The Best Kodomomuke Anime You Need To Watch

Popular Kodomo anime titles include Doraemon, Pokemon, and Hi no Tori. Kodomo anime is a great way to introduce children to anime.

The Kodomomuke genre has lately been forgotten, and people now refer to it as kid’s shows, with most of the shows made just for young kids; these shows are filled with lots of cute, adorable, and teachable moments.

Most of the Kodomomuke shows being released are sequels to old popular shows like Doraemon, Pokemon, and Beyblade, but we get a new show now and then.

Kodomomuke means “for children” and can describe any media, from manga to television series, but it is most commonly used for Anime.

Kodomomuke Anime

Kodomo anime often features “magical” elements such as magical creatures like Pokémon or mystical powers like those seen in Doraemon. Kodomomuke genre Anime typically follows the adventures of main characters who gain special powers or magical items to help them in their quests.

So, here is the list of the top Kodomomuke shows that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

1. Doraemon


Doraemon is an iconic character in Japan, loved by children and adults alike. He’s a blue robotic cat from the future with a magic pocket full of gadgets that help him solve problems and make dreams come true. Doraemon’s wacky adventures have been entertaining people since 1969, and he continues to bring smiles to faces worldwide.

Most people who aren’t Asian haven’t heard much of this wonderful kid’s show, but those who have, remember Doraemon with fondness.

The series is hands down one of the most memorable shows of all time, and while the series is old. There are still new installments yearly for people who grew up watching it.

The story is exciting, the characters are entertaining, and the dynamic between these characters makes the series, so fun to watch.

The adventures with Doraemon are always the highlight of the series; his futuristic gadgets make for a fun plot.

2. Astro Boy

Astro Boy

Astro Boy’s incredible powers and indomitable spirit make him one of the most beloved characters in pop culture. Without a doubt, Astro Boy inspires us all, showing us that no matter how impossible a situation may seem, there’s always hope if you never give up!

For most people, he was the entryway to the mecha genre; his fighting style against the evil forces and his cool sci-fi features made it all seem to cool.

The series’ story was a decent one, a robot born with a human heart and emotions, he was initially created to replace Professor Tenma’s dead son, but his responsibilities were far too great.

Every moment of the show was entertaining, and it knew how to keep the audience engaged with those fluent animations.

3. Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On

Monster Hunter Stories is a simple yet fantastic adventure into the unknown; our characters are set on an experience to tame monsters and find ways to coexist.

The series does have a fantastic kid show vibe; the environment is all drawn so beautifully with great attention to detail to let the viewer immerse themselves in it.

The characters make the series so enjoyable; all of them are unique in ways like an MMORPG, and every character plays a different role in helping each other.

And let’s remember the animation quality during combats against the monsters; the quality is top-notch for a kid’s show.

4. Pokemon


Pokemon is an iconic series; there isn’t a kid who hasn’t heard of or seen it at least once; the world of Pokemon is vast, and every kid dreams of owning a pokemon.

Despite the series being so old, the franchise is going strong with no end in sight; the series has plenty of spin-off series with new pokemon evolutions and somewhat different storylines.

The story of Pokemon is still loved and adored by millions of fans worldwide, the story of Ash first meeting Pikachu and continuing his journey of becoming the best pokemon trainer.

The series has given us plenty of unique characters and memories that are impossible to forget.

Interesting Pokemon Fact 1: Some of the most popular pocket monsters have a secret power called “Hidden Ability.” These special abilities often give Pokémon an edge over its competitors.

5. Youkai Watch

Youkai Watch

The world of Yokai and spirits has always been sacred in the Japanese culture, and they’ve produced many great shows to portray that; Yokai watch was a perfect entryway for young fans.

The story is incredibly entertaining with plenty of fun plots; the characters are blasted with their unique personality and hilarious antics that make the series a great watch.

The art style is perfect for a kid’s show, the characters are drawn wonderfully, and their designs perfectly portray their styles.

The series is filled with plenty of unique characters, including the eccentric humans and diabolical Youkai that make the series more immersive.

6. Digimon


Digimon was the earliest Isekai anime I remember before the Isekai theme blew up, and now it’s everywhere.

The story is captivating. From the start, a group of seven children is transported to a completely different world known as the “Digital World,” where they fight strange creatures and find their way back home.

The animation was always fascinating; The Digimon evolutions and their battles were so fun to watch it made the combat scenes more impactful.

The touch of music made the fight scenes more astonishing; the soundtracks always excited the fights.

