The Ginyu Force Exposed: Little-Known Facts

The Ginyu Force: An Elite Squad of Mercenaries in Frieza’s Army and Key Antagonists of the Namek Saga in Dragon Ball Z.

Discover the Surprising Similarities between the Ginyu Force and Super Sentai Teams! From their color-coordinated warriors and iconic battle poses to their supernatural abilities and roll calls, the Ginyu Force borrows much from these legendary Japanese superhero teams.

And as it turns out, these similarities may stem from a very personal place – Akira Toriyama’s son’s love for the Super Sentai series!

Join us as we uncover the fascinating connections between these two epic franchises.

The Ginyu Force Uncovered

Get ready to face the might of the Ginyu Force! As one of the most dominant mercenary units in the world of Dragon Ball, they struck fear into the hearts of countless races across the universe.

With evil emperor Frieza as their leader, the Ginyu Force embarked on a mission to conquer planet after planet and prove their strength.

But who are these warriors that make up the notorious Ginyu Force?

Get ready to meet the strongest fighters in Universe 7.

Captain Ginyu

Captain Ginyu

The fearless Captain Ginyu leads the notorious Ginyu Force! This elite mercenary unit’s strongest member packs a punch with a power level of a whopping 120,000, as confirmed by his trusty sidekick Jeice.

But, what sets Captain Ginyu apart is his signature move – the ability to switch bodies with his opponent with a well-timed beam. Who knows what body is truly his original one?

Enter Goku, who crashes the party and foils Ginyu’s body-switching scheme by tossing a frog into the beam’s path. This defeat may have put Ginyu down for the count, but he still pops up in Dragon Ball Z as a cameo…as a frog.


Burter - ginyu force pose

Meet Burter, the massive powerhouse of the Ginyu Force, second in strength only to the captain himself, Ginyu. He’s not just big and strong; he’s also got some great speed to show off, earning him the fitting moniker “The Blue Hurricane.”

When Frieza calls upon the Ginyu Force to help him gather the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek and secure immortality, they don’t hesitate to act. And when it comes time to demonstrate their skills, Burter steals the show.

He snatches a Dragon Ball right out of Vegeta’s hands with lightning-fast reflexes.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Burter watches in awe as Vegeta takes down his teammate Guldo, and then he sees his other comrade, Recoome, absolutely decimate Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin.

It’s an unforgettable display of strength and speed from the Ginyu Force’s largest and fastest member.


Guldo - ginyu force members

Guldo is a quirky and spherical member of the notorious Ginyu Force! With his light green skin, two small eyes like a human’s, and two massive eyes on his head, he’s a unique sight to behold.

He may be short, but don’t underestimate him; he’s part of the elite Ginyu Force.

Guldo dons a sleek white version of Frieza’s army armor, with the iconic Ginyu Force symbol proudly displayed on his chest plate. But, his head structure poses a challenge, as he can’t wear the scouter like his fellow soldiers.


Jeice - dragon ball ginyu force

Jeice is the fiery and stylish member of the Ginyu Force! With his bright red skin, striking white hair that cascades down to his hips, and white eyebrows, he’s a sight to behold.

Standing at an average height, Jeice cuts a sharp figure in his sleek white battle armor, complete with the iconic Ginyu Force logo on his chest plate. He’s always dressed to impress, with a black jumpsuit, white gloves and boots, and a cool green scouter.

Though he may not be as tall as the tallest member, Burter, Jeice is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Recoome - ginyu force

Get ready to meet Recoome, the most flamboyant and entertaining member of the notorious Ginyu Force! This guy loves to strike a pose, giving even Captain Ginyu a run for his money.

But don’t let his comical antics fool you; Recoome is a sadistic genius who takes pleasure in his enemies’ suffering. He’s a big guy with a big personality, betting candy and playing rock-paper-scissors to determine his opponents.

While other members of the Ginyu Force may be more calculated, Recoome is more of a dim-witted bully who revels in taunting his foes and playing mind games. On and off the battlefield, Recoome is a force to be reckoned with!

