30 Fan Service Anime Series

Must-watch fan service anime includes shows like Food Wars, Fairy Tail, Seven Deadly Sins, Sekirei, Maken-ki, and Infinite Stratos.

While many anime titles sprinkle in fan service, specific Shonen series particularly wield it with a heavy hand. The reception among anime watchers hasn’t always been positive, but fan service has evolved into an essential part of the experience for some series.

Fan Service serves the audience in fictional shows by providing precisely what they crave. It caters to fans’ desires, delivering the precise visuals, sounds, and impressions they seek.

Fanservice Anime Shows that Spice Up the Genre

You’ve landed in the hub of anime teeming with fanservice. If we’ve overlooked any great shows or if there’s a new fanservice anime ripe for addition, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Some of these fanservice wonders, including Freezing and Heaven’s Lost Property, are available on Netflix.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma – A Culinary Clash!

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Som

Feast your eyes on the culinary battleground that is “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma.” Here, the stakes are high, the flavors intense, and the fan service delectably saucy! It’s not your average school drama – think ‘Iron Chef’ with a slice of high school life.

Food and anime fans alike, you’re in for a treat! Our protagonist, Soma, whips up dishes so divine they tend to – ahem – ‘overwhelm’ his taste testers. Trust me; you’ll blush brighter than a beetroot at the hilarious overreactions.

High School DxD – An Ecchi Extravaganza

Next stop, we dive headfirst into the realm of demons and angels with “High School DxD.” The plot is laden with unexpected twists that keep you glued to the screen. Savor a spicy mix of fantasy, action, and, let’s not forget – an ample dose of fan service.

From scantily clad celestial beings to intense battles, this anime keeps the heart racing – one way or another. Be warned, though; this show isn’t for the faint-hearted!

Kill la Kill – Fashionably Fierce

Ragyo Kiryuin – Kill la Kill

On to “Kill la Kill,” a series that slices through mediocrity with a giant pair of scissors. Ryuuko Matoi’s quest for revenge takes center stage in this action-packed anime. You might think, “What’s fan service got to do with a revenge plot?”

Well, let’s say the power comes from, quite literally, wearing your heart on your sleeve (or less). It’s a visual thrill ride like no other. Though the outfits are skimpy, they’re matched with equally audacious personalities and jaw-dropping fight scenes.

Fairy Tail – Magic and Mayhem

Fairy Tail

“Fairy Tail” whisks us into a world brimming with magic, camaraderie, and – you’ve guessed it – fan service! We follow the enchanting guild of Fairy Tail through epic battles and heartwarming friendships, all while enjoying some titillating character designs.

Despite its cheerful veneer, the series doesn’t shy away from darker undertones, adding depth to the story. For those who appreciate fan service with a hearty adventure, “Fairy Tail” should top your list.

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls – A Monstrous Delight

Monster Musume

For the grand finale, brace yourselves for the unique charms of “Monster Musume.” Picture everyday life with a fantastical twist – living with beautiful monster girls. The storyline is as compelling as it is comical, with a generous helping of fan service to keep the laughter rolling.

Each episode invites a new, quirky character, making every day a monstrous delight. As you navigate this bizarre slice of life, you’ll find it’s strangely easy to relate to these enchanting creatures.

Seven Deadly Sins – Sinfully Alluring

Seven Deadly Sins - shounen anime characters

For those seeking an adventure rich with drama, humor, and, yes, a tempting amount of fanservice, we present “Seven Deadly Sins.” It’s a thrill ride set in a fantastical world where knights, magic, and mythical beasts reign supreme.

The series balances thought-provoking themes and enticing character designs, ensuring anime fanservice lovers will be more than satisfied. From Diane’s playful teasing to Ban’s irresistible charm, each sin brings a unique flavor to the fanservice feast. A series that knows how to keep the heart pounding!

No Game No Life – Gaming Galore

No Game No Life

Step into a world where life’s all about the games in “No Game No Life.” When two shut-in gaming prodigies are sucked into a game-ruled universe, fan service and adventure unfold as you’ve never seen before. The vibrant visuals, brain-twisting games, and teasingly sensual character designs are an anime fanservice dream come true.

As our sibling protagonists outsmart gods and races alike, you’ll root for their victories as much as you admire the captivating fan service.

Prison School – Serving Time Has Never Been So Fun

Prison School – Serving Time Has Never Been So Fun

“Prison School” takes the fanservice anime genre and cranks it up to 11! When a group of boys finds themselves in an all-girls school’s prison block, expect a wild ride chock full of laughs, tears, and risqué situations.

Underneath the layers of fan service, an engaging storyline and well-crafted humor keep you hooked. It’s a guilty pleasure that tops the charts for best fanservice anime.

Highschool of the Dead – Apocalypse with a Twist

Highschool of the Dead Will We See a Season 2 or 3

Add a dash of horror to your anime fanservice with “Highschool of the Dead.” When a zombie apocalypse hits, it’s up to a band of high school students to fight their way out.

