Most Famous and Popular Blue Cat Cartoons

One of the most iconic blue cats in animation is Tom from Tom & Jerry. Several blue cat cartoons have been popular with children and adults alike.

Tom is a grey-blue domestic shorthair known for his mischievous antics and chasing after Jerry, his long-time adversary.

One of the longest-running cartoon characters, Tom has appeared in numerous short films and specials since 1940.

Though he often gets the short end of the stick in his endless pursuit of Jerry, viewers still cheer for him whenever he returns for more.

Animated Blue Cat Cartoons

When we see them, these kitties make us feel comfortable. You’ll laugh instantly when you see the following famous blue cartoon cats!


Doremon - Big Dark Blue Cartoon Cat

Doremon is a beloved cartoon cat from Japan. He first appeared in the Doraemon manga series, which has been running since 1969.

Doremon is known for his magical gadgets and his kind heart. He always helps those in trouble and never gives up on his mission to protect the world.

Doremon always stands up for justice and fairness with his loyal friends by his side.

Doremon’s adventures take him everywhere—from outer space to the bottom of the ocean—on thrilling quests that teach important lessons about friendship, courage, and responsibility. No matter what danger or obstacle he faces, Doremon will always triumph in the end, thanks to sheer determination and kindness.

Doremon represents hope and optimism, showing that anyone can overcome adversity and improve the world. He is a valid symbol of courage, justice, and kindness!

Chloe – The Secret Life of Pets

Chloe - The Secret Life of Pets - fat Cartoon Cat Characters

Chloe is a central character in the 2016 animated comedy film The Secret Life of Pets.

She is a large, white tabby cat who resides in an apartment building with her owner, Chloe’s human. Chloe’s strong personality drives her to explore the world around her.

She often outwits other animals in her building, stealing food and playing pranks on them. Chloe enjoys spending time outdoors but also loves her home, where she can relax and watch TV all day long.

Chloe loves to have adventures and finds new ways to entertain herself daily. As a loyal friend, Chloe always comes to the aid of anyone she cares about. No matter what the challenge, Chloe is always up for it!

Tom – Tom and Jerry

Tom - Tom and Jerry - Classic Cartoon Cat

Tom is the main protagonist of Tom and Jerry, an American animated series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. In addition to being blue and white, Tom is also a domestic shorthair cat.

He is always looking for ways to catch Jerry, his brown house mouse friend, but never succeeds. Tom has also been known to get into trouble with other characters from time to time as well.

Tom usually speaks with a South Midwestern accent. Although Tom rarely succeeds in catching Jerry, he keeps going and often devises complex plans to capture or thwart his efforts to outsmart him.

Tom’s personality can be described as determined and resourceful, which makes him an admirable character for kids everywhere!

Pete the Cat – Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat - Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat is a beloved children’s character created by author and illustrator James Dean.

In 2008, Pete the Cat made his debut in the book Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, published by HarperCollins.Since then, Pete has become an international sensation, appearing in over 50 books, two TV specials, songs, and even a musical!

Pete is known for his laid-back attitude and relaxed style, constantly reminding readers to stay “groovy.”

Pete also teaches important lessons about friendship and being yourself with humor and compassion. He’s sure to be around for many more years of groovin’ fun!

Happy – Fairy Tail

Happy - Fairy Tail - Cartoon Cats

Happy is an Exceed, a race of magical cats that live among humans in the world of Fairy Tail.

He was born and raised in Edolas, an alternate dimension of Earthland where Magic is extracted from living things as an energy source instead of being used to cast spells or create objects.

Happy has been a loyal companion to Natsu Dragneel since they first met when Happy flew into Natsu’s bag while he was on a mission. He can speak and understand human languages, fly using his two tiny wings, and carry heavy objects using magic.

Happy can also summon powerful Happy Pokémon-like creatures known as Aera, which can use powerful attacks against enemies.

Gumball – The Adventures of Gumball

Gumball - The Adventures of Gumball

The Adventures of Gumball is a British-American animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet and produced by Cartoon Network Studios Europe.

In the fictional American city of Elmore, Gumball Watterson and his family are involved in misadventures.

Gumball’s goals are to become popular at school, solve problems with his best friend, Darwin and save money for anything he desires.

Gumball also has some teenage angst as he deals with various social situations that most children encounter during adolescence, such as crushes, peer pressure, and self-image issues. Gumball often relies on his creativity and resourcefulness to escape sticky situations.

Oggy – Oggy and the cockroaches

Oggy - Oggy and the cockroaches

Oggy and the Cockroaches is an animated series created by Jean-Yves Raimbaud that follows the misadventures of Oggy, a blue cat, and his three housemates, the cockroaches.

The show premiered in 1998 on France 3 and ran until 2002. The cockroaches always outsmart Oggy when he tries to get rid of them.

Oggy’s adventures take place in a bright, colorful world filled with laughter and fun as he attempts time after time again to rid his house of the troublesome cockroaches.

Oggy must use all sorts of tricks and strategies to keep them from ruining his day. From setting traps to playing games, Oggy does whatever it takes to gain control over his home.

Blue Cartoon Cat Characters

These popular cartoon characters are just some examples of how much influence a simple shade of blue can have when creating memorable characters that speak directly to people’s hearts worldwide.

Whether through humor or heroism—or both—these four cats prove that true strength lies within us all, no matter what color we are on the outside!

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