10 Smartest Characters In One Piece

One Piece has many brilliant characters like Monkey D. Dragon, Crocodile, Sengoku, Doflamingo, Blackbeard, and Vinsmoke Judge.

Much attention is paid to the world-building and storytelling in One Piece. In addition to being a shonen series, the manga also features several powerful characters with interesting abilities. Finding a mangaka who can match Eiichiro Oda’s skills is challenging.

Most of these characters use their physical and devil fruit abilities to defeat their opponents. Characters like these always capture fans’ attention, but physical strength is sometimes needed to win a fight or escape a dangerous situation.

Smartness plays an essential role in such situations. One Piece contains many knowledgeable characters, but only some of them are intelligent.

Smart One Piece Characters

One Piece, the popular manga and anime series, is well-known for its diverse cast of characters.

From the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain Monkey D. Luffy, whose dream is to become the Pirate King, to his crewmates like swordsman Roronoa Zoro and cunning navigator Nami, each character brings their unique skills and personalities to the table.

And let’s not forget about some of the villains in the series, such as ruthless pirate captain Blackbeard and powerful Shichibukai (government-allied pirates) Donquixote Doflamingo.

With so many colorful characters, it’s no wonder One Piece has captivated fans worldwide for over 20 years.

Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon

Affiliation: Revolutionary Army
First manga appearance: One Piece, Chapter 100: The Legend Begins

Dragon leads the Revolutionary Army, which is dedicated to dismantling the corrupt nobility system that allows lower-class citizens to be oppressed by the World Government.

In his homeland, the Goa Kingdom, he considers corrupt nobility to be the same problem, but on a smaller scale. He becomes infuriated when an innocent noble boy like Sabo denounces their self-serving actions.

It is common for Dragon to be seen as serious and business-minded, and he maintains a high level of knowledge about world events to educate his subordinates.



Powers/Skills: Sand-Sand Fruit, Superhuman Strength, Genius Intellect, Poisoning hook

The main antagonist of the Alabasta arc was Crocodile. He devised an incredible plan to eliminate Nefertari Cobra and the rest of the royal family. To sow discontent among the people of Alabasta, Crocodile created the Baroque Works.

Crocodile began putting bounties on the heads of Marines to counter their threat. Unlike his Shichibukai counterpart, Crocodile did not need to use his Shichibukai position to pull the strings for his plan.

Crocodile also created the Cross Guild due to his intellect. In addition, he managed to persuade Dracule Mihawk to join.



First anime appearance: 100 Million Man: World’s Greatest Power and Pirate Blackbeard.
Affiliation: Marines

The Navy’s Sengoku is a veteran who served them for a long time. As a Fleet Admiral, Sengoku had absolute control over the Marines years before One Piece’s storyline.

The Marines wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Whitebeard Pirates without Sengoku’s planning. A quakeproof wall was built to nullify Whitebeard’s power after he lured the Whitebeard Pirates.

After seeing the Whitebeard Pirates put up a great fight, Sengoku even tried to move up the execution time.



First anime appearance: 100 Million Man: World’s Greatest Power and Pirate Blackbeard
Nickname: Heavenly Demon, Heavenly Yaksha

Few anime villains can compare to Doflamingo. As a result of his evil charisma, he was able to win over many fans. Celestial Dragons drove Doflamingo out of Marijoa, and he vowed revenge. His information was used to blackmail them into giving him the position of Shichibukai.

The devil fruit Doflamingo used to take over Dressrosa was carefully planned and executed by him. As a result of the power of his devil fruit, he was able to manipulate King Riku and the others into attacking the common people, who believed the king was mad.

By intervening, Doflamingo prevented Riku from killing the civilians and tricked the commoners. Sugar’s power enabled Doflamingo to quell all usurpers after he became king.

Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law

Nickname: Surgeon of Death
Devil Fruit: Ope Ope no Mi

Another important character in One Piece is Trafalgar Law, also known as the “Surgeon of Death.” He is a strategic and cunning individual who comes up with complex plans that often catch his enemies off guard. His intelligence also allows him to effectively use the power of his Devil Fruit – the Ope Ope no Mi – in battle.

