10+ Anime Shows About Priests and Demons

Looking for an anime show about animes and demons? Check out Chrono Crusade, Hellsing, D.Gray-man, and 07-Ghost Ghost Hunt.

Dive headfirst into the vibrant anime universe, where the priest-demon dichotomy actively spins an enthralling tapestry of narratives. These tales, brimming with moral ambiguity and supernatural encounters, have carved out their own niche in the must-watch anime series pantheon.

Stroll down the sanctified corridors of churches, monasteries, and exorcist academies, where you’ll cross paths with a diverse assembly of priests.

Priest and Demon Themed Anime

You’ll meet everyone from steadfast faith warriors to conflicted God’s servants, each wrestling with their inner demons while fending off the external ones.

This dichotomy between priests and demons is a thrilling roller coaster that the dynamic world of anime brings to life with astounding enthusiasm.

Blue Exorcist: Battling Demons with a Rosary

Blue Exorcist Battling Demons with a Rosary

Regarding priests and demons, “Blue Exorcist” is the genre’s divine revelation. This show isn’t just about priests; it’s about an exorcist with a twist – Rin Okumura, the son of Satan himself! Imagine the surprise when Rin becomes an exorcist to fight against his demonic lineage.

With vibrant animation and electrifying action, “Blue Exorcist” delivers a punch in every episode. The dynamic between Rin’s devilish origins and his exorcist aspirations is a gripping tale of identity and destiny that never ceases to enthrall.

Chrono Crusade: A Sister, A Demon, A Pact

Chrono Crusade

Time to turn back the clock to the 1920s with “Chrono Crusade,” where Sister Rosette Christopher, a young exorcist, and her demonic companion, Chrono, raise hell. Their partnership is intriguing, built on a mutual contract rather than the usual exorcist-demon animosity.

Brimming with humor, action, and heart-wrenching moments, “Chrono Crusade” weaves a unique tale about the complexities of good and evil. This anime is an enchanting blend of history, fantasy, and theology, and it’s bound to leave you begging for more.

Hellsing: The Unholy Alliance


“Hellsing” isn’t your everyday anime. This series walks the razor-thin line between horror and dark comedy, delivering a brilliant spectacle of a vampire – Alucard, working for a royal organization led by a priest, Sir Integra Hellsing.

It’s a romp through the darker side of the supernatural, with crisp animation, unforgettable characters, and a plot that grips like a vampire’s bite. Its unorthodox take on the dynamic between priests and demons – or rather, priests and vampires – is a stroke of genius that makes “Hellsing” a genre classic.

D.Gray-man: The Exorcist with a Mechanical Arm


“D.Gray-man” is a wildly imaginative series that takes the priest-demon dynamic to new heights. The protagonist, Allen Walker, is an exorcist with a cursed eye and a mechanical arm used to slay demons called Akuma. The unique blend of Victorian aesthetics, steampunk elements, and theological undertones sets this show apart.

Walker’s relentless pursuit of peace and harmony between humans and Akuma provides a fresh, thought-provoking perspective on the usually antagonistic relationship between priests and demons.

Trinity Blood: Post-Apocalyptic Exorcism

Trinity Blood

“Trinity Blood” places priests and demons in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. Abel Nightroad, a traveling priest and a Crusnik (a vampire who feeds on other vampires), fights to protect humankind from vampires and their demonic machinations.

High School DxD: A Devilishly Good Time

Sirzechs Lucifer From High School DxD

Don’t let the title fool you; “High School DxD” goes beyond the mundane high school setting. This show introduces us to Issei, a typical high school student resurrected by a devil after a fatal encounter.

“High School DxD” is an amusing romp filled with demons, angels, dragons, and humor. With a newfound demonic power and a priest mentor, he navigates his dual life as a student and a devil servant. The combination of supernatural elements and everyday school life makes it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Sword-Wielding Exorcist

Muzan Kibutsuji From Demon Slayer

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” is the story of Tanjiro Kamado, who turns to demon-slaying after a demon massacre decimates his family. With his sister turned into a demon, his mission is to revert her to humans and eradicate demons.

Tanjiro’s journey is an emotional roller coaster, blending elements of Shinto-Buddhist philosophies with action-packed sequences and a dash of humor. Its unique blend of folklore and fantasy and breathtaking animation make “Demon Slayer” an unforgettable entry in the priest-demon narrative.

Ghost Hunt: The Paranormal Priest

Ghost Hunt The Paranormal Priest

“Ghost Hunt” is a mystery, horror, and supernatural anime that follows the adventures of the Shibuya Psychic Research team as they investigate various paranormal activities. Among the team is John Brown, an Australian Catholic priest who uses his religious knowledge and faith to perform exorcisms.