This anime checks all boxes with vivid action scenes, intense drama, and ample fanservice. It offers an enticing blend of horror and fanservice that, although unusual, delivers an unmatched viewing experience.

Free! – Serves Both Ways

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club - anime school boys

Anime fanservice isn’t just for the boys; “Free!” flips the script and serves a delightful display of ‘manservice.’ We’re talking chiseled abs, smoldering glances, and an adorable brotherhood among the swim team members.

It’s a refreshing take on fanservice anime that celebrates athletic beauty and friendship bonds. This one’s for all the fans who appreciate a more balanced serving of fanservice in their anime!

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? – Adventure Awaits

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

Take a deep dive into the dungeons with “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” also fondly known as ‘DanMachi.’ Our charming hero, Bell Cranel, embarks on a quest to become the greatest adventurer while dealing with an interesting mix of goddesses, warriors, and magic.

With every character more enchanting than the last, this show packs a punch in plot and anime fanservice. It’s a delightful blend of fantasy, adventure, and fanservice that keeps viewers returning for more.

Ikki Tousen – Battle Royale with a Twist

Ikki Tousen – Battle Royale with a Twist

“Ikki Tousen” delivers a high-octane experience full of epic battles and plenty of fanservice. The concept? As reincarnations of ancient Chinese warriors, high school students engaged in fierce duels. But these aren’t your average schoolyard skirmishes.

Each fight is a flashy spectacle with outfits that, let’s say, aren’t quite battle practical. If a mashup of history, martial arts, and fanservice sounds like your cup of tea, this anime won’t disappoint!

Rosario + Vampire – A Supernatural Affair

Rosario + Vampire – A Supernatural Affair

Join Tsukune Aono as he enters a world of vampires, witches, and monsters in “Rosario + Vampire.” As the only human in a school for supernaturals, he becomes quite the spectacle, especially among the female students.

While sprinkled with humor and supernatural adventures, the storyline also offers much fanservice. It’s a fun watch for those who love a supernatural setting with a side serving of saucy scenes.

To LOVE-Ru – Hilarious Harem Hijinks


“To LOVE-Ru” puts a unique spin on the harem genre, combining elements of sci-fi, comedy, and a heavy dose of fanservice. Rito’s ordinary life turns wild when a deviluke princess suddenly appears in his bathtub.

What follows is a cascade of comedic chaos and compelling scenes that have secured its place among the best fanservice anime.

Maken-ki! – Fighting School with a Difference


“Maken-ki!” offers a unique blend of action, harem, and fanservice in a battle school setting. Takeru enrolls in a school where students wield special abilities known as ‘Maken.’

Little did he know, it’s also an all-girls’ school. You’re in for a roller coaster of action-packed fanservice as he navigates through supernatural battles and swooning schoolgirls. A must-watch for fanservice anime lovers.

Keijo!!!!!!!! – A Sport Like No Other


Talk about an unconventional sport! “Keijo!!!!!!!!” introduces a world where female athletes use their, erm, ‘assets’ to knock competitors off floating platforms. As outrageous as it sounds, the anime packs a surprising punch, delivering intense battles, well-developed characters, and heaps of anime fanservice.

The show perfectly marries sports drama with fanservice, producing a wild, cheeky, yet genuinely engaging spectacle.

Date A Live – Supernatural Dating Spree

Date A Live

A rom-com with a supernatural twist, “Date A Live” takes us on a hilarious journey where dating is the solution to preventing destructive supernatural events.

The protagonist, Shido, must woo various ‘Spirits’ to save the world, leading to plenty of comedic and enticing situations. With its adorable heroines and ample fanservice, it’s an anime that sets the standard for the genre.

Masou Gakuen HxH – Powered by Ecchi

Masou Gakuen HxH

In “Masou Gakuen HxH,” the world’s fate lies in the power of… intimacy? Yes, you heard right! This ecchi action anime is renowned for its fanservice scenes, each more blush-inducing than the last.

The protagonist empowers his female allies through some “intimate” rituals. While this show might not be for everyone, it’s undoubtedly a top pick for fans seeking a fanservice-heavy anime.

Sekirei – A Battle of Bonds


“Sekirei” takes the battle royale genre and spices it up with a generous serving of fanservice. These superpowered beings – or Sekirei – must find their human partners to reach their full potential.

Our hero, Minato, becomes a bit too popular among these beings. With every episode comes a new twist, more romantic tension, and yes, more fanservice!

Nisekoi – Love Polygon Extravaganza


Last but not least, “Nisekoi” presents a romantic comedy filled with laugh-out-loud moments, tender scenes, and delightful fanservice. As the children of rival gang leaders, Raku and Chitoge must pretend to be lovers to keep the peace.

With multiple love interests and plenty of humorous misunderstandings, it’s a rom-com fanservice anime that will keep you entertained.

Bakemonogatari – Supernatural Slice of Life

Bakemonogatari – Supernatural Slice of Life

“Bakemonogatari” blends mystery, supernatural, and a dash of romance with an exquisite helping of fanservice. The series revolves around Koyomi Araragi, a student with a knack for attracting supernatural beings.

