Frozen Characters: Behind-the-Scenes Journey

Characters in Disney’s Frozen include Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Hans, The Icy Ensemble, Sven, Oaken, The Trolls, and Marshmallow.

“Disney’s “Frozen” debuted in 2013, captivating audiences with its magical story of sisterly love. Unlike traditional tales, this enchanting saga lets Anna and Elsa, not a prince, save the day. Despite “Brave” (2012) highlighting female empowerment, “Frozen’s” vibrant characters make it truly stand out.

We’re now diving into the world of “Frozen” and its 2019 sequel, “Frozen II.” Join us as we explore and rank the top 10 characters based on their likeability.

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Characters of Frozen and Frozen II

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee directed the casts of “Frozen” and “Frozen II.” Buck also directed Disney’s “Tarzan,” while Lee took the helm for the “Frozen Fever” short.

John Lasseter served as the executive producer for “Frozen,” with Bryon Howard stepping into that role for “Frozen II.”

characters from frozen

Frozen Characters Names

As the first snowflakes of Disney’s “Frozen” descend, we’re swept off to Arendelle, a realm where fairytales meet reality. We’re immediately captivated by Elsa’s magical (and slightly troubling) ice powers and Anna’s boundless enthusiasm.

It’s here where the seed of character development is sown. A headstrong Anna and a conflicted Elsa – two personalities as different as summer and winter.

Elsa: From Frozen Fear to Empowered Queen

Elsa Character From Frozen

Elsa’s character development is anything but frozen. Struggling to control her powers, she isolates herself, a decision that stems from fear. It’s “Let it Go” where we witness a captivating metamorphosis – Elsa embraces her abilities and transforms from a frightened girl to a confident ice queen.

A masterstroke of storytelling that shows overcoming personal fears leads to true empowerment.

Anna: The Heart That Never Freezes

Anna - frozen movie characters

In contrast, Anna, the fiery, optimistic princess, is our beacon of hope and resilience. Her journey is not about personal transformation but about staying true to herself. Anna’s unwavering love for her sister and her unyielding spirit to save Elsa, even in the face of peril, teach us the power of perseverance and true love.

Kristoff: From Lone Ranger to Loyal Companion

Kristoff - main characters in frozen

Kristoff, our mountain-dwelling, ice-harvesting, reindeer-befriending hero, starts his journey as a solitary figure, more at ease in the company of his loyal reindeer, Sven, than with people. However, through his involvement in Anna’s quest, we see his icy exterior melt.

The rugged loner becomes a reliable partner, learning to open up and trust others. His transition highlights the power of companionship and courage in vulnerability.

Olaf: A Snowman with a Warm Heart


In this world of change and growth, Olaf is a constant, encapsulating the charm of innocence and a sunny disposition. This sentient snowman, born from Elsa’s childhood memories, doesn’t develop traditionally but stands as a symbol of enduring positivity and joy.

Despite his comedic antics, Olaf often delivers wisdom, showing us that growth isn’t always about change but enriching our inherent qualities.

Hans: A Chilling Twist

Hans From Frozen

Hans of the Southern Isles. A charming prince turned antagonist, Hans represents an unconventional character arc. Initially, he’s a beacon of support for Anna, but the façade melts away to reveal a power-hungry manipulator.

This shocking twist underlines that appearances can be deceptive, reminding viewers to be wary of superficial charm. It’s a valuable lesson with a touch of Disney’s dramatic flair.

Sven: The Silent Guide

Sven - frozen cartoon characters

The reindeer Sven is a character of few words – well, of no words, to be precise. Yet, his actions speak volumes. Loyal to Kristoff and caring towards Anna and Elsa, Sven is the unsung hero of the saga. His character development isn’t traditional, but it’s essential.

Through his unconditional support and silent wisdom, Sven emphasizes the importance of non-verbal communication and the bonds that transcend language.

The Trolls: Ageless Wisdom and Eternal Love

The Trolls From Frozen

The rock-dwelling trolls led by Grand Pabbie add a mystical flavor to the narrative. They’re not just comic relief but also the link between the human world and the magical.

Their transformation is subtle, shifting from mere folklore to active participants in the story, providing guidance and care when needed. Their enduring love for Kristoff, a human, teaches us about the universality of familial bonds, transcending biological ties.

The Duke of Weselton: From Greed to Exile

The Duke of Weselton Frozen Characters

The Duke of Weselton contrasts our protagonists with his greed for Arendelle’s riches and fear of Elsa’s powers. His character doesn’t evolve but devolves as he goes from a respected Duke to a disgraced exile. His downfall underscores the destructive nature of greed and prejudice and how they can lead to one’s ruin.

Marshmallow: From Guard to Guardian

Marshmallow - Characters In Frozen

Marshmallow, the hulking ice beast created by Elsa, starts as a terrifying guard of her ice castle, embodying her desire to be left alone. However, in “Frozen Fever,” Marshmallow embraces a gentler role as the guardian of Elsa’s snowgies.

This shift underscores the transformative power of responsibility and care, even for a character as intimidating as Marshmallow.

Oaken: The Unshakeable Shopkeeper

Oaken characters frozen

Oaken, the jovial owner of “Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna,” is a minor but memorable character. He remains constant, with his cheerful demeanor and hearty “Hoo-hoo!”

Yet, he imparts a valuable lesson about standing firm in business and treating customers respectfully, showing that character depth can come from even the briefest appearances.

The Snowgies: Mischief to Merriment

The Snowgies - frozen movies characters

The Snowgies, Elsa’s adorable mini snowmen created unintentionally in “Frozen Fever,” are more than just cute side characters. They transition from causing playful chaos to becoming Marshmallow’s companions, showing that even the smallest characters can bring significant joy and embody the spirit of change and adaptability.