7. Tottoko Hamtaro

Tottoko Hamtaro

And how can anyone forget the most iconic hamster ball? It was one of those shows that will always remind you of your childhood.

You could perceive the story of Hamtaro from so many different angles, be it the heroics of never giving up, the power of friendship, or teamwork. Hamtaro has it all.

The show is the perfect blend of cuteness and everything else mixed in, and while the episodes have a non-linear storyline, it makes the story more memorable.

Hamtaro’s adventures of leaving his cage, meeting up with his friends, and going on strange adventures were always entertaining.

8. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home

Nothing to look at here, just an adorable kitty living her best life with a loving family; although the series is made for kids, it’s an excellent watch for anyone who loves cats.

Who knew watching a cat’s daily life could be so entertaining that it makes you forget everything else? Chi is a sweet and adorable cat; she loves exploring and meeting other pets, not dogs.

If I have to pick the most memorable thing about the series, it has the opening theme, it’s catchy, and it certainly gets you excited to watch Chi.

9. Bananya


Who wouldn’t like a bunch of banana cats running around and going on cute adventures with their friends? The series has it all.

It’s like you are slapped with cuteness; every episode is literally filled with candy and lots of drama with every character.

The characters in Bananya are one of a kind; despite not saying a word, they separate themselves from others and tell their story, which is always good.

The animation quality is what you would expect for a kid’s show, the backgrounds feel hand-drawn, and only the cats are animated.

10. Kaiden Restaurant

Kaiden Restaurant

You’d expect a simple premise and flat storyline from a show that is mainly targeted toward the kid demographic, but it certainly has psychological elements and some unimaginable plots.

It can be challenging to keep track of what is going on when the show gets a bit too psychological, but it doesn’t detract from its enjoyment.

The show revolves around the same plot; something weird happens, and the trio of friends sets out and investigates it, ultimately helping the supernatural creatures.

The series puts effort into its storytelling, making this show fun to watch.

11. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is the most amazing magical girl anime; the series is a fun adventure of a simple school girl who stumbles on a magical book of cards and accidentally scatters them around town with a gust of wind.

The story is engaging from the get-go; it gives the main character an objective to follow and the story revolves around it, which is good as you always know the goal.

Many moments give you strong shoujo anime vibes as the series focuses on the characters and their relations.

However, regardless of the demographic, the series is entertaining nonetheless and a good watch for anyone wanting to enjoy some light-hearted action.

12. Layton Mystery Tanteisha

Layton Mystery Tanteisha

Layton Mystery is an adventure series about solving unusual mysteries; the series is quite entertaining with every plot and keeps the focus on the objective.

The show’s simple premise is what makes it so exciting; the series does a great job of storytelling and revealing the secrets of mysteries.

The overall environment regarding the animation really helps the viewer immerse themselves in the world and solve the mysteries along with them.

The most fantastic thing about the series is the art style; it does give the series a mysterious antique vibe and helps develop the mysteries.

13. Beyblade


Who could forget the most amazing show of our childhood, the series set the trend for these Beyblades around the world, and back then, everyone was spinning these like crazy.

The story was similar to Pokemon regarding the main character and how he trains to become the best Beyblade master.

Most shows from years back lacked animation, but that was never the case with Beyblades, you could feel the momentum picking up during a fight, and it would get you excited.

The characters are simple; their personalities match their looks, which helps the kids understand those characters better.

14. Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends

A series like Kemono Friends is a hidden gem, and it takes some time to get used to the awful CGI; however, it doesn’t take away from the joy and excitement of this series.

Though the animation could be much better due to the CGI, there is so much more to it than just animation alone, which is why it was most popular in the winter of 2017.

It’s a simple yet exciting adventure into the world of animal girls; they often meet someone and help solve their problems.

The series slowly builds the world around these characters and continues pulling the viewer into the immersive world of Kemono Friends.

15. Crayon Shin-chan

Crayon Shin-chan

If you have yet to see Crayon Shin-chan, you’re missing out on one of the hilarious kid’s shows of all time; the series is a blast to watch with so many nonsensical and sometimes questionable plots.

Every episode is a different adventure, and Shinnosuke is always up to something, be it sumo wrestling for love or forgetting his friend during a hide-and-seek game.

The series is targeted at young kids, but there is a lot of adult humor in almost every episode, which can be somewhat strange but is portrayed from a child’s innocence.

The series’s characters are hilarious, and their dynamic often makes for hilarious moments.

I hope you like this list of the most popular and trending Kodomomuke anime that will give you strong nostalgia. If you feel I still need to include a series, let me know in the comments.




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