A Tribute to Anime’s Most Iconic Older Men

Old man anime characters we can’t forget include Master Roshi, Shiro Fujimoto, Van Hohenheim, Isaac Netero, and Kakashi Hatake.

Even though they have aged, these seasoned anime characters possess incredible power that should not be underestimated. Their strength and abilities, honed over the years, are a testament to their resilience and determination.

Their unparalleled expertise and skill become evident when faced with adversaries, proving they are not to be taken lightly or trifled with.

Wrinkles and Wits: Anime’s Wise and Witty Older Men

The powerful older man archetype embodies this popular theme in anime. These characters often exhibit unusual quirks and unique personalities. Although they may appear unremarkable initially, their astonishing strength leaves a lasting impression when they get serious.

Few can stand in their way during these moments. This archetype has led to the creation of several absurdly powerful old men in the anime franchise.

Lord El-Melloi II (Fate Series) – Age: 100+ (in spirit)

Lord El-Melloi II - anime old man

While not technically over a hundred years old physically, Lord El-Melloi II from the Fate series carries the spirit of the ancient King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, within him. As a magus and a professor, El-Melloi II is a respected figure in the world of mages. His connection to Gilgamesh grants him knowledge and experience spanning millennia.

Lord El-Melloi II’s refined, sophisticated demeanor is often offset by his occasional bouts of dry humor and sarcasm.

Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho) – Age: 100+

Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Genkai, the wise and powerful psychic from the Yu Yu Hakusho series, mentors the protagonist, Yusuke Urameshi. Over a hundred years old, she possesses vast knowledge and experience, which she uses to guide Yusuke on his journey.

Genkai’s no-nonsense attitude and tough-love approach to mentorship have endeared her to fans of the series. Despite her stern exterior, she occasionally displays a softer side and a sharp sense of humor.

Genkai’s age and wisdom make her a vital figure in Yusuke’s life, and her character remains an essential part of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Hatori Hanzo (Samurai Champloo) – Age: 100+

Hatori Hanzo (Samurai Champloo)

The elusive Hatori Hanzo from the Samurai Champloo series is a master swordsmith whose legendary blades are coveted by warriors far and wide. At over 100 years old, Hanzo remains a master of his craft, creating swords imbued with the spirits of those who have wielded them.

Though he keeps a low profile, Hanzo’s dry wit and intelligence shine through when interacting with others. A living legend in his own right, Hatori Hanzo’s enigmatic presence and subtle humor make him an intriguing addition to any scene.

Isaac Netero (Hunter x Hunter) – Age: 110+

Isaac Netero (Hunter x Hunter) - anime old guy

Isaac Netero, the 12th chairman of the Hunters Association in the Hunter x Hunter series, is a legendary martial artist and nen master. At 110 years old, Netero is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit. His age has only served to hone his skills, making him one of the most powerful fighters in the series.

Netero’s playful and unpredictable personality is often at odds with his advanced age, making him a captivating character.

Zeno Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter) – Age: 110+

Zeno Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter) - old man anime characters

Zeno Zoldyck is a master assassin and head of the notorious Zoldyck family in the Hunter x Hunter series. Over 110 years old, this silver-haired, sharp-eyed gentleman has seen and done it all. His vast experience as an assassin and strategist makes him a formidable adversary to anyone who dares cross his path.

Despite his dangerous profession, Zeno has a surprisingly amiable personality. He never shies away from cracking sarcasm or dry jokes, even in battle. Zeno’s combination of lethal skill, cunning intellect, and unexpected charm make him a truly unforgettable character.

Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Series) – Age: 300+

Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Series) - old anime men

Hailing from the iconic Dragon Ball series, Master Roshi is the wizened martial arts master who trained the ever-popular Goku. A legendary figure in his own right, Roshi is over 300 years old and still has plenty of tricks. Despite his age, he remains a skilled fighter, able to hold his own against much younger opponents.

However, Roshi isn’t just about physical prowess; he’s also quite the character. His mischievous and perverted nature often lands him in hilarious situations, adding a touch of comic relief to the series.

Nero (Black Clover) – Age: 500+

Nero (Black Clover)

Black Clover, a fantasy magic anime, chronicles Asta’s quest to become the Wizard King. As he joins the Black Bulls under Captain Yami, a bird named Nero accompanies him. Nero is Secre Swallowtail, a servant to Prince Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, the first Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, whom she encased in a statue using her remarkable sealing power.

In their bird form, Swallowtail is 500 years old. Yet, when reverting to her human form, she resembles a 17-year-old girl and joins the Black Bulls alongside Asta and Noelle.

Lord Yakumo (The Morose Mononokean) – Age: 1000+

Lord Yakumo (The Morose Mononokean)

Lord Yakumo, the Executive, captivates audiences as an enigmatic character in The Morose Mononokean series. This powerful yokai has lived for over a thousand years, accumulating extensive knowledge about the supernatural world. Yakumo skillfully masters the Mononokean, a mysterious tea room that bridges the human realm and the Underworld.