The balance between horror and mystery and the inclusion of various spiritual practices makes “Ghost Hunt” an intriguing watch. John’s calm demeanor and unwavering faith in the face of the supernatural add a comforting presence amidst the eerie investigations.

Berserk: The Unlikely Priest

Dragon Slayer – Berserk

“Berserk” is a dark fantasy anime series that includes an unconventional priest character, Mozgus, both antagonist and religious fanatic. Known for his extreme methods in serving God’s Hand, his character offers a fascinating exploration of the blurred lines between faith and fanaticism.

While “Berserk” is more renowned for its brutal and often grim storytelling, the presence of such a character adds another layer of depth to its world. It’s a series that will make you question the very nature of good and evil.

07-Ghost: The Seven Ghosts of War


“07-Ghost” weaves a compelling narrative centered around Teito Klein, a formerly enslaved person who discovers he’s one of the seven legendary ghosts who fought in a war against evil. Now a student in a church to become a priest, Teito finds himself entangled in a massive conspiracy that tests his faith and strength.

This anime stands out with its unique blend of military themes, supernatural elements, and religious underpinnings. It’s a spellbinding tale that explores the intricacies of destiny, faith, and the human spirit.

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist: The Aristocratic Exorcist

Makai Ouji

“Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist” follows William Twining, an aristocrat turned exorcist after discovering he’s the “Elector”—the one who can choose the next ruler of Hell.

Balancing his aristocratic life and his newfound duties, William deals with various demons, each with unique quirks and characteristics. This anime is a delightful mix of comedy, supernatural elements, and historical fiction, providing an entertaining and engaging twist to the priest-demon narrative.

Seikon no Qwaser: The Alchemist Priest

Seikon no Qwaser

“Seikon no Qwaser” introduces a unique concept where characters harness the power of elements. Alexander Nikolaevich Hell, also known as Sasha, is a Qwaser who can control iron.

Trained as a priest, Sasha defends his friends from other Qwasers who seek power and dominance. This anime combines action, supernatural elements, and a touch of religious symbolism, offering a unique narrative in the priest-demon genre.

More Shows Priests and Demons Themes

Anime Shows Based on Priests and Demons

These shows present a wide range of narratives, from the profound to the comical, each offering a unique perspective on the intersection of the spiritual and the supernatural.

The characters you’ll meet range from priests and deities to exorcists and demonic beings, each bringing their flair to these captivating anime shows.

  1. Noragami: In this anime, Yato is a minor deity who wants to build his shrine. Though not a priest, he battles evil spirits and interacts with other deities.
  2. InuYasha: This classic series features a half-demon protagonist and a priestess who travel together through feudal Japan.
  3. Black Butler: Here, the demonic butler Sebastian serves his young master, Ciel, in Victorian England. One of the recurring characters is a priest who is also an exorcist.
  4. Kamisama Kiss: After becoming a local deity, the protagonist finds herself dealing with various supernatural creatures, including demons.
  5. Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne: This series features Rin, an immortal private investigator who often battles against angels.
  6. Kyou Kara Maou!: The protagonist becomes the Demon King in an alternate world and must navigate various political and social issues.
  7. Claymore: Although not priests, the warriors in this show are similar to exorcists as they battle demonic entities known as Yoma.
  8. Shiki: In this horror anime, a village priest must confront a growing vampire problem.
  9. Hell Girl: This series features a supernatural system where people can send their tormentors to Hell.
  10. Natsume’s Book of Friends: While not focused on priests, this show features a protagonist who can see spirits and demons and helps them find peace.
  11. Mushishi: This show follows a “mushi master” who travels to help people suffering from supernatural problems.
  12. Requiem from the Darkness: In feudal Japan, a group of supernatural investigators encounters various demons and spirits.
  13. Tokyo Babylon: A young onmyouji (spiritual medium) fights demons in modern Tokyo.
  14. Kekkaishi: The protagonists use a form of barrier magic to battle and exorcise demons.
  15. Ghost Stories: In this anime, a group of kids encounters various Japanese spirits and demons at their school.
  16. Mononoke: The Medicine Seller, a master of the occult, travels across feudal Japan to slay malevolent spirits called “Mononoke.”
  17. Ga-Rei: Zero: This series follows the Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters, which fights against supernatural creatures.
  18. Shonen Onmyouji: The grandson of a famous spirit medium battles demons in Heian era Japan.
  19. Ushio and Tora: Ushio releases a powerful demon trapped by his ancestor and team up to fight other supernatural creatures.
  20. Dororo: A ronin cursed by demons travels feudal Japan with a young thief named Dororo to regain his humanity.

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