10+ Best Non Human Anime Characters

Non-Human Anime characters are The Reiss Titan, Meruem, Wolf’s Rain, Wolf Legoshi, Alucard, Kaguya, Kaido, and
Zeno from Dragon Ball Super.

Calling all anime lovers! Are you tired of the same old humanoid protagonists hogging the limelight? Well, it’s time to celebrate the un-human heroes that make anime great!

From sentient alien blobs to high-flying dragons, there are plenty of non-human anime characters that deserve some love.

Non-Human Anime Characters That Steal the Show

Ditch the mundane and embrace the extraordinary with this list of the Best Anime With Non-Human Main Characters. Who knows, you might even find a new spirit animal (or robot) to root for!

High-End – My Hero Academia

non human anime characters - High-End - My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia’s High-End was undeniably the strongest of his kind, posing a serious threat to the world. In an attack against Endeavor, he almost overwhelmed the hero with ease.

Created from the spliced remains of various heroes and villains, High-End boasted multiple Quirks, giving him an unparalleled advantage.

High-End was a formidable foe with the ability to morph his limbs into steel-like barbs, fly, and regenerate from nearly any attack that didn’t disintegrate him atom by atom.

But his strength was not just limited to his Quirks; he was also a viciously intelligent opponent, capable of outsmarting even the most skilled Pro Heroes.

Rod Reiss – Powerful Non Human Character – Attack On Titan

Rod Reiss Is A powerful Non- Human Character

In Attack on Titan, when Historia declined to eat Eren, Rod Reiss took things into his own hands. He underwent a startling transformation into a colossal 120-meter behemoth by consuming the leftover titan serum. However, he ceased to be human since he was not a shifter.

Despite being mindless, the Reiss Titan was an incredible force, capable of generating steam that made it difficult to approach. Scouts worried that if left unchecked, it would demolish the wall in mere minutes.

Meruem – Hunter X Hunter

Meruem - Hunter X Hunter

The Chimera Ants had highly anticipated the arrival of Meruem in Hunter X Hunter, and the King did not disappoint. As soon as he was born, he launched a global invasion, conquering the NGL with extreme violence.

Meruem’s immense power allowed him to slaughter dozens of people in the blink of an eye, making him nearly invincible against any Hunter.

Even seasoned veteran Isaac Netero struggled to injure him, despite having ample time to prepare.

Despite Meruem’s unmatched speed, power, and durability, he had one weakness – poison. Netero cunningly exploited this shortcoming, sealing his fate with a low-level nuclear bomb.

Kars – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Kars - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Kars, the leader of the Pillar Men and the mastermind behind the infamous Stone Mask, is on a quest to further evolve and attain immunity to the sun’s rays. To achieve his goal, he seeks the Red Stone of Aja to bolster his Masks, leading him to battle against the Hamon users for its possession.

He ranks 1st among all the Pillar Men, thanks to his immense power and intelligence.

As the inventor of the Stone Masks and Vampires, Kars remains one of the most influential characters in the series.

His creation has significant ramifications for numerous major players, including Dio Brando, the Joestar Family, and the Zeppeli Family.

Alucard – Hellsing

Alucard - Hellsing

Being a vampire, Hellsing’s Alucard is a perfect example of a powerful non-human anime character. Even the most powerful conventional weapons did not affect him, and very few monsters in the Millennium Organization could pose a threat against him.

Despite being up against holy weapons like those wielded by Alexander Anderson, Alucard’s sheer pressure in battle made them only minimally effective.

With the ability to unleash shadow hounds or overpower enemies with raw strength, he only stumbled when Schrödinger drugged him. Even then, Alucard woke up from his thirty-year trance and returned to action.

The Demon King – Seven Deadly Sins

The Demon King - Seven Deadly Sins

In Seven Deadly Sins, the primary antagonist was the Demon King, an ancient primordial force that existed as long as the Earth. He had defeated Meliodas and Ban for thousands of years in the underworld.

The Demon King’s unique quality was his balance of brawn and magic, which made him particularly terrifying.

His strength was comparable to Escanor at his peak, and he possessed magical abilities rivaling those of Merlin and the Supreme Deity.

Furthermore, the Demon King displayed a degree of cunning, demonstrated by his ability to take possession of the bodies of Meliodas and Zeldris at different times.