Frieza And The Force

dragon ball ginyu force

As a team of mighty warriors feared throughout the universe, the Ginyu Force struck terror into the hearts of countless beings while serving in Frieza’s army.

So powerful were they; they were considered second only to Frieza himself!

And as the only ones in the Frieza Force who were respected and not looked down upon by the mighty emperor, the Ginyu Force held a special place of honor in Frieza’s army. But, unfortunately for Frieza, the era of the Ginyu Force has come to an end.

Their Abilities

Embrace the Fury of the Ginyu Force! This elite team boasts members with exceptional abilities that make them feared in the Frieza Force.

From Guldo’s psychic prowess, Recoome’s unparalleled toughness, Burter’s breakneck speed, and Jeice’s devastating Ki strikes, the Ginyu Force is a force to be reckoned with.

Remember their leader, Captain Ginyu, who elevates their power even further with his impressive might and game-changing ability to switch bodies.

Ginyu Force And Vegeta

The mighty Ginyu Force took on Vegeta on the battlefield of Planet Namek, and at first, they thought they had the upper hand. Little did they know, Vegeta was warming up! He easily took down four out of five members, leaving Captain Ginyu as the only survivor.

But even Ginyu wasn’t enough to withstand Vegeta’s might, as he was eventually defeated by the prince of all Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super.

Meanwhile, Frieza had a different tale to tell. He credited Goku with taking down the Ginyu Force, convinced that Vegeta didn’t have what it takes to defeat them.

But when Goku coolly admitted to beating them, it only solidified Frieza’s suspicions that Vegeta was a force to be reckoned with.

Their Headquarters

the ginyu force

In the exciting world of Dragon Ball, the Ginyu Force operates from their very own HQ located on Planet Frieza 79.

They’re not just any ordinary villains; they have the advantage of having Frieza’s soldiers at their beck and call, handling all the nitty-gritty details and logistics.

When it’s time for the Ginyu Force to launch into action and conquer new planets, or when Frieza calls for their services, these soldiers are always ready to lend a helping hand. We saw this in the epic Namek Saga of Dragon Ball Z.

But what became of Planet Frieza 79 after the Ginyu Force met their downfall remains a mystery…for now. But don’t worry; we’re sure the future holds some juicy details about their ultimate fate.


The Ginyu Force is widely regarded as the most formidable and skilled fighting team in the galaxy at the time of their introduction in the series.

King Kai considers them the most fearsome group in the universe, with a power level estimated at 40,000 or higher, five times stronger than Goku before his training on Planet Namek.

Their exceptional power has enabled them to successfully tackle challenges to Frieza’s empire and universal domination that no other force could handle.

The captain of the Ginyu Force, Ginyu, possesses the highest power level among them with a maximum of 120,000.

Burter, Jeice, and Recoome are also at a similar level, estimated at least 40,000, five times greater than Goku on Earth.

Meanwhile, Guldo is the physically weakest member, who was overpowered by Krillin, whose power level at the time was over 10,000.

Ginyu asserts that the Ginyu Force is second only to Frieza in terms of power and that no one in the universe, apart from Frieza, would be capable of defeating them. However, their power pales in comparison to beings stronger than Frieza, such as Beerus, Whis, Shin, Dabura, Innocent Buu, Kid Buu, and Cell.

They are also outmatched by Frieza’s relatives, like King Cold and Cooler.

During the Other World Saga, the Ginyu Force (excluding Ginyu) has increased their power dramatically while in Hell, which surprises Frieza that Goku was able to defeat them so easily.

Where Did Their Names Come From?

Akira Toriyama took his dairy puns to a new level by naming the infamous Ginyu Force.

From the creamy captain Ginyu, to the cheesy Jeice, buttery Burter, and the whip of a guy Recoome.

And let’s remember Guldo, the yogurty one.

And keep me from starting on Bonyu, the gang’s newest member who brings the dairy goodness straight from the tap.


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