Get Fired Up with These 15 Amazing Anime Dragon Girls

Sexy anime dragon girls are Princess Luna, Eco from The Dragonar Academy, Zefiris, Tōru, Kanna Kamui, and Kuro from Isekai Shokudo.

Hey there! Are you a fan of mythical creatures? If so, you must have heard of the legendary dragons – they’re pretty popular in Asian literature!

And it’s no surprise they often steal the show in anime series, movies, and manga.

But have you ever tried searching for anime girls who happen to be dragons? It’s not exactly an easy task, is it? That’s why we’ve covered you with a comprehensive list of recommendations.

In this article, we’re excited to present the 15 best anime dragon girls ever created – so sit tight and get ready to be blown away by their awesomeness!

Dragon Girl Anime Characters

Are you ready to discover the most unforgettable anime dragon girls? Trust us; you’re in for a treat! So, let’s dive into the world of anime and explore the top contenders for the title of the best anime dragon girl ever created!

Milim NAVA – That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime

Milim NAVA - That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime

Prepare to be blown away by Milim, the ultimate dragon girl! Her title as Destroyer and Demon Lord makes her a force to be reckoned with, but her carefree personality sets her apart.

Boredom is not in Milim’s vocabulary, and don’t be fooled by her innocent appearance – when she transforms into her Dragonoid form, she means business!

Milim can be a bit short-tempered at first, but her childlike nature makes her all the more endearing and hilarious. You never know what she’ll say or do next – common sense is not her strong suit.

Tomoe – Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Tomoe - Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Get ready to meet the fierce and powerful Shen – one of the Higher Dragons that reign supreme in the Goddess World! But don’t be intimidated by her past – she’s now a loyal servant in Makoto’s group.

And when Shen transforms into her blue dragon form, you better watch out! She’s an unstoppable force of nature, ready to take on any challenge that comes her way.

With her incredible strength and unwavering loyalty, Shen is a true force to be reckoned with.

So, be prepared to be awed by the mighty blue dragon herself!

Iris – The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest

Iris - The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest

Listen up, dragon fans, because we’ve got a legend in our midst – Iris the Dark Dragon, also known as one of the oldest and strongest ladies in the game. Yeah, you heard that right. This girl’s been around for ages and has the dragon power to prove it.

And get this – she’s got a secret that nobody else knows. Not even her fellow dragons. That’s because she’s the only one who knows the true identity of Matthias, a fellow dragon she met over a thousand years ago.

He asked her to keep it on the down low, and Iris has kept that secret like a boss ever since.

Nina Drango – Rage of Bahamut

Nina Drango - dragon girl anime

Hold onto your scales, folks, because we’ve got a dragon girl who’s one tough cookie – Nina, the bounty hunter and student of the great Leone Favoro.

She came to Anatae to make a living, and the folks in the capital love her upbeat, cheerful attitude.

Here’s the cool part – Nina’s not your average dragon girl. Nope, she’s got a dragon dad and a human mom, which means she’s got superhuman strength that could give even Superman a run for his money.

And get this – she can sometimes transform into a red dragon in the presence of some seriously handsome fellas. Talk about talent!

Kanna – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kanna - dragon anime girl

As one of the main characters in the anime, she’s known for her mischievous nature and youthful spirit.

But don’t let her cute appearance fool you – Kanna is a dragon and a powerful one at that! She was exiled from her world due to her endless pranks, and now she keeps her horns and tail hidden to blend in with the humans.

In her human form, she’s an absolute doll – with white-lavender hair tied up in two ponytails and big, beautiful blue eyes. And her light pink frock is just too cute for words!

But when Kanna transforms into her dragon form, she’s a sight to behold. Covered in white feathers and bright blue eyes, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Princess Luna – Majuu Senshi Luna Varga

Princess Luna - Majuu Senshi Luna Varga

Hold onto your hats because Princess Luna is not your typical fairytale princess! She’s tough, fierce, and not afraid to get her hands dirty defending her nation of Rimbell.

In fact, Luna wants to be a part of the action so badly that she’s willing to accept an ancient power bestowed upon her family in times of need. But it’s not until she finds herself attached to a giant lizard that she realizes the true weight of her newfound power.

Luna Varga may be a bit of a Godzilla rip-off, but that doesn’t diminish Princess Luna’s incredible strength and determination.

Mink – Dragon Half

Mink - Dragon Half - dragon anime girl

Are you ready to meet Mink? Trust us, she’s not your average teenage girl – in fact, she’s a half-dragon with some awe-inspiring abilities. She can fly, breathe fire, and withstand attacks that bring most people to their knees.

But despite her incredible powers, Mink is convinced she’s cursed with bad luck. That’s why she’s on a desperate search for the People Potion, which could rid her of her dragon heritage once and for all.

With her striking short red hair and stunning looks, Mink could easily be mistaken for one of the best red-haired anime girls around. But being part-dragon comes with a price – she must undergo ecdysis, shedding her skin to become more powerful.

Tear Lightning, JuuouMujin no Fafnir – Unlimited Fafnir

Tear Lightning, JuuouMujin no Fafnir - Unlimited Fafnir

Hey, hold your fire-breathing horses, folks! Let’s clear up a common misconception: Tear Lightning may have the word “dragon” in her name, but she’s not actually a dragon girl.

Unfortunately, she’s been duped her whole life by many cultists who treated her like one! (No, seriously, try not to tear up. Pun is definitely intended.) Talk about a rough deal.

But don’t let her tragic backstory fool you – Tear is still one badass chick. Sure, her dragon powers caused a few hiccups in Midgard, but who hasn’t made a mistake or two?

