Cartoon Characters with Big Heads and Foreheads

Iconic cartoon characters with big heads include The Head, Stewie Griffin, Betty Boop, Mr. Mackey, Glenn Quagmire, Shin Chan, and Doraemon.

The creators and illustrators deserve all the credit for discussing cartoon characters with big heads. After all, aren’t these characters more entertaining than those with a conventional head size?

These characters often depict exaggerated emotions and personality traits, such as Blossom from “The Powerpuff Girls,” who is known for her impulsive and energetic nature.

The exaggerated features of cartoons are a common theme, including big heads, as seen with this week’s focus on big-headed characters and last week’s article on characters with big eyes.

Cartoon Characters With Big Heads

The big heads of these cartoon characters bring their unique personalities to life hilariously and whimsically. These oversized heads help to emphasize their distinct character traits, making the show even more entertaining.

And let’s not forget that the contrast of their large heads with small, disproportionate bodies only adds to these beloved characters’ exaggerated features and humor.

The Head

The Head - cartoon character with a big head

This show stands out the most regarding cartoon characters with big heads. A science-fiction animated television series created by Eric Fogel for MTV is called The Head. MTV’s Oddities label originally aired the science-fiction mini-series between 1994 and 1996, followed by The Maxx. On December 15, 2009, the series was released on DVD.

Betty Boop

Betty Boop - female cartoon characters with big heads

Introducing Betty Boop, the trailblazing cartoon character with a head as big as her personality! This legendary icon made her debut in 1930, created by Max Fleischer, and quickly became a fan-favorite with her oversized head and charming appeal.

In animation, Betty Boop stood out with her unique and distinct look, thanks to her oversized head. Her big head was a nod to the iconic flapper style of the 1920s, complete with big eyes and a small nose, capturing the youthful and carefree spirit of the era.

Betty Boop’s larger-than-life head was only the beginning of what made her a beloved character.

Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin - Football Head cartoon Character

Stewart Gilligan Griffin is one of the most famous cartoon characters with big heads. He has froggy eyes, a large football head, and a few hairs on top despite only being a year old.

Along with Stewie’s impeccable English, he also has an advanced vocabulary and an upper-class accent.

Pinky and The Brain

Pinky and The Brain

Pinky and The Brain are two cartoon characters who are both well-known for their big heads. Created by Tom Ruegger and first appearing on the animated television show “Tiny Toon Adventures,” Pinky and The Brain later spun off into their series in 1995.

Their distinct personalities are emphasized by their contrasting head sizes, with Brain’s large head representing his intellect and Pinky’s small head emphasizing his innocence and good nature.

Their big heads also make them visually distinctive and recognizable, even to those unfamiliar with the show.

Mr. Mackey

Mr. Mackey

An American adult animated sitcom, South Park features a fictional character named Mr. Mackey. This character is voiced by series co-creator Trey Parker and first appeared in season one’s “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo.” Mr. Mackie is one of those characters with a tall, slim body and big head.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a fictional character who displays insensitive and ignorant behavior but also shows loyalty and a good heart. Viewers admire Peter because of his love for Lois, Meg, Chris, and Stewie. His favorite foods are beer and chicken, and he frequently says, “What the heck?!?” Peter works at the fictional brewery Pawtucket Patriot, which has also become an iconic feature of his character.

Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire - cartoon characters with big heads and small bodies

Another popular character with a big head is Glenn Quagmire, a sexually-obsessed, predatory neighbor of the Griffins. Glenn often goes unpunished despite his aggressive behavior and troubling views on consent.

Cleveland Big Jr.

Cleveland Big Jr.

The Cleveland Show, a spin-off series of Family Guy, features Cleveland Orenthal Brown Jr. Cleveland Orenthal Brown Jr. appears in both series. Loretta Brown’s ex-husband Cleveland Brown has a son named Cleveland Brown.

He was depicted as skinny and hyperactive on Family Guy. Still, he has undergone a notable transformation on The Cleveland Show due to gaining weight and developing a more subdued personality.

Shin Chan

Shin Chan

Next on the list of characters with big heads is Shin-chan. Yoshito Usui wrote and illustrated the manga series Crayon Shin-chan. Futabasha’s Weekly Manga Action magazine published the book in 1990 for the first time.



Hey Arnold! Fourth-grader Arnold lives in a Hillwood, Washington, tenement with his grandparents. Craig Bartlett created the show as an animated comedy. Nickelodeon first aired on October 7, 1996, ending on June 8, 2004.

During the episodes, he and his friends deal with problems encountered in urban life. However, many episodes focus on characters other than the main character. These include secondary characters, supporting characters, and even minor characters.


Genie - blue cartoon character with big head

By far one of my favorite cartoon movies. Aladdin, whose magical oil lamp released the Genie, inspired the phrase “genie in a lamp” or “genie in a bottle”, coined by the titular character in the collapsed Cave of Wonders. Genie explains that he can grant three wishes, and Aladdin, knowing that he cannot get out of the cave without using one of those wishes, dupes him into giving and freeing Aladdin and Abu.

Beavis and Butt-Head

Beavis and Butt-Head

Mike Judge created Beavis and Butt-Head, a dimwitted duo that first appeared on MTV in 1993. The show follows their antics as Beavis and Butt-Head wreak havoc and get into misadventures in Highland, Texas.

Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron

Goddard, a robot dog, lives with Jimmy Neutron, an eleven-year-old boy genius, and his parents, Judy and Hugh, in Retroville. He has a long-term rivalry with Cindy Vortex, an intelligent classmate who teases him for being short, and Carl Wheezer is also overweight and hyperactive.



Shrek is another character with a big head. A green ogre with antisocial tendencies and a strong sense of territoriality, Shrek loves the solitude of his swamp. Many fairy-tale creatures are exiled from Shrek’s swamp by the dwarfish Lord Farquaad of Duloc.

After becoming enraged by the intrusion, Shrek decides to visit Farquaad and demand they leave. As he tries to find Duloc, he reluctantly allows the talkative Donkey, who was also exiled, to accompany him.



Behind a bookcase in his bedroom, Dexter conceals a secret laboratory accessible only by spoken passwords or hidden switches. He is a bespectacled boy-genius.

Despite being highly intelligent, Dexter often fails to achieve his goals due to overexcitement and carelessness. Dexter speaks with an accent of unknown origin, despite coming from a typical American family.



The Cartoon character Tweety was created by Warner Bros. animation studio. With his innocent appearance and high-pitched voice, Tweety has become an iconic character since he first appeared in 1942’s “A Tale of Two Kitties.” Due to his small size and innocent demeanor, he can still outwit more prominent antagonists, such as Sylvester the Cat.



The adventures of young Dora, her monkey Boots, her Backpack, and other animated characters are featured in “Dora the Explorer.” Each episode follows Dora on an adventure inside a vibrant computer world.

Scrappy Doo

Scrappy Doo

Hanna-Barbera Productions created Scrappy-Doo in 1979 as a fictional Great Dane puppy with catchphrases like “Scrappy Dappy Doo,” “Lemme at ’em!” and “Puppy Power!”. He is the nephew of Scooby-Doo, a Hanna-Barbera cartoon character.

Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are The Powerpuff Girls, a trio of superheroes. Professor Utonium used sugar, spices, and everything excellent during their creation. Adding Chemical X, however, gave them flight, super strength, and energy projection superpowers.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo - Small Body Large Head

It is well known that Johnny Bravo is an egotistical and womanizing cartoon character. Johnny remains confident despite being rejected by women over and over again.

Although he has a solid muscular physique that often helps him win physical fights, he lacks intelligence and often misunderstands situations.

In contrast, Johnny’s father is rarely present at home, while his mother lavishes her attention on him. Johnny encounters famous characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Elvis Presley throughout his adventures.



Emperor Kuzco (David Spade) describes Kronk Pepikrankenitz (Patrick Warburton), a chef at Mudka’s Meat Hut, and the head delivery boy anxiously anticipating his father’s visit. Kronk’s father has always preferred that Kronk settle down with a wife and a large house on a hill instead of pursuing culinary pursuits he disapproved of.

Edna Mode

Edna Mode

Fashion designer and auteur Edna Mode is half-Japanese, and half-German. As a highly accomplished artist, she is as demanding of others as herself, known for her short stature and habit of calling everyone “dahling.” She believes supermodels are “spoiled, silly little stick figures” because they only show her clothes on perfect catwalks and on supermodels.


Megamind - Blue Cartoon Character

Megamind and Metro Man are aliens sent to Earth as infants by black holes after their planets were sucked into them. Even though they both arrive in Metro City simultaneously, Metro Man grows up in a mansion, while Megamind lives in prison.


Minions - Yellow Cartoon Character

Minions evolved from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn, but they find themselves working for an endless string of unsuccessful masters, from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Napoleon.

The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby

7-year-old Timothy Templeton relishes his parents’ attention but is horrified when he discovers he has a new brother. His first encounter with Boss Baby was in a taxi, wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase. He was crying for attention and food all day and night. Tim grows jealous when he sees Baby behaving and talking like an adult when his parents aren’t looking.

Stan Smith

Stan Smith Big Head Cartoons

Francine Smith, Steve, and Hayley Smith are the children of Stan Smith, an overtly masculine husband and father. It was revealed in “The Kidney Stays in the Picture” that Francine had cheated on Stan during her bachelorette party, but Stan still regards Hayley as his biological child.


Anger from the Inside out

Inside Out features a character named Anger. Riley is experiencing a red emotion, along with Joy, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness, inside her mind.

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward Tentacles

However, this character is from the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob does have a big head. Stephen Hillenburg, a marine biologist and animator, created and designed Squidward.

Susie Carmichael

Susie Carmichael

All Grown Up! stars Susanna Yvonne “Susie” Carmichael, a recurring character from the Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats. As Angelica’s main rival, Susie acts as a deuteragonist to the babies, helping them stand up to Angelica. She acts as a foil to Angelica.



Meet Doraemon, the iconic blue robotic cat from Japan with a head as big as his heart! Created in 1969 by Fujiko F. Fujio, Doraemon is a time-traveling hero who journeys back to the past to assist the young Nobita Nobi.

Doraemon’s big head is a quirky design choice and highlights his gentle and endearing personality. With a round, fluffy appearance, Doraemon’s big head adds an element of cuteness that has made him a fan-favorite for generations.

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