With its unique animation style, memorable characters, and smartly incorporated fanservice, this anime is an unconventional yet compelling watch for any fanservice anime enthusiast.

Queen’s Blade – A Tournament Like No Other

Queen's Blade

Welcome to “Queen’s Blade,” a fanservice anime featuring fierce, beautiful warriors vying for the throne. The strongest woman rules in this land, and the path to the throne isn’t easy.

The series is renowned for its captivating battles, powerful women, and fanservice scenes. For those seeking an anime with strong female characters and fanservice, “Queen’s Blade” is a fantastic choice.

Kanokon – The Fox Spirit’s Game of Love


In the “Kanokon” world, expect a charming blend of romance, supernatural antics, and fanservice. Our hero, Kouta, is a magnet for the supernatural, especially for a certain foxy spirit.

The show offers a delightful mix of innocent love and playful fanservice that fans of the genre will surely appreciate.

Manyuu Hikenchou – A Busty Feudal Era

Manyuu Hikenchou

“Manyuu Hikenchou” takes us back to the Edo period with a twist. In this world, a woman’s worth is determined by her bust size. The series features sword fights, rivalry, and a high degree of fanservice. It’s a series that certainly knows how to keep fans of the fanservice anime genre entertained.

Strike Witches – Flying High with Fan Service

Strike Witches – Flying High with Fan Service

“Strike Witches” is a unique blend of sci-fi, military, and magic genres and a dose of fanservice. The anime presents an alternate Earth where young witches with mechanical leg attachments fight off alien invasions.

While the plot is engaging, the fanservice is equally prominent. So, strap in for high-flying battles and fanservice that takes action to new heights.

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend – Crafting the Perfect Dating Sim

Saekano How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

“Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend” brings a meta touch to the fanservice genre. The series follows Aki Tomoya, an otaku, as he assembles a team to create the perfect dating sim game.

Each character provides unique quirks and talents, which translates into a show packed with humor, drama, and, you guessed it, fanservice. For fans of slice-of-life and fanservice anime, this show is a must-see.

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san – Haunted Hot Springs

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

Unwind at the “Yuragi-sou” hot springs, where our hero, Fuyuzora Kogarashi, resides with the friendly ghost Yuuna. “Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san” expertly blends supernatural elements with comedic situations and plenty of fanservice.

With an array of captivating female characters, each with their charm, it’s a paradise for fanservice anime lovers.

Nagasarete Airantou – Stranded on a Girls’ Island

Nagasarete Airantou

Imagine being stranded on an island inhabited solely by women. This is the premise of “Nagasarete Airantou,” a comedy fanservice anime that takes the ‘desert island’ trope to a new level.

With the sole male character dealing with the attentions of a horde of girls, there are plenty of fanservice opportunities and a lot of hilarity.

So, I Can’t Play H! – Making a Deal with a Shinigami

So, I Can't Play H!

“So, I Can’t Play H!” is a supernatural fanservice anime that’s certainly not for the prudish. When Ryosuke makes a deal with a shinigami, he must maintain his “dirty spirit” to power her up for battles. Cue a series filled with action, humor, and an unapologetic amount of fanservice.

Motto To LOVE-Ru – More Love, More Chaos

Motto To LOVE-Ru

“Motto To LOVE-Ru” continues the hilarity and fanservice of its predecessor, taking Rito’s alien-induced troubles to the next level. As the sequel to “To LOVE-Ru,” it offers triple the fun with three mini-episodes per session, each filled with romantic chaos and fanservice galore.

This sequel is a treat for those who want more of the best fanservice anime action.

Best Fan Service Anime Shows

What is fanservice in anime?

Fanservice in anime refers to elements included primarily to amuse or excite the audience, often with no bearing on the plot. These elements could be suggestive or erotic scenes, humor, violence, or content designed to entertain the viewer.

Does fanservice mean the anime is of poor quality?

Not necessarily. An anime can still have a well-developed storyline and characters alongside fanservice elements. While some believe fanservice can distract from the plot, others enjoy it as entertainment.

Why is fanservice used in anime?

Fanservice is often used to increase viewer engagement and enjoyment. It can make an anime more appealing or memorable to specific audiences. However, the appropriateness and tastefulness of fanservice can vary and is subjective to the viewer.

Is fanservice only limited to erotic content?

While often associated with erotic or suggestive content, fanservice can take many forms. It could include elements of humor, exciting action scenes, or character crossovers from other series – anything that’s added purely for audience enjoyment.

Are there any restrictions or regulations on fanservice in anime?

Yes, many countries have regulations on explicit content, and anime must adhere to these. However, the degree of fanservice allowed varies significantly between regions and broadcasters.

Is fanservice common in all genres of anime?

Fanservice can be found in many anime genres, but its prevalence varies. It’s more commonly found in genres like ecchi, harem, and some shonen anime.

Is there a negative side to fanservice in anime?

As with many media elements, what is considered acceptable or enjoyable can be subjective. Some viewers feel excessive or inappropriate fan service can detract from an anime’s plot or character development. Also, some people find certain types of fanservice offensive or uncomfortable.

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