute” – a moment that quickly became meme material.

But there’s so much more to Kaguya than just her striking appearance. The real fun begins when she goes head-to-head with Shirogane in an epic battle. And that’s just the beginning – with other characters like Chika entering the fray, things get even more interesting!

Kaguya’s striking black hair might give her a bit of an Akame vibe, but make no mistake – this girl is in a league of her own.

Taiga Kagami – Kuroko’s Basketball

Taiga Kagami - Anime Boy With Red Eyes

In Kuroko’s Basketball, Taiga Kagami has red eyes that are slightly brighter than his hair.

When he enters the “Zone” during a high-pressure game, his eyes emit a bright red glow, although he lacks any supernatural abilities attributed to other red-eyed characters.

Despite the risk of failure and public embarrassment, Taiga’s personality aligns with traits often associated with his eye color, such as his fearlessness in attempting new strategies during games.

He also exhibits a passionate, hot-headed demeanor toward basketball and insatiable ambition. However, Taiga’s most remarkable attribute is his indomitable fighting spirit, which burns like an unquenchable flame.

Rory Mercury – Gate

Rory Mercury - Gate

In the Gate anime, Rory Mercury is a demi-goddess who is destined to ascend to full godhood on her 1000th birthday. Her dark red eyes signify her devotion to the Emroy, the patron god of war, battle, madness, and death.

Rory wields her demi-god powers and massive halberd fearlessly against those who disrespect the Emroy, earning her the moniker “Rory the Reaper.”

While many perceive her as immature and solely as fan service, Rory’s character performs morally ambiguous actions while adhering to her moral principles.

Her violent nature is embodied in her blood-red eyes.

Kaname Kuran – Vampire Knight

Kaname Kuran - Vampire Knight

In Vampire Knight, Kaname Kuran is known for his unsettling presence, with his red eyes tinged with brown perfectly matching his eerie personality. As one of the seven remaining vampires from the Pureblood families, Kaname is estimated to be around 10,000 years old.

Despite his age and status, Kaname maintains an unnervingly calm demeanor that borders on being too composed. He often appears stoic and distant, but this changes when he’s around Yuki, whom he treats differently from everyone else.

This contrast in his behavior towards Yuki versus others only adds to his unsettling aura.

Tomura – My Hero Academia

Tomura - My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, Tomura Shigaraki’s red eyes are a memorable feature of his appearance. Interestingly, before his quirk manifestation, his eyes were a dull grey. However, once his quirk surfaced, his eyes turned red to match his wrinkled face and light blue hair.

This transformation is a significant departure from his previous appearance when he had dark hair, and his skin condition was not as noticeable.

As the series’ primary antagonist, Tomura’s red eyes are a fitting and striking aspect of his overall design.

Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer

Muzan Kibutsuji - Demon Slayer

If you’ve seen Demon Slayer, you’re likely familiar with Muzan Kibutsuji, a cunning and powerful demon with red eyes who keeps his distance from others. Despite this, he employs indirect methods to target his victims, which can be perplexing.

Muzan is responsible for the deaths of Tanjiro’s family and Nezuko’s transformation into a demon. In terms of appearance, his distinctive hat has led to comparisons with Michael Jackson.

Enju Aihara – Black Bullet

Enju Aihara - Black Bullet

Enju Aihara is a charming character in Black Bullet. At just 10 years old, she has the Gastrea virus in her blood, which gives her extraordinary abilities. When using her powers, her eyes turn a striking red color, but despite their intensity, Enju maintains an adorable rabbit theme in her character.

Unfortunately, Enju’s status as a “Cursed Child” causes her classmates and teachers to view her suspiciously. Nevertheless, she remains optimistic about humanity’s potential to accept her kind and is not easily swayed by manipulative or malevolent influences.

Her positive outlook is a refreshing contrast to the dark tone of the anime, and she handles the tragedies around her with remarkable resilience.

Satori Tendou Has Tiny Red Eyes – Haikyuu!

Satori Tendou - anime with red eyes

Haikyuu’s Satori Tendou is easily recognizable thanks to his striking appearance – spiky red hair, small red eyes, and red eyebrows, all accompanied by a constant smirk. His eccentricity caused him to be bullied by other children.

Despite this, Satori is a cheerful individual who enjoys reading manga. He possesses a keen intuition that has earned him the nickname “Guess Monster” during volleyball matches.

Satori is a fun-loving and expressive person with a knack for insightful advice.

Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami - Kakegurui

When Yumeko becomes consumed by her love for gambling, her red eyes take on a frightening quality. The tension and excitement in each game she plays are palpable, creating a sense of adrenaline that permeates the air.

Throughout the series, Yumeko’s passion for gambling is the driving force behind the show’s energy. She takes on high-stakes bets and puts herself in dangerous situations, all in pursuit of the thrill of the game.

With her unwavering determination, Yumeko ensures she is never bored, making for twelve exciting and enjoyable episodes.

Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

Itachi Uchiha - Naruto

Itachi Uchiha is a renowned character in the Naruto franchise, sporting his signature red eyes. This is particularly evident when he unexpectedly visits Naruto Uzumaki and greets him.

With his black hair, Itachi’s striking red eyes are all the more noticeable. Although he is a widely respected figure in the Naruto universe, Itachi is also one of the most misunderstood characters.

While many admire and honor him, others vilify him for his actions.

Sukuna Eyes Are Red  – Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna Eyes Are Red  - Jujutsu Kaisen

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna’s possession of Yuji Itadori is visually striking, as his red eyes replace Yuji’s light brown ones. When Sukuna takes over, his signature markings gradually appear, creating a significant difference between his appearance and Yuji’s.