A member of the Worst Generation, Trafalgar Law, is the Heart Pirates captain. Law formed an alliance after the time skip with the Straw Hat Pirates. Alliance members were mainly interested in taking down Donquixote Doflamingo.

As Law knew Doflamingo would not be an easy target, he devised a brilliant plan to defeat him. Following the factory’s destruction on Punk Hazard, he backed Luffy in his fight against Doflamingo.

Kaido couldn’t buy more devil fruits for his crew after Doflamingo died. As a result, the Emperor’s rule effectively came to an end.

6. Blackbeard


First manga appearance: One Piece, Chapter 223: I Promise Never to Fight in This Town
Devil fruit: Yami Yami no Mi, Gura Gura no Mi

Several people believe that Blackbeard will be Luffy’s last opponent, and he has shown many signs of being the final antagonist. Blackbeard has eloquently planned his every move in the past few years and worked around any potential snags.

While he was a member of the Whitebeard Pirates crew, he bided his time. Blackbeard promptly murdered Thatch and stole the Yami Yami no Mi as soon as he got his hands on it.

In exchange for a place in the Shichibukai, Blackbeard sought out Luffy to turn him into the Marines. Ace’s goal was to disrupt Blackbeard’s plans, but he could not do so due to Blackbeard’s immense power.

Blackbeard used his new status to invade Impel Down and free the prisoners after he handed Ace over to the Marines. It is clear from all these things that he is knowledgeable.



First anime appearance: Famous Cook! Sanji of the Sea Restaurant!
Haki power: Kenbunshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, Agility, Superhuman strength

The smartest Straw Hat Pirate is Sanji, a brilliant character. In addition to knowing what ingredients are beneficial, he is a culinary genius who knows how to combine them to make delicious dishes. There are other signs of Sanji’s intelligence outside of fights as well.

As a result of Sanji’s trickery during the Alabasta arc, the Straw Hats were able to be saved. By destroying the Ark Maxim’s machinery, Luffy can slow down Enel and defeat him.

Sanji cleverly altered the Gates of Justice mechanism while everyone was fighting at Enies Lobby so that the crew could escape. Sanji is smart in more ways than one, as evidenced by these examples.

Vinsmoke Judge

Vinsmoke Judge

Affiliations: Vinsmoke Family; Germa Kingdom; Germa 66; MADS (former)

His golden hair reaches his waist, and he is a large man with a long beard. His mustache is long and thin and spikes upwards.

The golden warrior’s helmet has never been seen without him. As a result of his clash with Big Mom, his golden helmet was destroyed.

As a member of MADS, an illegal scientific group, Vinsmoke Judge used to be involved in MADS regularly. The Lineage Factor would give them insight into how life is created, which is what Vegapunk and Judge researched.

After the team disbanded, he eventually created superhumans and clones using the Lineage Factor. His family’s battle prowess was further enhanced by raid suits he made for them.



Haki power: Electrokinesis
Affiliation: Straw Hat Pirates, Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, Arlong Pirates

The Straw Hat crew’s highest IQ is Nami, according to Oda. In terms of cartography and navigation, she is unquestionably skilled. A profound understanding of wind, sea, and several other factors is required for both of these things.

The crew has been able to get out of tricky situations thanks to Nami’s quick thinking on several occasions. During their journey to Whole Cake Island with Luffy and co., she discovered that the homies were scared of Big Mom’s Vivre Card.

Luffy was able to eat Cracker’s biscuits after she soaked them with her Clima-Tact.



Affiliations: MADS (former); Marines (SSG)

There is no doubt that Vegapunk is the most intelligent character in the series. His bodies make him immortal, and they help him get his work done faster.

A person whose intelligence is considered at least 500 years ahead of anybody else would have no problems using it in battle, despite not having been tested amid a battle.

Before being employed by the World Government, Vegapunk worked in the MADS outlaw scientific research team, with notable scientists like Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, and Queen, before he was arrested and eventually integrated into the Marines after their dissolution.


Overall, Smart Characters In One Piece plays an integral role in the story. They are using their intelligence to navigate difficult situations and overcome challenges.

Their unique skills and quick thinking make them formidable opponents and valuable allies, adding an exciting dynamic to the series.

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