Grim Reaper Anime That’ll Make You Die Laughing

The top grim reapers in anime include The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Death Note, Hell Girl, Bleach, Soul Eater, Grell Sutcliff, and Rinne Rokudō. Pop culture has portrayed countless interpretations of the grim reaper or similar death personifications.

The concept of death taking shape and confronting individuals in their final moments is one we love to explore, leading to various forms.

Anime’s personifications of death are often unconventional. Even when resembling aspects of the Grim Reaper or Shinigami (death gods), these characters possess unique backgrounds, designs, abilities, and personalities.

Grim Reapers in Anime: Their Roles and Powers

Frequently, anime death personifications are formidable warriors, Shonen-anime fighters whose soul-reaping skills rely on their battle prowess. Although not always the case, death in anime often manifests as someone or something compelling.

Arbiters – Death Parade

Arbiters - Death Parade

While most Grim Reapers solely extract souls, the Arbiters must evaluate the recently deceased with some of the best fantasy games in anime. The souls deemed deserving enter the cycle of reincarnation, but those deemed beyond redemption are condemned to nothingness forever.

Like Black Butler’s Reapers, each Arbiter has a distinct approach to their task, maintaining interest in otherwise repetitive plots. Decim strives to be a fair judge despite struggling to comprehend human emotions and motives. In contrast, jaded Arbiters like Ginti loathes humans and enjoy deceiving them into extinguishing their souls.

Kanade Tachibana – Angel Beats

Kanade Tachibana - Angel Beats

Kanade Tachibana, also known as “Angel,” in Angel Beats!, may not be as renowned as other death personifications on this list. Nonetheless, she is one of the most intriguing and powerful characters.

In Angel Beats!, the afterlife is a school where Kanade is the student council president. She assists students in coping with their post-death concerns. While not explicitly stated, Kanade is the Shinigami of this world, and we can classify her among the other grim reapers. Kanade is almost indestructible and possesses various offensive and defensive capabilities.

Shinigami – Naruto

Shinigami - Naruto

Shinobi use Summoning Techniques as crucial tools in their arsenal. These techniques can call upon animal companions or powerful monsters in Naruto, the most challenging and terrifying being the Shinigami. This eerie figure wields a tantō blade instead of a scythe, and its appearance always signifies a soul’s loss.

In numerous tales, humans converse with the Grim Reaper to negotiate requests or deals, attempting to change the natural course of death. These interactions often result in varying degrees of success and frequently come with dire consequences.

Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff - Grim Reaper in Anime

Grell Sutcliff stands out by kicking off the list with a unique, non-battle-focused entry. This eccentric, flamboyantly violent grim reaper conspires with Jack the Ripper, revealed to be Angelina Dalles (the main protagonist’s aunt), to harvest the souls of her victims.

Although Grim Reapers in the world of Black Butler possess limited power, Grell’s bloodthirsty, ruthless nature threatens anyone who crosses their path, especially when wielding their death scythe chainsaw. Nevertheless, Grell doesn’t quite measure up to the other entries on this list regarding skill or power.

Rinne Rokudō

Rinne Rokudō - anime with grim reaper in it

Next, we have Rinne Rokudō, the half-human, the half-Shinigami protagonist of Kyōkai no Rinne. He leads a relatively everyday life apart from his death-god duties. Although Rinne isn’t much of a fighter, his abilities surpass Grell’s.

Rinne can exorcise souls and help them pass on, like most Shinigami or Grim Reapers. Additionally, he possesses the power of flight, impressive scythe-fighting skills, and an invisibility cloak for blending in with humans. He can also unleash a potent wind attack using money, which is as effective as intriguing.

Requiem from the Darkness – The Grim Reaper as a Trio of Supernatural Investigators

Requiem from the Darkness - The Grim Reaper

Requiem from the Darkness showcases a trio of supernatural beings called the Ongyou, who act as a collective Grim Reaper-like force in the series. The Ongyou includes Mataichi the Trickster, Nagamimi the Shape-shifter, and Ogin the Puppeteer, who investigate and punish those committing heinous crimes, often adding a dark twist.

This series, a collection of horror stories, delves into the darkest aspects of human nature. The Ongyou serve as both investigators and enforcers of justice. Their unique blend of supernatural abilities, moral ambiguity, and connection to the afterlife creates a compelling reinterpretation of the Grim Reaper archetype in a dark, atmospheric setting.

Momo: The Girl God of Death – A Childlike Grim Reaper

Momo - The Girl God of Death - A Childlike Grim Reaper

Momo: The Girl God of Death, also known as Shinigami no Ballad, features a childlike Grim Reaper named Momo, a young girl dressed in all white. Alongside her talking cat, Daniel, Momo is a god of death, guiding departed souls to the afterlife.

