A Guide to Obscure Cartoon and Characters

Many obscure cartoon characters are overlooked in favor of more well-known characters because they are not widely known or popular.

If you’re a fan of cartoons, chances are you’ve heard of popular characters such as Bugs Bunny and SpongeBob SquarePants.

But what about those obscure cartoon characters that don’t get nearly enough love? These often-forgotten characters were just as crucial to making our favorite cartoons enjoyable, so let’s give them some recognition!

Obscure cartoon characters can be just as exciting and complex as more famous characters and often have unique storylines and character development.

Some people may be more interested in obscure cartoon characters because they enjoy discovering and learning about lesser-known characters and media.

Coolest Obscure Cartoons & Characters

So, what makes a cartoon character obscure? There are a few reasons that a character might be considered unknown. They might come from an animated series or movie with a smaller fan base or be minor characters in a more popular series that receive less attention.

Despite their relative obscurity, less-known cartoon characters can have as much depth and development as their more well-known counterparts.

They may have unique storylines and personalities and can be just as crucial to the plot of the series or movie they appear in.

One thing that sets obscure cartoon characters apart from their more famous counterparts is that they often have a more niche appeal. A specific type of humor or style may resonate more with a particular audience than a broader one.

This can make them more relatable and enjoyable to a smaller group of fans.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Courage The Cowardly Dog - old cartoons

Courage, the Cowardly Dog was a beloved cartoon aired on Cartoon Network from 1999 to 2002. Despite its popularity, the show was often overlooked and underrated.

One of the reasons for this may be the show’s unusual and offbeat sense of humor. “Courage, the Cowardly Dog” was known for its bizarre and often unsettling plot lines, which may have turned some viewers off. The show also featured a wide range of horror and sci-fi elements, which were unusual for a children’s cartoon.

In addition to its unconventional sense of humor, “Courage the Cowardly Dog” was praised for its beautiful and detailed animation. The show’s creator, John R. Dilworth, was a talented animator and put a great deal of effort into creating the show’s distinct visual style.

Biker Mice From Mars

Biker Mice From Mars - old cartoon network shows

Do you remember Biker Mice From Mars? The iconic 90s cartoon about humanoid mice who loved motorcycles and going on wild adventures!

Biker Mice From Mars was an action-packed series full of cheeky humor and exciting moments.

With its unique art style and memorable characters, Biker Mice From Mars is a classic show that still has a passionate fanbase today.

If you’re looking for nostalgia or want to take a trip back in time, Biker Mice From Mars is the way to go!

Mortal Kombat: Defenders Of The Realm

Mortal Kombat: Defenders Of The Realm - obscure cartoon characters

Mortal Kombat: Defenders Of The Realm is an animated series based on the Mortal Kombat video game franchise. It follows the quest of a group of seven Mortal Kombat warriors as they fight against supernatural enemies bent on taking over Earthrealm.

This cartoon was initially aired in 1996 and ran for one season, but it still has many fans today who appreciate its unique blend of action, adventure, and comedy.

While the battles may be intense, Mortal Kombat: Defenders Of The Realm also delivers plenty of laughs along the way with witty dialogue and zany characters.

So if you’re looking for something different to watch that’s fun, Mortal Kombat: Defenders Of The Realm may be the perfect show for you!

The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks - coolest obscure cartoon characters

“The Mighty Ducks” was a cartoon that aired on ABC from 1996 to 1997. Despite being based on a popular movie franchise of the same name, the show was not widely known and has since become somewhat obscure.

There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that the show aired when there was a lot of competition in the children’s cartoon market. With so many other options, “The Mighty Ducks” may have been lost in the shuffle.

Another reason is that critics or audiences could have received the show better. It received mediocre reviews and was not ratings hit, which may have contributed to its obscurity.

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim - obscure 80s cartoon characters

Earthworm Jim is a classic cartoon character that continues to be beloved by fans of all ages.

He first made his television debut in 1994 and instantly became an iconic hero with his unique style that combined the comical, the heroic, and the absurd.

Earthworm Jim is no ordinary earthworm; he’s a super-suited worm who battles evil on Earth with courage and wit.

From saving princesses from alien overlords to protecting intergalactic chickens from robotic cowboys, Earthworm Jim is always ready for a wild adventure.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory - obscure cartoons

“Dexter’s Laboratory” was a famous and beloved cartoon aired on Cartoon Network from 1996 to 2003. Despite its widespread popularity, the show was often overlooked and underrated.

One of the reasons for this may be the show’s quirky sense of humor. “Dexter’s Laboratory” was known for its clever and satirical take on the traditional cartoon formula, which may have been too subtle or sophisticated for some viewers.

In addition, other, more high-profile cartoons aired on Cartoon Network during the same period often overshadowed the show.

“Dexter’s Laboratory” was part of the network’s “Cartoon Cartoon” lineup, which included other popular shows like “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Johnny Bravo.”

