20 Anime Series Inspired by Greek Mythology

Anime about Greek mythology include Saint Seiya, Kamigami no Asobi, Ulysses 31, Campione!, Apollon on the Slope, and DanMachi.

In the expansive universe of storytelling, cultural references unlock infinite possibilities. Japanese anime grasps these prospects wholeheartedly, presenting itself as a dynamic and diverse medium.

With its ability to captivate audiences across age groups, anime often embeds elements of mythology into its narratives, enriching the storytelling experience.

Anime Olympus: Greek Mythology in Japanese Animation

With its unparalleled storytelling techniques, Anime is no stranger to deriving narratives from the rich tapestry of folklore and mythology.

The ancient legends of Greece, teeming with tales of gods, heroes, and monsters, provide a deep well of inspiration for this dynamic medium.

Here, we delve into the best of these anime series, each of which uniquely interprets and brings to life the mythos of ancient Greece.

Saint Seiya: Champions of the Zodiac

Saint Seiya Champions of the Zodiac

Saint Seiya is your perfect guide if you’ve ever wondered how the Zodiac signs would fare in battle. This anime is a high-octane mix of cosmic energy, dazzling armor, and Greek mythology, each character representing a different Zodiac sign.

With the Bronze Saints as our heroes, their adventures are nothing short of epic, spanning from the heights of Mount Olympus to the depths of the underworld.

Kamigami no Asobi: A School for Gods

Kamigami no Asobi

Ever thought Greek gods needed a lesson in humility? Well, Kamigami no Asobi answers that thought with a resounding yes! This anime loosely translates to “Mischief of the Gods,” bringing Greek deities, including Apollo, Hades, and Dionysus, to a high school setting – and it’s exactly as chaotic as it sounds.

Here, the gods learn valuable life lessons while navigating the trials and tribulations of high school. It’s a charming and whimsical anime that beautifully integrates Greek mythology with modern-day scenarios.

Ulysses 31: Odyssey in Outer Space

Ulysses 31 Odyssey in Outer Space

In an exciting twist on the Homeric epic, Ulysses 31 catapults the classic tale into a futuristic landscape. The protagonist, Ulysses, finds himself not on the seas of ancient Greece but as a space captain marooned in the 31st century.

This anime’s brilliant blend of Greek mythology and sci-fi elements gives the ancient tales a modern twist, making for an unforgettable space odyssey that’s out of this world.

Arion: Greek Mythology Meets Dark Fantasy

Arion - anime greek mythology

Arion is not your typical prince-meets-princess fairy tale. Instead, it takes us on a gripping journey through Greek mythology’s underbelly, painting a darker picture of the gods we thought we knew.

With Zeus as the antagonist and Poseidon as an ally, Arion’s quest to save his mother is full of intrigue, suspense, and some truly epic battle scenes. Arion has got you covered if you’re up for a darker, grittier take on Greek mythology.

Campione!: Where God-Slayers Roam

Campione! - anime on greek mythology

In the world of Campione!, to kill a god is to gain their power. This action-packed anime follows the adventures of Kusanagi Godou, a high school student turned “Campione” (god-slayer), who fights gods from various mythologies, including the Greek pantheon.

Filled with thrilling battles and a captivating narrative, Campione! offers a unique perspective on the gods of Olympus, turning the tables and making them the hunted rather than the hunters.

Hercules: The Animated Series – Where Myth Meets Mirth

Hercules The Animated Series – Where Myth Meets Mirth

When thinking about anime that draws inspiration from Greek mythology, it would be a mistake not to mention Hercules: The Animated Series. Though not strictly an anime, this animated series blends humor with mythology, featuring a young Hercules in his schooldays at the Prometheus Academy.

In each episode, he grapples with classic teen problems while also wrestling legendary beasts and dealing with the godly politics of Olympus. It’s a lighthearted, fun-filled ride that makes Greek mythology accessible and enjoyable for all ages.

Persona 3 The Movie: Mythology in Modern Japan

Persona 3 The Movie

While the Persona franchise is known for integrating various mythological themes into its narrative, Persona 3 stands out for its prominent usage of Greek mythology. This anime movie adaptation follows a group of high school students who summon “Personas” – manifestations of their inner psyche inspired by various mythological figures, including many from Greek lore.