Eco – The Dragonar Academy

Eco - The Dragonar Academy

Get ready to meet the story’s main hero – a dragon girl who can send people flying with just one sneeze!

She’s both physically strong and strong-willed, and her childlike tendencies make her all the more endearing.

Her stubbornness and love for food make her incredibly cute, especially when she’s chowing down on crepes or struggling to get out of bed in the morning – relatable much?

In her human form, she appears as a young pink-haired girl with small horns that look more like adorable ears than anything else. This form was granted to her by the Mother Dragon to help save the dragon race from extinction with the help of her love interest, Ash Blake.

In her dragon form, Eco is an unstoppable force with three horns, feathered wings, and pink fur.

Elma – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Elma - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Meet Elma – a fierce water dragon and member of the Harmony faction! In her human form, she’s a young woman with black hair dyed purple at the tips and piercing blue eyes.

When she’s working, she wears glasses and hides her horn and dragon tail – but you better believe she’s still a force to be reckoned with!

Elma is actually Tōru’s nemesis in the dragon world, with their conflict rooted more in faction affiliations than personal dislike. While they’re both incredibly strong, Elma’s abilities differ from Tōru’s – for example, she’s unable to open dimension gates like Tōru can.

After failing to bring Tōru back to the world of dragons and finding herself unable to return home, Elma decides to join a company named Elma Jōi.

That’s where she meets Kobayashi, who teaches her the new world’s ways.

Grea – Manaria Friends

Grea - Manaria Friends

Get ready to meet Grea – a half-human, half-dragon who’s trying her luck at living among humans by enrolling in an academy of magic. And let’s just say she’s not just any dragon girl – she’s drop dead gorgeous!

But Grea is even more special because she’s one of the few examples of LGBT representation in anime.

While her feelings for her friend Anne are never explicitly stated, it’s pretty clear that there’s some serious romantic tension between these two lovely ladies.

Despite her stunning beauty, Grea is self-conscious about her dragon features – including her horns, wings, and tail – which make her stand out from the other students. But with Anne’s help, she learns to embrace her unique qualities and become more confident.

Not only is the story of this anime incredible, but the animation is seriously stunning. Every detail of Grea’s beauty is highlighted, making it impossible not to be totally captivated by her charm.

Laika – While Killing Slimes for 300 Years, I Became the MAX Level

Laika While Killing Slimes for 300 Years, I Became the MAX Level

We’re about to meet one incredible anime dragon girl, folks – Leica, or Laika, if you prefer. This gal’s got all the classic dragon moves – she can fly, breathe fire, and tear down a house or two if feeling feisty. But what sets her apart from the pack is her incredible humility.

I mean, come on – when was the last time you met a dragon girl who wasn’t all about themselves?

Leica’s all about fair play and respect, especially regarding her elders. That’s why she asked Azusa to be her tutor after losing a fight with her. Talk about humble pie, am I right?

But don’t let that humility fool you – when it comes to enemy dragon tribes, Leica is all business.

She’ll fight tooth and claw for the Red Dragons, showing off her bravery and courage like nobody’s business.

Zefiris – Scrapped Princess

Zefiris - Scrapped Princess

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your butts because we’ve got a dragon girl that’s so cool she could give some of the best blue-haired anime babes a run for their money.

Say hello to Zefiris, a Dragoon created by the Dark God to battle some serious baddies called the Peacemakers.

Technically, Zefiris and her Dragoon pals are super high-tech AIs that can transform into full-fledged dragons and escape to another dimension. Yeah, you heard that right – they’re like the Transformers of the dragon world.

Zefiris, in particular, was created way back in the day to fight off an alien race… 5000 years ago, to be exact.

But these days, she’s taken on a new role as a cosmic guardian while dealing with some major existential conflicts.

Quetzalcoatl / Lucoa – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Quetzalcoatl - Lucoa - Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Okay, folks, we’ve got a dragon girl who’s a bit of a legend – Quetzalcoatl, or Lucoa for short. She’s a former Aztec goddess and a neutral observer faction dragon, meaning she’s seen it all and then some.

Unfortunately, Lucoa lost her divine status after getting caught up in drama with a cursed spirit and her sister. You know how it goes – one minute you’re an all-powerful deity, the next you’re just a regular ol’ dragon girl trying to make ends meet.

But hey, Lucoa’s got a pretty banging human form to work with. She’s got blonde hair with green-blue tips and some pretty cool heterochromia, but let’s be real – here most striking feature is her…uh, assets. Yeah, we’re talking about her chest.

They’re big. Real big.

Rose – Dragon Crisis!

Rose - Dragon Crisis!

Well, well, folks, looks like we’ve got a real head-turner on our hands – the one and only Rose, a Red Dragon with all the features that make beautiful anime girls so darn captivating.

I’m talking long, luscious blonde hair, huge blue anime eyes, and a sweet, petite figure that’ll have you swooning in no time.

Now, here’s the kicker – Rose might be a dragon, but she can’t actually transform into one. Nope, she’s stuck in human form, but that doesn’t stop her from showing off some serious dragon-like aggression.

Seriously, this girl’s got a temper on her…unless, of course, you’re Ryuji. He’s the one guy she’s sweet on, clinging to him like a koala bear and showering him with all the love she’s got.

And hey, speaking of Ryuji, did you know that he’s the one who named her Rose?

Yeah, he found her when she hatched and thought the scales on the back of her hand looked like the flower.

Clever, right? And ever since then, the name’s stuck like glue.

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