These shows received significant attention and acclaim, while “Dexter’s Laboratory” was often overlooked.

Dumb And Dumber

Dumb And Dumber cartoon

Dumb And Dumber, the cartoon, has been a beloved source of entertainment for decades. It follows the misadventures of two dim-witted buddies, Harry and Lloyd, as they attempt to make sense of life’s everyday situations.

The humor is often crude and outlandish, but that makes Dumb And Dumber the cartoon so appealing.

From outrageous pranks to fate-defying feats, Dumb And Dumber will make you chuckle until your sides hurt!

So if you’re looking for good old-fashioned laughter, Dumb And Dumber is just what the doctor ordered!

Mighty Max

Mighty Max

Mighty Max was a must-watch cartoon for those who grew up in the 90s. The show follows Mighty Max – a young boy with an adventurous spirit and incredible physical strength – as he travels to different lands while battling evil forces.

Mighty Max is joined by his loyal companions Norman and Virgil, and together they take on all sorts of danger – from mutant dinosaurs to terrifying monsters.

Samurai Pizza Cats

Samurai Pizza Cats - unknown cartoon characters

The Samurai Pizza Cats cartoon perfectly blends pizza, cats and Samurai action.

This unique anime follows the adventures of a brave team of cats as they battle against evil to protect their city.

With their excellent fighting skills and special powers, this mischievous feline clan is always ready for action.

Who could resist the charms of these heroic warriors? Join them on their exciting adventures and find out! But don’t be fooled by their cute exterior, as they’re not afraid to put their Samurai skills to the test when faced with danger.

Adventures Of The Gummi Bears

Adventures Of The Gummi Bears - most obscure characters from old cartoons

When Adventures Of The Gummi Bears first aired in 1985, viewers were introduced to a world of magical possibilities—literally!

Adventures Of The Gummi Bears was an instant hit, featuring the adventurous anthropomorphic bears and their fantastic ability to bounce like rubber thanks to a special potion made by their ancestors.

Kids everywhere eagerly followed the adventures of this brave group of bears as they explored unfamiliar lands and outsmarted their adversaries.

Adventures Of The Gummi Bears was a testament to the power of friendship, compassion, and facing your fears, making it one of the most beloved animated series of all time.

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes cartoon is a cult classic from the 80s that has spawned into numerous sequels, video games, and even theme park attractions.

It’s a fun-filled movie with plenty of slapstick humor and witty quips. Despite its lightheartedness, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes is packed with suspense!

It follows the story of a group of brave citizens who must battle against an army of mutated tomatoes that have taken over their town.

With plenty of laughs and thrills for everyone, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes is sure to become one of your favorite cult classics!

James Bond Jr.

James Bond Jr. cartoon

From 1991 to 1992, James Bond Jr., voiced by Corey Feldman, was a cartoon series.

Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season and 43 episodes – but it did introduce us to James Bond’s daring younger relative and his gang of loyal friends who took on evil villains every week!

James Bond Jr. was filled with adventure, action, and ingenious gadgets, and the cartoon quickly became a hit among kids of all ages.

The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest

The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest - lesser known cartoons

The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest cartoon is an animated series based on the classic 1960’s television show of the same name.

The cartoon follows the adventures of a young boy, Jonny Quest, and his friends Hadji, Jessie, Race Bannon, and Dr. Benton Quest as they travel around the world to explore new places and fight against evil forces.

Its action-packed storylines are in exotic locations and feature futuristic gadgets, weapons, and exciting villain battles.

Street Sharks

Street Sharks - obscure cartoon network shows

Street Sharks is an animated television series about the adventures of crime-fighting half-shark, half-humans. The Street Sharks live in Streetopia and often battle the evil Dr. Paradigm, who creates mutant creatures to take over Streetopia.

The Street Sharks are forced to use their shark powers to save their home from these villains.

Life With Louie

Life With Louie

Life With Louie is an animated television series originally aired in the United States from 1994 to 1998.

It was created by comedian/director/actor Louie Anderson, who also voiced all of the characters in the series. Through Louie’s childhood and adolescence, Life With Louie follows the life of 8-year-old Louie and his family.

The Pirates Of Dark Water

The Pirates Of Dark Water

The Pirates of Dark Water is an animated adventure series from 1991 to 1993.

The show follows the exploits of a young prince named Ren, who embarks on a quest to save his world from the evil forces of The Dark Water.

There were numerous praises for the show’s unique art style, exciting action sequences, and captivating storyline. It also featured memorable characters such as Ioz, Tula, and The Octopon.

The Pirates of Dark Water was ahead of its time in terms of animation style, with its vividly detailed backgrounds and heavily saturated colors giving it a unique aesthetic.

The show ran for three seasons and has become a beloved classic among fans of animated adventure series.


