Laugh Out Loud with Skippy Squirrel, Slappy’s Cheerful Nephew

Get to Know Skippy Squirrel

Meet Skippy Squirrel, the cheerful and energetic nephew of Slappy Squirrel. Skippy is always on the lookout for adventure. He is the opposite of his grumpy and sarcastic aunt Slappy, who is always eager to try new things and have a good time.

Skippy Squirrel is always on the lookout for adventure and is not afraid to jump into any situation headfirst. Whether climbing a tall tree, exploring a dark cave, or even going undercover as a spy, Skippy is always up for the challenge.

Despite his adventurous spirit, Skippy is also known for his kind and compassionate nature. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand to his friends and family, and he never frees away from a good hug.

Animaniacs Skippy Squirrel

• Animaniacs (1993)
• Pinky and the Brain (1995) (1 episode)
• Animaniacs (2020) (1 episode)

Don’t let Skippy’s constant grin and bubbly attitude fool you, folks. This little squirrel is a master of mischief and loves nothing more than pulling pranks on his dear ol’ aunt Slappy and her trusty sidekick.

Sure, he may get into hot water now and then, but that adds to the fun, right?

Like the time he swapped out Slappy’s morning joe with decaf. Oh boy, let’s say Slappy was not amused.

But you know what they say, if you want to make an omelet, you gotta break a few eggs (or, in this case, make your aunt’s head explode from caffeine deprivation).

Skippy’s shenanigans may leave Slappy feeling exasperated, but deep down, she knows he’s just a big softie with a heart of gold. And that’s why she loves him, despite all the trouble he causes.

Despite his mischievous side, Skippy’s heart is always in the right place and ready to make you laugh.

So next time you’re feeling down, think of Skippy Squirrel, the happiest, most adventurous, and sometimes prankster squirrel you’ll ever meet!

Skippy The Squirrel Appearances

  • Theme Song (nonspeaking)
  • Ep1-The Monkey Song (nonspeaking)
  • Ep3-Slappy Goes Walnuts
  • Ep8-Bumbie’s Mom
  • Ep16-Hurray for Slappy
  • Ep27-I Got Yer Can
  • Ep35-Animaniacs Stew (nonspeaking)/Dottie the Squirrel (nonspeaking)
  • Ep36-Critical Condition
  • Ep45-…And Justice for Slappy
  • Ep46-Turkey Jerky (nonspeaking)
  • Ep50-‘Twas the Day Before Christmas
  • Ep51-Branimaniacs/Frontier Slappy
  • Ep58-Smell Ya Later
  • Ep59-Woodstock Slappy
  • Ep62-Scare Happy Slappy
  • Ep64-No Face Like Home
  • Ep65-The Warners’ 65th Anniversary Special
  • Ep70-Nutcracker Slappy
  • Ep71-Three Tenors and You’re Out
  • Ep72-Rest in Pieces
  • Ep73-Gimme a Break
  • Ep74-Method to Her Madness
  • Ep75-The Flame Returns (nonspeaking)
  • Ep79-My Mother the Squirrel/The Twelve Days of Christmas (nonspeaking)
  • Ep80-Gunga Dot
  • Ep81-Soccer Coach Slappy
  • Ep82-The Return of the Great Wakkorotti (nonspeaking)/The Big Wrap Party Tonight (nonspeaking)
  • Ep83-One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock
  • Ep85-Jokahontas/Mighty Wakko at the Bat (nonspeaking)
  • Ep90-Ralph’s Wedding (nonspeaking)
  • Ep92-Dot the Macadamia Nut/Bully for Skippy
  • Ep95-Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 1) (nonspeaking)
  • Ep96-Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 2)
  • Ep97-The Sunshine Squirrels
  • Ep98-The Christmas Tree
  • Ep99-The Scoring Session (nonspeaking)/The Animaniacs Suite (nonspeaking)
  • Ep65 (Pinky and the Brain)-Star Warners
  • Wakko’s Wish
  • Ep5 (Reboot)-Good Warner Hunting (nonspeaking)

Who Played The Voice Of Skippy Squirrel?

Nathan Ruegger performed the voice of Skippy Squirrel. He was an American voice actor, writer, and animator best known for providing the voice of Skippy Squirrel in the animated television series “Animaniacs” and its spin-off “Pinky and the Brain.”

Nathan Ruegger is the son of the series producer Tom Ruegger.

slappy squirrel bully for skippy

skippy the squirrel

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