14 Anime Grandmas That Deserve More Recognition

Popular anime grandma that everyone loves includes Genkai, Chiyo, Katara, Cologne, Tsubone, Chi-Chi, Sui Shijima, and Sakae Jinnouchi.

Picture this: when we think of grandmothers, we often imagine a sweet old lady who bakes cookies and spoils their grandchildren.

But let’s be real; there’s more to grandma than just her delicious treats and advice on how to fold a fitted sheet. And when it comes to anime grandmas, they’re in a league of their own!

These aren’t your average grandmas – they’re like Yoda with a knitting needle. They’re wise, powerful, and can beat you in a game of chess blindfolded. And forget about baking cookies; these anime grandmas have a whole arsenal of ninja moves and magical spells.

Discover the Heartwarming World of Anime Grandmas

So if you thought grandma was just there to pinch your cheeks and give you candy, think again. Anime grandmas are the ultimate powerhouses, and they’ll show you that age is just a number.

So buckle up and get ready to meet some of the coolest grandparents in the anime world!

Katara – The Legend Of Korra

Katara - The Legend Of Korra

Parents: Hakoda, Kya
Significant other: Aang
Children: Bumi, Kya, Tenzin
Creators: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

In The original Avatar series, Katara was a passionate and kind young person. However, in The Legend of Korra, she becomes a patient and wise grandmother, becoming a significant figure in the Southern Water Tribe.

Katara holds a deep affection for her three grown children and her lively Airbender grandchildren, and she even had an intuition that Rohan would be an Airbender before he was born.

Moreover, Katara has taken on a granny anime role to the new Avatar, Korra, who is the successor to her late husband. Korra can always rely on Katara for support, whether she needs physical or emotional healing. Overall, Katara has aged gracefully.

Cologne – Ranma ½

Cologne - Ranma ½

Creator: Rumiko Takahashi
TV shows: Ranma ½, Ranma ½ OVA

Don’t let Cologne’s petite frame and adorable appearance fool you – in the world of anime, she’s a grandma who means business! As one of the strongest characters in Ranma ½, this martial arts master is not to be underestimated.

She’s not just a skilled fighter but a trained leader of the powerful Chinese Amazons who has produced some of the greatest warriors of all time – including her protégé, Shampoo.

But Cologne’s smarts are just as impressive as her fighting skills. She’s a crafty strategist who can outmaneuver her opponents and turn the tables in her favor. And with superhuman abilities and the power to manipulate chi, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

So even though she may look like a cute grandma, Cologne is one of the toughest and most formidable characters in all anime!

Genkai – Yu Yu Hakusho!

Genkai - Yu Yu Hakusho!

Be amazed because Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho still packs a punch, even with a few years under her belt! Sure, she might have lost some of her powers, but that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover. This fierce fighter can hold her own during battles, and she’s got the superhuman strength and speed to prove it.

Plus, she’s got some serious healing abilities, so if you’re ever in a tight spot, Genkai’s got your back.

But what sets Genkai apart from the rest is her smarts. She’s not just skilled; she’s a bonafide genius in fighting. Her enemies know it too – they’ve tried to outsmart her, but it’s useless.

She’s always one step ahead, using her quick wit to outmaneuver even the toughest opponents.

Ito Nishimiya – A Silent Voice

Ito Nishimiya - A Silent Voice

Get ready to grab some tissues because the anime movie adaptation of A Silent Voice is an emotional rollercoaster. And while it’s the story of Shoko Nishimiya that takes center stage, a minor character steals the show – Ito Nishimiya, Shoko’s loving grandmother.

Unlike her bitter daughter, Ito is a breath of fresh air. She’s easygoing and always sees the best in people, no matter what.

Her kindness shines through in everything she does, especially regarding her two granddaughters. They look up to her as a role model and cherish every moment they spend together.

Sadly, Ito’s time with us was cut short during the events of A Silent Voice. But even in her brief appearances, her role as a sweet grandmother was abundantly clear.

Chiyo – Naruto

Chiyo - Naruto

Hold on to your seats, anime fans, because Chiyo from Naruto is a force to be reckoned with! Not only is she respected in the world of Naruto, but she’s also beloved by millions of fans around the globe. And it’s no wonder – her wise and kind nature makes her one of the most endearing characters in the series.

Sure, Chiyo may not be the strongest warrior in Naruto, but don’t let that fool you. She’s one of the most powerful medical ninjas in the entire series. Even as a grandma, she’s fast and strong enough to hold her own in battle if needed.

But where Chiyo shines is in her knowledge of poisons and healing. She’s a true expert, and her enemies know better than to mess with her.

Kazusa Takatori – Shounen Maid

Kazusa Takatori - Shounen Maid

Get ready to meet one of the quirkiest grandmothers in anime – Kazusa, the grandma of protagonist Chihiro. When we first meet her, she’s chasing cats in the local park, doing her best to get close to them but always coming up short.

But when she realizes Chihiro is watching, she straightens up and tries to play the part of the respectable grandma.

Kazusa’s relationship with her family is complicated – she doesn’t get along with Chihiro’s mother or uncle. So at first, she conceals her identity from Chihiro. But unlike the elusive cats, Chihiro isn’t deterred by family drama. He continues to get along with Kazusa, and they often meet in the park to chat about daily life.

