Top 10+ Anime Characters Obsessed with Black Dress Attire

Anime characters who love to dress in black include Misa Amane, Nana Osaki, Saki Hanajima, Kankuro, Tatsumaki, and Ayato Kirishima.

Move over, fashion police! When it comes to wearing black, these anime characters are guilty of looking downright stylish.

While everyone has their fashion sense, these guys and gals make wearing all black look effortlessly cool. So, if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, look no further than these dark fashionistas.

After all, a black dress goes with everything – especially when these anime characters wear it.

Anime Characters That Wear Black

Anime characters come in all styles – some wear uniforms that scream discipline, while others don superheroes’ flashy attire or the ominous garb of villains.

But a particular group of anime characters have a monochromatic obsession and prefer to don a single color over anything else.

Among them, the true fashionistas wear black – from head to toe. So, whether you’re in the mood for a bold statement or a mysterious aura, these anime characters have covered you in black.

Misa Amane Wears A Black Dress – Death Note

Misa Amane Wears A Black Dress - Death Note

Misa Amane’s stunning black dress, with lacy stockings and gloves, is an unforgettable anime fashion moment. It’s a look that’s so iconic even non-anime fans can recognize it.

Amane has an eye for fashion and flaunts numerous beautiful dresses, but her little black dress with lacy accents is inseparable from this complex character.

Speaking of complexity, Death Note is a standout anime series known for its haunting and thought-provoking storyline, sparking endless debates among fans. The show’s ability to deliver brilliant twists and turns has made it an all-time favorite, and rightly so.

With an incredible blend of mystery, suspense, and drama, Death Note delivers an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Tomura Shigaraki Dresses In Black – My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki Dresses In Black - My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki, the villainous character from My Hero Academia, usually wears dark clothing, primarily black, as part of his simple villainous outfit, except for his bright red sneakers that resemble Izuku’s shoes.

His attire includes: 

  • A dark blue-black V-neck shirt.
  • Black pants.
  • A black hoodie.
  • His signature severed hands.

Tomura’s preference for dark attire reflects his connection to his formidable mentor, All For One, who wears a black suit with a white shirt and a black helmet, similar to Darth Vader’s.

Although Tomura does not wear a mask and is not fond of suits, he follows his mentor’s example by adopting black clothing as his preferred style.

Nana Osaki Loves Black – Nana

Nana Osaki Loves Black - Nana

Nana Osaki’s fashion sense, which is edgy and dark black, is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime outfits among fans who adore replicating it. What makes her attire so distinctive is that it is a regular contemporary outfit that Nana elevates with her unique style and personality.

In the anime, Nana is the lead singer of a punk band called Black Stones, and her life takes a turn when she encounters another girl named Nana.

Despite being opposites, the two become inseparable friends and roommates. The show boasts impressive fashion and emotional storylines that viewers can relate to, just like the two lovable protagonists.

Azami Nakiri – Food Wars!

Azami Nakiri - Food Wars!

The main antagonist in the culinary anime series Food Wars! is Azami Nakiri—the cunning and calculating father of Erina Nakiri, the lovable tsundere.

In contrast to his daughter’s fashion sense, Azami’s attire primarily consists of dressing in black colors, regardless of the weather, and he even wears black gloves.

Azami’s signature look involves donning all-black clothing, from his dark gray shirt and drab tie to his black suit jacket and coat, which perfectly complements his black hair and equally somber eyes.

His entire appearance exudes a sense of malevolence and villainy.

Kirito – Sword Art Online

Kirito - Sword Art Online

Kirito, the protagonist of Sword Art Online’s video game, is recognized as the “black swordsman” due to his frequent preference for black attire, with a few exceptions. This moniker parallels Guts, the bleak antihero of Berserk, who wears a black cape and wields an oversized sword.

While Kirito isn’t nearly as grim as Guts, he can be somewhat melancholic and lacks charisma. Nevertheless, he fights resolutely to liberate everyone from Aincrad and other virtual realms.

