A List of Crocodile and Alligators Cartoon Characters

Crocodile cartoon characters include Louis, Tick-Tock, Killer Croc, Wally Gator, Crocubot, Captain Crocodile, and Axl and Bull Gator.

Find out what makes crocodile cartoon characters so fascinating! With their alluring presence, these rugged and mysterious creatures have captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences, young and old, for decades.

Let us guide you through the most iconic and memorable crocodile characters in the history of animation. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just starting your journey, prepare for an entertaining and enlightening experience.

Your Favorite Crocodile & Alligators Characters

Experience the softer side of alligators and crocodiles! Don’t let their large teeth and stealthy behavior fool you; not all croc characters are as scary as they seem.

From villainous crocs in anime and Looney Tunes to the cool croc who jams on his trumpet in The Princess and The Frog, there’s a wide range of personalities among these famous cartoon creatures.

Have a look at this list and see if your favorite made it.

Louis – The Princess and the Frog

Louis - The Princess and the Frog

Feature Films: The Princess and the Frog

Meet Louis, the talented alligator trumpet player from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. As one of the main supporting characters, Louis brings good-natured humor and musical talent to the film.

Watch as he befriends Tiana, the film’s protagonist, and joins her on her journey to break the spell and return to her human form.

With his contagious music and laughter, Louis captures the hearts of fans and has become a standout character in The Princess and the Frog.

Tick-Tock – Peter Pan

Tick-Tock - Peter Pan - crocodile cartoon characters

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with the croc who’s always ticking – Tick-Tock from J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan”! This scaly sidekick may be Captain Hook’s go-to in his quest to catch Peter Pan, but don’t let his fearsome appearance fool you.

Despite his limited role, Tick-Tock has left a lasting impression on audiences and has become a cherished part of the Disney adaptation of the “Peter Pan” story.

Vector the Crocodile – Sonic the Hedgehog

Vector The crocodile cartoon character

Meet Vector the Crocodile, the tough and lovable character from the beloved “Sonic the Hedgehog” franchise! This green, muscled crocodile runs his detective agency and is known for solving the toughest of cases.

First introduced in “Sonic Heroes,” Vector quickly captured the hearts of fans with his rough-and-tumble exterior and his heart of gold.

But what sets Vector apart is his musical talent – he’s a master saxophonist who adds a jazzy beat to everything he does!

King K. Rool – Donkey Kong Country

King K. Rool - Donkey Kong Country

As the primary antagonist in the “Donkey Kong Country” franchise, King K. Rool dominates as king of the Kremling tribe – a group of crocodile-like creatures.

He constantly plots to steal Donkey Kong’s coveted banana hoard and delights players with his comically villainous personality, rotund belly, and evil schemes that never seem to succeed.

Despite his repeated failures, King K. Rool continues to captivate players and stands as one of the most beloved video game villains of all time.

Killer Croc – DC Universe

Killer Croc - DC Universe

Killer Croc is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. In comics, he is often depicted as a formidable opponent to Batman due to his reptilian traits.

Born with a genetic condition that gave him scaly skin and sharp teeth, Killer Croc has used his fearsome appearance to become one of Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals.

Killer Croc is a staple of the Batman rogues gallery and has appeared in numerous comic books, TV shows, and video games.

Master Croc – Kung Fu Panda Series

Master Croc - Kung Fu Panda Series

Master Croc, a wise and experienced martial arts master from the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise, trains young warriors at the Jade Palace. Despite his rough exterior, this large and formidable-looking crocodile possesses a compassionate and nurturing nature.

Master Croc earns the respect of his fellow teachers and stands among the greatest Kung Fu masters in the world of the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise.

Brutus and Nero – The Rescuers

Brutus and Nero - The Rescuers

Get ready to meet the two baddest crocs in Disney animation! Brutus and Nero are the pet reptiles of the notorious Madame Medusa in the 1977 classic, The Rescuers.

These two are the epitome of fear, wreaking havoc and causing chaos wherever they go. But their loyalty to Madame Medusa is unshakable.

And as for Mr. Snoops? Let’s just say Brutus and Nero don’t exactly show him any love. With their ferocity and strength, these two crocs are the ultimate secondary antagonists in the film.