Demonstrating a stern yet wise demeanor, Lord Yakumo earns respect from humans and yokai alike. He possesses unparalleled insight into the supernatural world, and his sporadic witticisms inject unexpected humor into his otherwise serious character. As the series progresses, Yakumo’s multifaceted persona emerges, enhancing his allure as a figure in the anime.

Black Zetsu (Naruto Shippuden) – Age: 1000+

Black Zetsu (Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto showcases one of the most brutal wars in anime. Black Zetsu represents the tangible evidence of Kaguya Otsutsuki’s will. Madara initiated the Fourth Ninja World War to conquer and reshape the shinobi world based on his principles. Yet, Madara merely follows Black Zetsu’s orders.

Designed to endure for years, Black Zetsu is a formless entity with the sole purpose of reviving its creator, Kaguya. During Naruto Shippuden’s events, Black Zetsu masquerades as Madara’s will, enabling him to launch the war. Although his exact age remains unknown, Zetsu has lived for thousands of years.

Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen) – Age: 1000+

Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen breathes new life into shonen anime with its refreshing perspective. The series showcases a diverse cast of characters, from the serious Kento Nanami, who treats his jujutsu sorcerer work as a 9-to-5 job, to the carefree Gojo Satoru.

Ryomen Sukuna, the most popular cursed spirit among fans, boasts an estimated age of over 1000 years. As the jujutsu world acknowledges him as the most ancient and, therefore, the most formidable cursed spirit, they actively take steps to keep him under control.

Esidisi Of The Flame – Age: 92,000+

Esidisi Of The Flame - old man anime

The upcoming seasons of the anime generate excitement among fans. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure actively dazzles audiences with its flamboyant heroes and terrifying villains. Esidisi of the Flame, a worthy contender, ranks among the many villains already encountered and defeated in the series.

Estimated at around 92,000 years old, Esidisi surpasses all other Pillar Men in strength, except for Kars, the Stone Mask’s creator. He, alongside the remaining Pillar Men, battles JoJo and other Ripple users to capture and harness the immense power of the Red Stone of Aja.

King Piccolo (Dragon Ball) – Centries Old

King Piccolo (Dragon Ball)

King Piccolo, also known as the Great Demon King Piccolo, is a major antagonist in the Dragon Ball series. He is an evil Namekian, a race of alien beings, and was once one with the wise and benevolent Kami, the Guardian of Earth. However, Kami decided to separate the evil within himself to purify his spirit, resulting in the creation of King Piccolo.

King Piccolo’s age is not explicitly mentioned in the Dragon Ball series. However, considering that he was sealed away for centuries before being released, it can be inferred that he is several hundred years old at the time of his appearance in the series.

List of 25 of The Oldest Known Anime Characters

Below is a compilation of 25 characters known for their remarkable ages across different anime series. It is important to note that some pages may be approximations or estimates based on the information provided in the series:

  1. Zeno (Dragon Ball Super) – Age: Immeasurable (exists outside of time)
  2. Lord Beerus (Dragon Ball Super) – Age: Over 200 million years
  3. Kars (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) – Age: Over 100,000 years
  4. Esidisi (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) – Age: Approximately 92,000 years
  5. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer) – Age: Over 1,000 years
  6. Ryomen Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen) – Age: Over 1,000 years
  7. Lord Yakumo (The Morose Mononokean) – Age: 1,000+
  8. Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins) – Age: Over 3,000 years
  9. Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto Shippuden) – Age: Over 1,000 years
  10. Ban (The Seven Deadly Sins) – Age: Over 1,000 years (immortal)
  11. Tuck (One Piece) – Age: Over 500 years
  12. Secre Swallowtail (Black Clover) – Age: 500 years (in bird form)
  13. Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) – Age: Over 400 years
  14. Father (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) – Age: Over 400 years
  15. Zeref Dragneel (Fairy Tail) – Age: Over 400 years
  16. Mavis Vermillion (Fairy Tail) – Age: Over 100 years (physically 13)
  17. Ubuyashiki Kagaya (Demon Slayer) – Age: Over 100 years
  18. Shinobu Kochou (Demon Slayer) – Age: Over 100 years
  19. Kyoujurou Rengoku (Demon Slayer) – Age: Over 100 years (as a demon)
  20. Tōsen Kaname (Bleach) – Age: 100+ (implied)
  21. Fuhrer King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) – Age: 100+ (in spirit)
  22. Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho) – Age: 100+
  23. Isaac Netero (Hunter x Hunter) – Age: 110+
  24. Nyanta (Log Horizon) – Age: 100+ (in-game)
  25. Bondrewd (Made in Abyss) – Age: Unknown, but centuries-old

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