Despite her odd behavior, Kazusa is an easygoing grandmother at heart.

Tsubone – Hunter X Hunter

Tsubone - Hunter X Hunter

Tsubone from Hunter X Hunter is not your typical anime grandma. As the experienced butler of the infamous Zoldyck family, she’s one of the strongest grandmothers in anime – and not to be underestimated.

While Tsubone may not be able to take on the strongest hunters, she’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to weaker foes. Her extraordinary stamina and lightning-fast reflexes make her a formidable opponent, and she’s not afraid to use her scary strength to get the job done.

But where Tsubone shines is in her ability to perform complex conjurations. She can transform her body into various vehicles, from cars to helicopters.

And as one of the scariest grandmas in anime, she’s always ready to follow orders from the Zoldyck family and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Sui Shijima – Blossoms for tomorrow

Sui Shijima - Blossoms for tomorrow

Prepare to meet one tough cookie of a grannie in the world of Hanasaku Iroha! Sui Shijima owns the historic Taisho period inn, Kissuisou, where her granddaughter Ohana is sent to live.

With her stern expression and traditional kimonos, Sui commands respect without trying. Her fashionable short hair might fool you, but her posture and voice make it clear that she means business.

At first, it’s clear that Ohana and her no-nonsense grandmother don’t see eye to eye. Sui makes Ohana work to pay for her stay at the inn, and the two frequently clash over their different perspectives.

Ohana wants to modernize the inn, but Sui is set in her old-fashioned ways.

Chi-Chi – Dragon Ball

Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball - anime grandma

Hold on to your hats, Dragon Ball fans, because Chi-Chi is not your average grandma! She’s the strongest woman on Earth; even in her golden years, she’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Chi-Chi packs a serious punch with her bare hands as her weapon of choice, thanks to her superhuman strength and lightning-fast speed.

Although Chi-Chi eventually decided to hang up her fighting gloves and become a devoted mom and housewife, she remained one of the strongest characters in the series.

She proved time and time again that she was an intelligent and skilled fighter, taking down a T-Rex and even going toe-to-toe with Goku himself in a tournament fight.

Hitoha Miyamizu – Your name

Hitoha Miyamizu - Your name

Mitsuha Miyamizu’s kind and plump grandma appears in this anime blockbuster.

Hitoha is the head of the sacred Shinto Shrine in a small mountain town, and she’s the one who taught Mitsuha all about the duties of a Miko. From making sake with spitted rice (Kuchikamisake) to the traditional Japanese braid-making technique of Kumihimo, Hitoha is a master of all things Shinto.

But Hitoha’s influence on Mitsuha and her sister Yotsuha goes beyond just teaching them the ways of the shrine. Hitoha stepped in and raised the two girls with love and care when their mother passed away.

Enya the Hag – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Enya the Hag - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders

Enya the Hag is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders’ formidable grandmother, endowed with deadly magical abilities that make her both eerie and powerful. She is a ruthless and vengeful individual who delights in humiliating her adversaries and has no qualms about taking lives for DIO.

In this iconic and unconventional anime, viewers encounter an array of nefarious characters and brave heroes alongside one of the most despicable anime stepfathers.

Nevertheless, Enya, the Hag, stands out as a formidable opponent thanks to her Justice Stand.

Sakae Jinnouchi – Summer Wars

Sakae Jinnouchi - Summer Wars

As a computer mastermind overseeing an entire virtual realm, you are suddenly jolted back to reality when a high school friend invites you to her great-grandmother’s birthday celebration in a small countryside town.

To complicate matters, she introduces you as her fiancé to her family, just as cyber attacks wreak havoc.

Enter Kenji Koiso, our protagonist, who finds himself in a state of confusion. The celebrated great-grandmother, Sakae, can leverage her connections to mitigate the damage caused by cyber attacks in the physical world.

Despite the attacks disabling her heart monitor and hastening her death, Sakae maintains calm during these trying times.

Charlotte Linlin – One Piece

Charlotte Linlin - One Piece

Big Mom, also known as Charlotte Linlin, is a notorious and cunning character in the One Piece universe. This lethal grandmother has a staggering eighty-five children, many of whom have families. As one of the most powerful female characters, she boasts an impressive bounty, second only to Kaido in the anime.

Big Mom’s mastery of Devil Fruit powers is unmatched, and she can manipulate human souls in terrifying ways. She can extract the soul of her victims and their life force, effectively robbing them of their lifespan.

Additionally, she can transform souls into homies, imbuing objects with sentient life and creating powerful, almost invincible servants.

Gloriosa – One Piece

Gloriosa - One Piece - anime grandmother

Introducing Elder Nyon, the former Empress of the Kuja tribe, an exclusive all-female community that resides in the Amazon Lily, a majestic empire located on Maiden Island.

The Kuja Pirates are the tribe’s seafaring crew, consisting of women who undergo rigorous training from a young age to become tenacious fighters and daring explorers.

In her younger years, Gloriosa embarked on a journey across the globe in search of a cure for her “love disease,” which had claimed the lives of many of her fellow tribe members.

Fortunately, she returned to the island, having successfully found a remedy for her ailment, and assumed the role of a sagacious Empress.

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