This series touchingly and emotionally explores life, death, and the human condition through episodic stories. Momo’s innocence and empathy enable her to connect with the people she meets, providing comfort and understanding in their last moments.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride – A Gentle Grim Reaper

The Ancient Magus' Bride - A Gentle Grim Reaper

The Ancient Magus’ Bride uniquely and gently portrays a Grim Reaper through Elias Ainsworth. As a powerful magus, Elias is a mysterious, skull-headed creature with a mysterious past. He brings in the protagonist, Chise Hatori, as his apprentice and later his bride. Chise is a young girl who can see supernatural beings.

Although not a traditional Grim Reaper, Elias shares many features with the archetype. These include his skull-like appearance, magical powers, and ties to the supernatural world. His bond with Chise helps him explore and comprehend human emotions and mortality.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride provides a heartwarming, romantic twist on the Grim Reaper theme, showing how love and compassion can bridge the divide between life and death.

Hell Girl – The Grim Reaper as a Vengeful Spirit

Hell Girl - The Grim Reaper as a Vengeful Spirit

Hell Girl takes a unique approach to the concept of the Grim Reaper by introducing Ai Enma, the titular Hell Girl, as a supernatural being who helps people exact vengeance on their tormentors. When someone accesses the Hell Correspondence website at midnight and submits the name of the person they seek revenge upon, Ai Enma and her assistants carry out the request, damning the target’s soul to hell.

Ai Enma’s character is a haunting and enigmatic figure, embodying both the qualities of a Grim Reaper and an avenging spirit. Her duty to ferry souls to hell is paired with the emotional burden of witnessing the darkest aspects of human nature.

Hell Girl provides:

  • A chilling perspective on the Grim Reaper archetype.
  • Exploring the themes of vengeance.
  • Suffering.
  • The consequences of seeking retribution.

Death Note – A New Take on the Grim Reaper

Death Note - A New Take on the Grim Reaper

Death Note takes a different approach to the Grim Reaper concept by introducing the Shinigami, or gods of death, as otherworldly beings who bestow their powers onto humans. The protagonist, Light Yagami, stumbles upon a notebook belonging to the Shinigami Ryuk. This Death Note allows him to kill anyone whose name he writes, setting off a dangerous game of cat and mouse between Light and the authorities.

Death Note offers a fresh take on the Grim Reaper archetype, blending suspense, psychological warfare, and thought-provoking themes. The series introduces viewers to various Shinigami with unique personalities and motives. These characters not only serve as a reminder of the terrifying power of the Death Note but also provide an exciting contrast between the moral compass of humans and the gods of death.

Black Butler – A Grim Reaper with Style

Black Butler - A Grim Reaper with Style

Black Butler offers a Victorian-era take on the Grim Reaper concept with its character, Grell Sutcliff. Grell is a flamboyant and eccentric Grim Reaper who initially serves as an antagonist before becoming a recurring character in the series. Equipped with a death scythe disguised as a chainsaw, Grell represents a new spin on the traditional image of a Grim Reaper.

Grell’s complex character development showcases the struggles of balancing duties as a Grim Reaper with personal desires and emotions. Black Butler’s portrayal of the Grim Reaper is a blend of dark humor, elegant aesthetics, and heartfelt exploration of identity, making it a standout addition to the anime world.

Bleach – The Soul Reapers

Bleach - The Soul Reapers - anime teenage boy in grim reaper

One of the most iconic examples of Grim Reapers in anime is the Soul Reapers, or Shinigami, in the hit series Bleach. These powerful beings are responsible for maintaining the balance between the world of the living and the spirit world. Equipped with supernatural powers and weapons, known as Zanpakuto, Soul Reapers fight evil spirits called Hollows and guide souls to the afterlife.

This exploration of the afterlife and the moral complexities of the Soul Reapers’ duties make Bleach a captivating series with a grim twist. The protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, unexpectedly acquires Soul Reaper powers and is thrust into a world of a supernatural conflict. As the series unfolds, viewers are introduced to a complex hierarchy within the Soul Reaper society and the dark secrets that lurk beneath its surface.

Soul Eater – The Grim Reaper as a Benevolent Figure

Soul Eater - The Grim Reaper as a Benevolent Figure

Soul Eater uniquely represents the Grim Reaper, portraying him as a benevolent and somewhat comical figure. In this series, Lord Death, also known as Shinigami-sama, is the founder and headmaster of the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA). The academy trains weapon meisters and their living weapon partners to collect the souls of evil beings and maintain balance in the world.

Unlike many other depictions of the Grim Reaper, Lord Death is shown to be a caring and nurturing figure, guiding the students of DWMA on their journey to becoming skilled fighters. His character design, with a cartoonish skull mask and large, expressive hands, adds a lighthearted touch to the otherwise dark theme of the series.

Soul Eater’s portrayal of the Grim Reaper as a force for good provides a refreshing contrast to more ominous interpretations.

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