Most Powerful Blood-Infused Anime Characters

Anime characters with blood powers include Otonashi Saya, Crona, Staz Charlie Blood, Noé Archiviste, Misaki Mei, and Yumeko Jabami. Whether they’re vampires or not, numerous anime characters utilize blood as a means of offense, wielding it directly and indirectly.

From the awe-inspiring might of Saitama in One-Punch Man, capable of defeating foes with a single punch, to the extraordinary psychic prowess of Mob from Mob Psycho 100, anime characters demonstrate an incredible array of unique and lethal superpowers.

Among these diverse abilities, blood-related powers stand out as particularly intriguing and captivating, capturing the attention of viewers and adding an extra layer of depth and intensity to the stories they inhabit.

Bloody Brilliant: Anime Characters with Blood-Based Powers

These blood-based powers can range from the manipulation and control of blood itself to using blood as a source of energy or even a weapon, creating an engaging and dynamic narrative element in the world of anime.

Otonashi Saya – The Blood-Soaked Swordswoman

Otonashi Saya - anime about blood powers

Regarding blood-based powers, Otonashi Saya from “Blood+” is a force to be reckoned with. As a half-human, half-Chiropteran hybrid, Saya wields a deadly katana that requires her blood to unleash its potential truly.

But this is no ordinary blade – when Saya’s blood coats the weapon, it becomes a lethal force capable of defeating her monstrous enemies.

The dual nature of her powers makes Saya a fascinating character. Her human side allows her to empathize with those around her, while her Chiropteran side provides the raw power necessary to protect her loved ones.

Crona – The Sanguine Symbiote

Crona from Soul Eater

Crona from “Soul Eater” is an enigmatic figure with a tragic past. Born as a test subject for a twisted experiment, Crona’s body was merged with the demon sword, Ragnarok. This sinister symbiote allows Crona to manipulate their blood as a weapon, transforming it into deadly tendrils and projectiles.

But the true terror of Crona’s power lies in the “Black Blood” – a corrosive substance that enhances their strength and resilience while slowly eroding their sanity. As Crona struggles with the darkness within, they must contend with their cruel and domineering mother, Medusa.

Their journey is one of self-discovery, redemption, and the power of friendship, all while wielding blood-based powers that are as dangerous as they are captivating.

Ganta – Deadman Wonderland

Ganta - Deadman Wonderland - anime with blood based powers

Ganta, the main protagonist in Deadman Wonderland, is framed by the Red Man for murdering his classmates, which lands him in Deadman Wonderland, where he fights for his life. As a Deadman, Ganta can control a Branch of Sin.

The Branch of Sin allows Ganta to control his blood outside his body, stemming from a Red Diamond that the Red Man placed in his chest. Ganta gathers blood in his right palm by calling it to his hands and fires it, earning the name Ganta Gun.

Staz Charlie Blood – The Vampire Otaku

Staz Charlie Blood - The Vampire Otaku

Staz Charlie Blood from “Blood Lad” is a far cry from the traditional image of a vampire. As a territory boss in the demon world, he is more interested in his obsession with Japanese culture than drinking blood. However, when Staz’s human crush, Fuyumi, is transformed into a ghost, he is forced to confront his vampiric heritage and embrace his blood-based powers.

Staz’s abilities include blood manipulation, regeneration, and the power to absorb other vampires’ abilities. But his quirky personality and otaku lifestyle make Staz an endearing and relatable character.

Noé Archiviste – The Blood-Sipping Scholar

Noé Archiviste - The Blood-Sipping Scholar

In the visually stunning world of “The Case Study of Vanitas,” Noé Archiviste is a vampire who thirsts for more than just blood. As a scholar dedicated to studying the mysteries of the “Book of Vanitas,” Noé possesses the unique ability to read the memories of others by consuming their blood.

This blood-based power allows him to uncover the secrets of the past and delve into the hearts of those around him. Noé’s journey is intrigue and discovery as he navigates the complex relationships between humans and vampires in 19th-century Paris.

Yumeko Jabami – The Blood-Red Gambler

Yumeko Jabami - The Blood-Red Gambler

“Kakegurui” may be an anime about high-stakes gambling, but it also features a character whose blood-based power is a driving force behind her thrilling exploits. Yumeko Jabami is a seemingly innocent transfer student who quickly reveals her true colors as a compulsive gambler.

She thrives on the adrenaline rush of high-risk games and revels in the taste of her blood when the stakes are raised. While Yumeko’s blood-based power is more symbolic than the others on this list, her blood connection is a defining aspect of her character.