Captain Crocodile – Robin Hood

Captain Crocodile - Robin Hood

Get ready to meet one of Disney’s most devious villains – Captain Crocodile! This fearsome pirate is a force to be reckoned with in the classic film “Robin Hood.”

As a loyal enforcer for the main villain, Prince John, Captain Crocodile is tasked with carrying out the prince’s evil plans.

But don’t let his loyalty fool you – this croc has his ambitions. Captain Crocodile is depicted as cunning and resourceful, always looking for a way to further his goals.

Leatherhead- Ninja Turtles

Leatherhead- Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ characters come in all shapes and sizes.

From the wise and mentor-like Splinter to the wild and unpredictable Rocksteady, each character brings a unique personality and story to the franchise.

One such character is Leatherhead, a mutant alligator who first appeared in the 1987 animated series. He was once an average alligator living in the Louisiana bayou but was transformed into a mutant by exposure to toxic waste.

Wally Gator

Wally Gator

Get ready to meet the life of the swamp, Wally Gator! This friendly and adventurous alligator is always up for a good time and is never afraid to take on a challenge. Despite his mischievous nature, Wally is a well-meaning and big-hearted friend to all who cross his path.

From navigating the murky waters to finding his way out of sticky situations, Wally always manages to come out on top.

But it’s not just his talents that make Wally a beloved character. He is a fun-loving alligator who always puts a smile on the faces of those around him.

Ben Ali Gator – Fantasia

Ben Ali Gator - alligator cartoon characters

Ben Ali Gator adds humor and lightheartedness to the “The Rite of Spring” segment of Disney’s 1940 animated film Fantasia.

He dances and has fun, wearing a fez and playing the drum, as a playful and carefree alligator. Despite his minor role, he is a memorable part of the “Fantasia” experience and is beloved by fans of the film.

Ben Ali Gator breaks up serious moments with his comical presence and continues to captivate audiences today.

Derick – The Secret Life of Pets

Derick - The Secret Life of Pets

Derick is a minor character in the 2016 animated film The Secret Life of Pets. He is a crocodile who is portrayed as a friendly and good-natured pet, despite his fearsome reputation as a predator.

In the film, Derick is well-liked by the other pets due to his kind and gentle nature.

Throughout the film, Derick is depicted as a supportive friend and is always there to lend a helping hand to his fellow pets. He is a lovable character who adds a touch of humor and heart to the film.

Roger – The Penguins of Madagascar

Roger - The Penguins of Madagascar

Roger, a character in “Penguins of Madagascar,” starts as the penguins’ arch-nemesis but evolves into an ally.

He is a formidable, cunning villain, always looking for ways to outsmart the penguins. Despite his tough exterior, he has a soft side and a sense of humor.

Roger is a central character known for his larger-than-life personality and memorable catchphrases. He adds humor and excitement to the franchise and is a fan favorite.

Crocubot – Rick & Morty

Crocubot - Rick & Morty

Meet Crocubot, the fierce cyborg crocodile of the Rick and Morty universe! This menacing member of the Galactic Federation may have a fearsome appearance, but he’s got a heart of gold.

Crocubot is the ultimate loyal soldier, always trying to capture and detain the galaxy’s most dangerous individuals.

But don’t let his robotic enhancements fool you; this cyborg is surprisingly naive and gullible. The contrast between Crocubot’s brawny exterior and innocent personality adds a quirky touch to the show.

Get ready to laugh and be amazed by this fearless force of nature!

Gabby Gator – Woody Woodpecker Show

Gabby Gator - Woody Woodpecker Show

Gabby Gator is a mischievous alligator in the Woody Woodpecker Show. This animated series, produced by Walter Lantz Studios, casts Gabby as the villain, always trying to cause trouble for Woody Woodpecker and their friends.

But despite his evil intentions, Gabby’s slow, deliberate speaking style and bumbling, forgetful demeanor add a comedic twist to the show. He may be slow, but Gabby is still cunning and persistent in pursuing Woody.

Gabby Gator is a familiar and beloved character in the Woody Woodpecker Show, providing humor and conflict for the main cast.

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