Gargoyles - 2000 kids cartoons

Gargoyles was a classic animated series featuring a group of Gargoyles who defended the city of Manhattan from various supernatural threats. Originally descended from an ancient race of creatures, Gargoyles protected the city’s inhabitants.

With its dark and mysterious characters, Gargoyles was one of the most obscure cartoons of its time.

Gargoyles often featured a variety of supernatural elements, creatures, and villains that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Despite its obscurity, Gargoyles has achieved classic cult status, with many fans claiming it is one of the best cartoons ever made.

Dog City

Dog City - obscure 80s cartoon characters

Dog City is a cartoon created by Jim Jinkins and David Campbell. It follows the adventures of Ace Hart, an anthropomorphic German Shepherd Dog who is the chief detective of Dog City.

The show also features other characters, such as Bruno, Dog City’s mayor, and Boss Dog, Ace’s arch-nemesis.

Dog City was first aired in 1989 and ran for three seasons.

Dog City is a beloved cartoon classic that often appears on lists of the top cartoons of all time.

The Wild Thornberrys

The Wild Thornberrys

The Wild Thornberrys is an animated television series aired on Nickelodeon from 1998 to 2004.

The show follows the adventures of Eliza Thornberry and her family as they travel around the world in their R.V. while studying and filming animals in their natural habitats.

The show’s most notable feature is a secret ability Eliza has been granted to her by a shaman that allows her to talk to animals.

The show is celebrated for its positive messages of environmental conservation and the bond between humans and nature.

Bucky O’Hare And The Toad Wars

Bucky O'Hare And The Toad Wars

Bucky O’Hare And The Toad Wars is an animated series that aired in 1992. It was based on a comic book of the same name and had thirteen episodes.

Bucky, the titular character, is a brave space rabbit from the planet Warren who fights against an evil race of toads known as the Toad Air Marshalls.

Bucky and his crew fight to save the universe from their tyranny in a series of intergalactic battles.

The crew of Bucky’s ship includes Willy DuWitt, a genius mechanic; Deadeye Duck, a former Robin Hood-like outlaw; Blinky, an alien computer expert; and Jenny, Bucky’s first mate and Willy’s love interest.

David The Gnome

David The Gnome

David the Gnome was one of the most beloved cartoons from the 1980s. In the show, David and Lisa, a gnome and his wife, go on fantastical adventures deep in the forest.

Swift the fox and Scowler, the owl, often joined them on their journeys and helped them along the way.

David and Lisa’s main goal was to save animals and other creatures from the evil witch, Slyboots. David’s primary weapon against her was magical potions from the plants he found in his garden.

Road Rovers

Road Rovers - unknown cartoon characters

Road Rovers is an American animated television series that Warner Bros. Animation produced.An alien race known as the Exiles threatens the Road Rovers, five mutant dogs with superpowers.

Besides Colleen, the Road Rovers team includes Blitz the husky, Shag the sheepdog, Zik and Zak, two brilliant wolf brothers, and Hunter, the German shepherd.



Beetlejuice was a popular animated television series that aired from 1989 to 1991. It followed the mischief of Beetlejuice, a mischievous ghost with an affinity for practical jokes and puns.

The show also featured additional wacky characters such as Beetlejuice’s nemesis, the uptight Mrs. Sizzler; nasty ghouls Herman and Jelian; and the devious Beetlejuice assistant Swampy Marsh.

Since Beetlejuice went off the air, its popularity among a cult following has only grown.

It remains one of the most beloved animated shows of all time!



ReBoot is an animated cartoon series created by Mainframe Entertainment that debuted in 1994, making it the very first computer-animated television program.

With its complex storylines and cutting-edge visuals, ReBoot was unlike anything audiences had seen before.

As more advanced technology allowed for increasingly sophisticated computer animation, ReBoot was eventually forgotten.

Though forgotten, ReBoot remains a pioneering piece of animation history that opened up new creative possibilities for future animators.

Reflections and Experiences With Obscure Cartoon Characters

Growing up, I was always a huge fan of cartoons. I loved the colorful characters and the exciting storylines that kept me entertained for hours on end.

While I had a soft spot for mainstream characters, I also enjoyed obscure and lesser-known ones.

One of my all-time favorite obscure cartoon characters is a little-known character from a show called “The Raccoons.”

Bert Raccoon was always getting himself into silly situations and making mischief for his friends.

I loved how relatable he was, even though he was just a cartoon character.

Another obscure cartoon character I loved was a superhero named “The Blue Falcon.”

He was a spoof on traditional superhero tropes, but I found him to be hilarious and endearing.

He had a lovable sidekick named Dynomutt, and together they would go on wacky adventures and save the day.

As I got older, I began to appreciate the art and storytelling that went into creating these obscure cartoon characters. The writers and animators put a lot of thought and effort into crafting their personalities and storylines.

I am filled with joy and nostalgia whenever I think of these obscure cartoon characters. They may not be as well-known as some of the more mainstream characters, but to me, they will always hold a special place in my heart.

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