Satoru Mikami – That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Satoru Mikami - That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Satoru Mikami met his demise while shielding a colleague from a knife attack. He was subsequently reincarnated as an unremarkable blue slime in a fantasy world.

With the assistance of the powerful dragon Veldora and a new identity as Rimuru Tempest, he had to adapt to his new existence and the world around him.

Fortunately, he could assimilate and imitate the form and abilities of anything he touched, aiding his journey.

Although That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is known for its inexplicable plot points, Rimuru’s popularity as the protagonist is well-deserved.

Kaguya – Naruto

Kaguya - Naruto

Kaguya belonged to the Otsutsuki Clan in Naruto and served as the series’ main antagonist. Her teleportation abilities gave her significant control over the battlefield, and she could easily move her adversaries to any desired location.

She also possessed bone spikes, a rare and powerful attack that could destroy heavily fortified targets.

Despite her formidable abilities, Kaguya had vulnerabilities. She lacked durability, and the same physical laws applied to her and her enemies in the realms she transported them to.

For instance, she struggled to move around in that space despite transporting Team Seven to the gravity dimension.

Retsuko – Aggretsuko

Retsuko - Aggretsuko

The 2018 Netflix series centers on Retsuko, a bashful red panda striving to succeed in a universe populated by anthropomorphic animals. Her office work is grueling, and she experiences a lack of respect and fortune in her love life.

Retsuko relies on death metal karaoke sessions after work to alleviate her stress.

While the series’ humor is its primary asset, Retsuko’s gradual growth serves as its emotional core.

Observing her gain self-confidence, assertiveness, and closer relationships with her friends makes it one of the most heartwarming anime productions of 2020.

Satan – Devilman Crybaby

Satan - Devilman Crybaby

In Devilman Crybaby, Satan emerged and launched an invasion that no one could halt. Demons clashed against Earth’s bravest defenders, while Satan engaged in a decisive battle with Akira, which would determine the planet’s fate.

The conflict extended across continents and even galaxies, highlighting the strengths of both combatants.

The battle was incredibly intense, so much so that it tore the very fabric of the Earth apart. In the end, Satan emerged as one of the rare anime villains to defeat the hero, claiming victory over a shattered world devoid of any life.

However, he ultimately discovered the emptiness of his conquest after realizing that no one was left to challenge him.

Legoshi – Beastars

Legoshi - Beastars

Legoshi, a tall and lean wolf, may seem intimidating. Still, he is, in fact, a kind-hearted and affectionate character, making him one of the finest slice-of-life anime protagonists.

After a tragic incident involving his bunny friend, Haru, in which he nearly consumed her, Legoshi commits himself to safeguard animals weaker than himself and despises the notion of violence.

Beastars is set in a world where carnivores and herbivores coexist, with carnivores like Legoshi being categorized as impulsive and aggressive monsters. The series’ plot is centered on the unsolved murder of a young herbivore, with Legoshi as the prime suspect.

It falls on him and his peers at Cherryton Academy to identify the true culprit.

Kaido – One Piece

Kaido - One Piece

One of One Piece’s four emperors, Kaido, was arguably the most dominant and feared pirate on the high seas. His oni lineage, which made him one of the few surviving members of his almost extinct race, accounted for his extraordinary strength and resilience.

Kaido’s skin was impenetrable, so even Luffy’s Gear Four attacks could not break through it. Moreover, he could defeat most opponents with a single blow, including the Straw Hat crew, the Scabbards, and even Oden himself.

Although Kaido didn’t rely on sneaky tactics, his near-indestructibility and overwhelming offensive capabilities enabled him to adopt a more straightforward approach to battle.

Zeno Is The Best Powerful Non-Human – Dragon Ball

Zeno Is The Best Powerful Non-Human - Dragon Ball

Despite his lackluster appearance, Zeno was undoubtedly the most dominant character in Dragon Ball. As the “Omni-King,” he reigned supreme over the entire multiverse.

Zeno’s immense power was such that he could manipulate time and obliterate entire universes without batting an eye.

Although he typically displayed indifference towards mortal life, he once destroyed six universes in a fit of rage.

Regrettably, Zeno’s inability to comprehend the severity of his actions implied that he might repeat them unless someone could appeal to his limited sense of humanity.

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