7 Most Beloved Zebra Cartoons of All Time

Zebra cartoon characters we all love include classics like Marty from Madagascar, Khumba, Zebstrika, and Ray Razzle from
Chip and Potato.

Welcome, fellow zebra enthusiasts! We’ve rounded up the most impressive black-and-white striped creatures in pop culture history, from the big screen to your favorite video games.

We’re not playing favorites here – every zebra gets a chance to shine, even if they’re not as chatty as their cartoon counterparts.

Hilarious Zebra Cartoon Characters

From loveable sidekicks to comedic relief, these Zebra cartoon characters may not have flashy abilities, but they certainly leave an impression.

Zecora – My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Zecora - My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic

Sex: Female
Residence: Everfree Forest, Zebrat, Farasi

Get ready to explore the magical world of My Little Pony because we’re about to introduce you to the one and only Zecora!

This fashionable female zebra resides in the mysterious Everfree Forest, where she’s known for her impressive potion-making skills that would give even Snape a run for his money.

Despite not possessing magical powers, Zecora’s potions are the talk of the forest – just don’t ask her for a love potion unless you want to end up in a sticky situation.

What sets Zecora apart is her unique way of speaking. She’s a master of rhyming couplets, and her African-inspired accent is charming. Listening to her is like experiencing a live poetry slam!

Zebra-Man – DC Universe

Zebra-Man - DC Universe

Creators: Sheldon Moldoff, Bill Finger, Mike W. Barr

The notorious criminal, Zebra-Man, is known for his striking black-and-white stripes, which have been imitated by another villain named Vortex.

Zebra-Man is infamous for his association with Cheetah’s Menagerie, which he joined when the Justice League appeared defeated by the nefarious Crime Syndicate.

Zebstrika – Pokémon

Zebstrika - Pokémon

Weakness: Ground
Type: Electric
Evolves from: Blitzle
Height: 1.6 m
Ability: Motor Drive, Lightning Rod

Meet Zebstrika, a magnificent equine Pokémon with a striking resemblance to a zebra. Its moderately plump body is covered in a sleek black coat, accentuated by lightning bolt-shaped stripes in a dazzling white hue.

And let’s not forget about its star-tipped spiky tail and plump rump and thighs – this Pokémon is truly a sight to behold!

While its small ears are blue on the inside, just like its pre-evolution, Blitzle, Zebstrika sports not one but two lightning bolt-shaped appendages on its head, giving it a distinct edge.

And its mane? It’s spikier than ever, running down its back and adding to its impressive appearance.


Khumba - Cartoon Zebra

Khumba is a 2013 animated movie about a young zebra born with only half his stripes in a herd obsessed with stripes. Due to his unusual appearance, he’s rejected by his herd and is blamed for a drought that hits the Great Karoo.

With nowhere else to turn, he finds the legendary waterhole where the first zebras got their stripes, hoping to earn his full stripes and prove his worth.

Along the way, Khumba meets various unique and colorful characters, including a wildebeest named Mama V and an insecure ostrich named Bradley.

Zuzu and Zaza Zebra – Peppa Pig

Zuzu and Zaza Zebra - Peppa Pig

Two zebras named Zuzu and Zaza share identical appearances, except for their clothing. Zuzu wears a pink dress and a bow in her mane, while Zaza sports a blue dress and a flower.

These twin sisters are known for their lively personalities and love for playing games. They’re often seen joining Peppa and her friends in activities such as jumping in muddy puddles, playing picnics, and playing dress-up.

Zuzu and Zaza’s characters are crucial in teaching young viewers the importance of friendship and the joy of having fun. Their infectious laughter and zest for life make them an instant hit among young audiences of Peppa Pig.

Ray Razzle – Chip and Potato

Ray Razzle - Chip and Potato - Zebra Cartoon Character

Ray Razzle, a zebra, appears in several episodes of the popular children’s animated series, Chip and Potato, supporting the main characters.

Young viewers easily recognize him by his distinctive black and white stripes, and he is depicted as friendly, energetic, and playful with love for music and dance.

Ray Razzle’s cheerful personality and catchy songs featured in the show’s musical interludes entertain and educate children, making him beloved among fans of Chip and Potato, who love watching him perform and singing along to his tunes.

Marty – Madagascar

Marty - Madagascar - cartoon zebras

Chris Rock voices Marty, the zebra from the popular Madagascar franchise, who has become one of the most beloved zebra cartoon characters of all time. With his wit, charm, and infectious energy, Marty is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

At the start of the first Madagascar movie, Marty is a resident of the Central Park Zoo who yearns for adventure and a life beyond his enclosure. When Marty and his animal friends accidentally get shipped off to Africa, Marty eagerly jumps to explore the wild and all the new experiences it offers.

Marty’s love of dancing, catchy catchphrases, and unwavering loyalty to his friends are just some of the things that have made him a fan favorite.

He has become so popular that merchandise often features him, and he even inspired a spinoff TV show called The Penguins of Madagascar.

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