Misaki Mei – The Eye of Misfortune

Misaki Mei - The Eye of Misfortune

In the chilling world of “Another,” Misaki Mei is a mysterious character with a blood-based power in her left eye, usually hidden by an eyepatch. Her eye foresees others’ deaths, serving as both a blessing and a curse, allowing her to avoid danger but isolating her due to the grim visions.

As protagonist Kouichi Sakakibara befriends Mei and becomes involved in their school’s deadly curse, Mei’s power becomes crucial to unraveling secrets and ending the tragedy. Her character arc explores the complexities of blood-based powers, isolation, fate, and responsibility.

Nezuko – Blood Magic Anime

Nezuko - Demon Slayer - blood magic anime

Nezuko Kamado, a primary protagonist in Demon Slayer, transforms into a demon after an attack on her family. Her brother, Tanjiro, resolves to become a demon slayer to change her back into a human. Nezuko assists him on his journey, utilizing her unique Blood Demon Arts.

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art technique, Exploding Blood, allows her to convert her blood into massive, destructive flames. However, she can control the extent of damage her powers cause to her opponents.

Chino Chinoike – Naruto Shippuden

Chino Chinoike - Naruto Shippuden - blood powers in anime

Chino Chinoike, one of the two surviving members of the Chinoike Clan in Naruto Shippuden, possesses special powerful eyes akin to the Uchiha Clan, enabling her to cast intricate illusions on enemies. Her Ketsuryugan, an eye-ability rivaling the Sharingan, lets her create illusions and manipulate iron.

With iron being a major blood constituent, Chino expertly controls her and others’ blood. She can harden the iron in someone’s blood and make it explode or use her blood to launch attacks, showcasing her impressive blood control abilities.

Karin Maaka – The Blood-Making Vampire

Karin Maaka - The Blood-Making Vampire

“Karin” is a playful anime with a unique spin on the vampire genre. The main character, Karin Maaka, is an atypical vampire who produces excess blood instead of consuming it. She bites humans to inject her surplus blood, granting them temporary happiness and good fortune.

Karin’s ability offers a fresh, lighthearted take on the blood-based powers trope. She bonds with Kenta Usui, a human who learns her secret, enriching the story with themes of acceptance, love, and understanding. Karin’s blood-based power adds comedy and warmth to the series while she tries to hide her abilities.

Klaus – Blood Blockade Battlefront

Klaus - Blood Blockade Battlefront

Klaus Von Reinherz, Libra’s leader and a powerful character in Blood Blockade Battlefront, possesses powers that appear to originate from a curse. He can create cross-shaped weapons using his blood in a technique called Brain Grid Blood Battle Style.

Klaus crafts ingenious and diverse cross patterns with his unique abilities. These powers enable him to defend himself, attack enemies, and even imprison them within enclosed crosses. His impressive combat skills and sharp intellect complement his blood-related powers.

Mirai Kuriyama – The Blood Manipulator

Mirai Kuriyama - The Blood Manipulator

In the action-filled “Beyond the Boundary,” Mirai Kuriyama is a unique character who manipulates her blood, stemming from her cursed Spirit World warrior lineage. She solidifies her blood into various forms, like a razor-sharp sword, to fight supernatural beings called “youmu.”

Mirai’s struggle with her powers, the stigma of her cursed blood, and her growing relationship with half-human, half-youmu Akihito Kanbara form the series’ central themes. Their journey delves into self-acceptance, sacrifice, and the power of human connection amid adversity.

Ban Mido – The Blood Magician

Ban Mido - The Blood Magician

Ban Mido, a main character in “GetBackers,” is a “Blood Magician” who casts powerful “Snake Bite” spells using his blood, allowing him to control objects and people. Combined with his swift reflexes and combat skills, he’s a formidable force.

However, using “Snake Bites” drains Ban’s stamina and can risk his life, adding tension and drama to his high-stakes missions with partner Ginji Amano. Ban’s character explores the balance between power and sacrifice in blood-based abilities, emphasizing camaraderie and trust in adversity.

Noragami’s Bishamon – The Blood-Bonded War Goddess

Noragami's Bishamon - The Blood-Bonded War Goddess

In the enthralling world of “Noragami,” war goddess Bishamon wields a vast arsenal of weapons by harnessing her blood’s power. She forms blood pacts with spirits called Shinki, who transform into weapons at her command, enabling her to battle malicious spirits effectively.

Bishamon’s character arc explores her complex relationship with her Shinki and the emotional bond forged through shared blood. This bond is expensive, as Shinki’s pain and suffering manifest as deadly wounds on Bishamon.

Struggling to protect her Shinki while confronting her inner demons adds depth to her character. Bishamon’s story highlights the strength, vulnerability, and significance of the bonds accompanying blood-based powers.

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