As red eyes are often associated with demonic characters, the King of Curses should possess vivid red eyes. All four of Sukuna’s eyes are a striking shade of red, complementing the rest of his menacing appearance.

Kurumi Tokisaki – Date a Live

Kurumi Tokisaki - Date a Live

Kurumi is a formidable and enigmatic red-eye character in the anime. At first, it can be challenging to grasp her motivations, but her sadistic nature is evident in her striking appearance.

Her right eye is red, and her left eye is covered by her bangs but is a bright yellow hue.

Kurumi’s red eye complements her ability to absorb other people’s time, which she uses to refill her life force and gain additional powers. Her “City of Devouring Time” barrier is red, and the clock in her eye displays her remaining life force.

Karma Akabane – Assassination Classroom

Karma Akabane - Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom’s Karma Akabane has red eyes with hints of gold, complementing his brilliant red hair. While his appearance is striking, Karma’s mischievous nature is apparent in his eyes, which other characters quickly recognize.

Despite his outward laziness, Karma’s eyes hint at a different side to his personality. The golden tones in his red eyes suggest that, despite his sadistic tendencies, Karma is essentially a good-natured person with a twisted sense of humor.

Megumin – Konosuba

Megumin - Konosuba

Megumin hails from the Crimson Demon clan, known for their mastery of a specific type of magic. Despite her capabilities, she stubbornly refuses to learn other spells and instead dedicates herself entirely to explosion magic.

By maxing out this skill, she becomes incredibly powerful but suffers a complete loss of strength afterward.

Megumin is an eccentric character who initially leaves Kazuma unsure about her, but they start to build a bond together after he invites her to join his party. Interestingly, Megumin also wears an eye patch like Mei Misaki, but hers is purely for show.

Gajeel Redfox Fearsome Red Eyes  – Fairy Tail

Gajeel Redfox Fearsome Red Eyes  - Fairy Tail

The Iron Dragon Slayer Gajeel possesses a fearsome appearance with his fiery red eyes. His distaste matches his affinity for iron for hunger. As a mage, Gajeel manipulates iron, which explains the red fire-like hue of his eyes.

Formerly a member of the rival Phantom Lord guild, Gajeel joined Fairy Tail after the destruction of his former guild. He is known for his insatiable appetite for all things metallic and his no-holds-barred approach to combat.

Though once a lonely character, Gajeel finds a sense of belonging with the Fairy Tail guild.

Dio Brando – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Dio Brando - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Throughout JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dio Brando has been a significant and menacing villain, exerting his influence over the Joestar lineage.

Despite undergoing significant design changes, especially after becoming a vampire and reappearing thousands of years later, one feature that remains unchanged is Dio’s striking and menacing red eyes.

As red eyes are typically associated with the most heinous villains in fiction, it’s fitting for Dio Brando’s red eyes to embody the menacing and ominous gaze he casts upon the Joestar bloodline for centuries.

Mei Misaki Red Eyes Are Explosive – Another

Mei Misaki Red Eyes Are Explosive - Another

Mei’s red eyes can be deceiving, as she is a petite and enigmatic character in her class. Despite her size, she exudes a quiet and mysterious aura. Mei wears an eyepatch to conceal her prosthetic left eye, which she lost to cancer when she was four.

Her mother, a doll maker, crafted a glass eye to replace her missing one.

In contrast to her right red eye, her artificial eye is green. At first glance, her red eyes can make her seem sinister, but Mei is a kind and intelligent girl.

Though she appears emotionless and distant, she has a compassionate side that is not immediately apparent.

Katsuki Bakugo – My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo - My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo is far from a villain in My Hero Academia, but his hot-headed and impolite behavior gives off antihero vibes.

His sharp eyes are highlighted by striking, vivid, highly expressive red irises, particularly when he goes on one of his infamous rants.

The association between characters with red eyes and fire and explosions is apt, given that Katsuki’s quirk allows him to create explosives from his hands. Perhaps Katsuki’s red eyes are just as explosive as his quirk and overall demeanor, reflecting his explosive personality.

Shalltear Bloodfallen w/ Beautiful Red Eyes – Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen Beautiful Red Eyes - Overlord

Shalltear has a passionate aura, featuring pale, luminous skin, alluring crimson-red eyes, and delicate facial features. Her curiosity often leads her to explore oddities, making her enigmatic.

Though her arrogant behavior makes her difficult to like, she is often feared or reluctantly respected.

Despite her depraved and evil nature, Shalltear displays a lovey-dovey demeanor around her boss. She can reanimate the dead and turn them into vampire/zombie slaves. Her attire consists of a red full-plate armor that appears as if it’s soaked in blood.

Her bloody red eyes accentuate her vicious and bloodthirsty nature.

Tanjiro Kamado – Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado - Demon Slayer

Tanjiro, the eldest son, exudes a strong sense of responsibility, kind-heartedness, and liveliness. Despite becoming a demon-hunting swordsman, his inherent kindness remains unchanged.

Though he wields a sword, he is not casual about taking lives, as he does not want to be perceived as a monstrous demon.

Tanjiro’s serious and resolute demeanor reflects his strong will and stubbornness. He is inflexible in his beliefs and does not hesitate to reject anything he finds unsatisfactory, remaining unwavering in his stance.

With reddish hair and red eyes, Tanjiro was born into a family of fireworks and sports a large red bruise on his forehead.

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