Kirito also possesses the ability to dual-wield swords, which enables him to triumph over the game’s most formidable boss battles.

Kankuro Dresses In Black – Naruto

Kankuro Dresses In Black - Naruto

Kankuro, a character from Naruto from the Hidden Sand Village, consistently wears all-black attire, including a hat with cat-like ears, despite the scorching desert climate.

Although Kankuro doesn’t seem bothered by the heat, he occasionally switches his violet face paint.

Kankuro’s proficiency in puppet jutsu, a rare form of ninjutsu that enables him to manipulate lethal puppets crafted from wood and metal loaded with weapons, is his standout skill. He even defeated Sakon and Ukon of the Sound Four using his puppets, much to Kiba’s surprise.

Saki Hanajima – Fruits Basket

Saki Hanajima - Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket tends to sport vibrant and colorful outfits. At the same time, her peculiar friend Saki Hanajima prefers to dress in Gothic-style all-black clothing, reminiscent of Misa Amane.

Although Saki adheres to the standard girls’ uniform at school, she promptly switches to the darkest attire once she reaches home.

Saki’s all-black clothing represents her tendency to isolate herself and her unease towards her supernatural abilities. It is her way of atoning for her past mistakes; she even wears black nail polish to match her clothing.

Tohru has grown accustomed to Saki’s appearance, but her attire might seem unsettling for anyone encountering her for the first time.

Tatsumaki – One-Punch Man

Tatsumaki - One-Punch Man

In One-Punch Man, Tatsumaki is a formidable superhero who holds the 2nd rank among the S-ranked heroes in the Hero Association, highlighting her exceptional abilities.

Despite her grumpy and arrogant tsundere demeanor, Tatsumaki is entirely devoted to protecting the world from monsters and villains. She shares a minor rivalry with Saitama, who tends to steal her thunder.

Tatsumaki’s attire comprises an all-black dress with a high collar and a slit up the side, dark high heels, and minimal accessories. Although her hero costume is not the most striking, Tatsumaki’s heroics speak volumes about her character, far surpassing the significance of her clothing or verbal retorts.

Lan Fan Wears Black – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lan Fan Wears Black - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lan Fan, one of the two bodyguards of prince Ling Yao in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, along with her grandfather Fuu, has no expertise in alchemy. However, she possesses extensive training as an assassin and, alongside her Amestrian allies, was willing to confront the homunculi in battle.

During combat, Lan Fan wore a mask, black clothing, and armor, with black boots and fingerless gloves, making Edward Elric assume she was a man until her mask was removed.

In the later part of the series, Lan Fan loses her arm but replaces it with an automail prosthetic in time for the final battle.

Ayato Kirishima Fashion Trend Is Black – Tokyo Ghoul

Ayato Kirishima Fashion Trend Is Black - Tokyo Ghoul

Ayato, the brother of Touka Kirishima in Tokyo Ghoul, wholeheartedly embraced his ghoul nature and rejected any need to blend into human society. As a result, Ayato allied himself with the Aogiri Tree ghoul organization and served as a punkish antagonist who clashed with Touka and Ken.

Although Ayato later reformed himself in Tokyo Ghoul, he maintained his penchant for black clothing, a common preference among ghouls who gravitate towards dark clothing and punk fashion.

Ayato’s attire often includes black face masks during battle, further accentuating his preference for the darker aesthetic.

Zeref Dragneel – Fairy Tail

Zeref Dragneel - Fairy Tail

Zeref Dragneel, the malevolent wizard from Fairy Tail, is, in fact, Natsu’s long-lost brother. Zeref longs to reunite his family regardless of the cost others must pay. Despite Natsu’s strong familial values, he cannot condone Zeref’s methods, forcing the two brothers to engage in a fight.

Zeref’s attire predominantly comprises black hues, including a high-collared coat and black boots that match his dark hair.

Although his outfit features some yellow and white accents, it is undeniably one of the darker outfits in anime.

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