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis – A Mythical Melting Pot

Rage of Bahamut

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis might be based on a mobile card game, but its story is a grand epic encompassing various mythologies, with Greek gods playing pivotal roles. In this stunningly animated series, characters like Zeus, Hermes, and Poseidon come to life in an exciting tale of adventure, magic, and epic battles.

The gods here are portrayed as powerful and somewhat aloof, true to their mythical origins, making the anime a fascinating watch for mythology enthusiasts.

Apollon on the Slope: Music and Mythology

Apollon on the Slope

At first glance, Apollon on the Slope, also known as Sakamichi no Apollon, may not seem like an anime about Greek mythology. But its title character, Kaoru Nishimi, is often nicknamed “Apollon,” the Greek god of music.

His character arc reflects Apollon’s trials and tribulations in mythology, delivering an emotionally charged narrative about love, friendship, and music. If you’re looking for a more subtle integration of Greek mythology in anime, Apollon on the Slope is a must-watch.

Fate/Zero: A New Take on Legendary Heroes


Last, but certainly not least, is Fate/Zero. In this anime, historical and mythical heroes are summoned as “Servants” to fight in a deadly battle royale known as the Holy Grail War.

Greek heroes such as Rider (Alexander the Great) and Archer (Gilgamesh, although Mesopotamian in origin, shares many similarities with Greek myths) stand out. This anime incorporates Greek mythology and reinvents these characters in a modern context, making for an exhilarating watch.

DanMachi: Dungeon-Crawling with Greek Gods

DanMachi - greek mythology anime series

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? DanMachi’s protagonist, Bell Cranel, can answer that.

Under the guidance of Hestia, the Greek goddess of the hearth, Bell ventures into monstrous labyrinths. This anime combines Greek gods, RPG-like elements, and high-stakes adventure seamlessly.

Record of Ragnarok: The Ultimate Showdown

Record of Ragnarok

In Record of Ragnarok, Greek gods go head-to-head with humanity’s greatest heroes in a battle for survival. In this high-octane anime, Zeus, Poseidon, and Heracles all make appearances, showcasing their raw power and godly prowess.

Class of the Titans: Teenage Heroes vs. Greek Gods

Class of the Titans

Class of the Titans, another Western animation, features teenage descendants of Greek heroes battling revived gods and monsters. This anime-style series is a delight for those seeking Greek mythology in a modern, youthful context.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Magical Mayhem and Mythology

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

The protagonist of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Orphen, is a sorcerer on a quest to save his friend, turned dragon. Borrowing elements from Greek mythology, this anime is a blend of magic, action, and mythical intrigue.

A Certain Magical Index: When Science Meets Mythology

A Certain Magical Index

In A Certain Magical Index, the worlds of science and magic collide. The anime touches on various mythologies, with Greek gods playing key roles. It’s a captivating blend of magic, myth, and modernity that you won’t want to miss.

Heroic Age: Cosmic Battles and Greek Epics

Heroic Age

Heroic Age intertwines Greek epic narratives with a futuristic setting. Here, the Golden Tribe, reminiscent of the Greek gods, guides humanity in a galactic struggle. This anime is a cosmic spectacle infused with Greek mythology motifs.

Blood of Zeus: An Olympian Tale

Blood of Zeus

In Blood of Zeus, an illegitimate son of Zeus rises to defend the heavens and Earth from a demonic army. With its mature themes and stunning visuals, this anime brings Greek mythology to life like never before.

Appleseed XIII: Myth Meets Mecha

Appleseed XIII

Appleseed XIII, a mecha anime, surprisingly draws heavily from Greek mythology. Its episodic narratives correspond to different Greek myths, providing a unique blend of technology and mythology.

Pandora Hearts: Into the Abyss

Pandora Hearts

While not directly drawing from Greek mythology, Pandora Hearts features many elements inspired by it, including an evil Abyss and a powerful artifact named after Pandora. The anime is an intriguing, dark fantasy tale worth exploring.

Attack on Titan: Greek Mythology Reimagined

Attack on Titan - apocalypse anime

While Attack on Titan might not seem connected to Greek mythology at first glance, it shares many themes, such as the Titans, humanity’s struggle against god-like beings, and sacrificial heroism. It’s an epic tale of survival and resistance that fans of Greek mythology anime shows will appreciate.

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