The Elements: From Chaos to Harmony

The Elements

In “Frozen II,” the elemental spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, although not characters in the traditional sense, are vital to the narrative. Initially causing chaos, they eventually find harmony with Elsa, signifying her acceptance as the Fifth Spirit. This transformation underscores the film’s message of unity, balance, and respect for nature.

Lieutenant Mattias: A Loyal Soldier Unfrozen in Time

Lieutenant Mattias - Frozen and Frozen 2 Cast & Characters

Lieutenant Destin Mattias, introduced in “Frozen II,” is a loyal Arendelle soldier trapped in the Enchanted Forest for over three decades.

Despite his years of isolation, his loyalty never wavers, and his character arc symbolizes the triumph of duty and honor over adversity. His eventual return to a changed Arendelle teaches us about resilience and adapting to new realities.

Yelana: Northuldra Leader and Pillar of Strength

Yelana From Character

Yelana, the wise leader of the Northuldra tribe, initially distrusts Elsa and Anna due to past conflicts. However, her character evolves from suspicion to alliance as she recognizes their genuine intentions.

Her shift serves as a vital lesson in reconciliation and the power of trust, enriching the narrative with her strength and wisdom.

The Nokk: From Adversary to Ally

The Nokk

The Nokk, a mythical water spirit taking the form of a horse, begins as a fierce adversary, challenging Elsa’s passage. However, once Elsa proves her worth, the Nokk transforms into a loyal ally.

This character arc reminds us that some relationships start with adversity but can change into alliances through perseverance and mutual respect.

Bruni: The Adorable Fire Spirit

Bruni The Adorable Fire Spirit

Bruni, the fire spirit in “Frozen II,” is initially mischievous, causing trouble with his fiery antics. But, under Elsa’s patient hand, he morphs from a creature of chaos to a cuddly companion.

His transformation serves as a sweet reminder that patience and understanding can turn even the wildest spirit into a friend.

Iduna: A Mother’s Melody of Love

Iduna - A Mother's Melody of Love

Queen Iduna, Elsa and Anna’s mother had a limited role in the first “Frozen” but was further fleshed out in “Frozen II”. She was revealed to be a former member of the Northuldra tribe and her lullaby, “All Is Found”, serves as a guiding beacon for Elsa.

Her posthumous character development underscores the enduring influence of a mother’s love and wisdom.

Agnarr: A King’s Legacy

Agnarr - characters names from frozen

King Agnarr, Elsa and Anna’s father, also gains more depth in “Frozen II”. His stories and actions shape his daughters’ lives, from instilling a sense of adventure in Anna to passing on crucial knowledge to Elsa.

His character arc emphasizes the lasting impact of a father’s teachings, even after he’s gone.

Ryder and Honeymaren: Northuldra Siblings and Allies

Ryder and Honeymaren

In “Frozen II,” we meet Ryder and Honeymaren, brother and sister from the Northuldra tribe. Ryder, with his love for reindeers and yearning for adventure, forms a bond with Kristoff.

Honeymaren, a brave and resourceful young woman, befriends Elsa and Anna. Their roles, though minor, reflect the themes of friendship, cultural exchange, and unity.

King Runeard – Frozen Characters

King Runeard - Frozen Characters

The “Frozen” saga introduces King Runeard, voiced by Jeremy Sisto, in “Frozen II” as Anna and Elsa’s deceased grandfather and former King of Arendelle. Initially appearing benign, Runeard’s true nature as a power-hungry tyrant emerges later.

In their childhood, the sisters hear a tale about Runeard’s treaty with the neighboring Northuldra tribe, which involved building a dam in the Enchanted Forest, the tribe’s home. This story ends with a violent conflict resulting in Runeard’s death. However, Elsa, as an adult, uncovers the real story, far from the version her father told.

Big List Of 40 Frozen Characters

  1. Elsa – Idina Menzel
  2. Anna – Kristen Bell
  3. Kristoff – Jonathan Groff
  4. Olaf – Josh Gad
  5. Sven – Frank Welker (non-speaking role)
  6. Hans – Santino Fontana
  7. Duke of Weselton – Alan Tudyk
  8. Oaken – Chris Williams
  9. Pabbie – Ciarán Hinds
  10. King Agnarr – Maurice LaMarche (in “Frozen”) / Alfred Molina (in “Frozen II”)
  11. Queen Iduna – Jennifer Lee (in “Frozen”) / Evan Rachel Wood (in “Frozen II”)
  12. Bulda – Maia Wilson
  13. Marshmallow – Paul Briggs
  14. Sitron (Hans’ horse) – Frank Welker
  15. Cliff (a troll) – Paul Briggs
  16. Gothi (a troll) – Jack Whitehall
  17. Young Anna – Livvy Stubenrauch / Hadley Gannaway
  18. Young Elsa – Eva Bella / Mattea Conforti
  19. Lieutenant Mattias – Sterling K. Brown (in “Frozen II”)
  20. Yelana – Martha Plimpton (in “Frozen II”)
  21. Honeymaren – Rachel Matthews (in “Frozen II”)
  22. Ryder – Jason Ritter (in “Frozen II”)
  23. Bruni the Fire Spirit – Frank Welker (non-speaking role in “Frozen II”)
  24. The Nokk – Frank Welker (non-speaking role in “Frozen II”)
  25. King Runeard – Jeremy Sisto (in “Frozen II”)
  26. Grand Pabbie (young) – Ciarán Hinds (in “Frozen II”)
  27. Halima – Vivian Nixon (in “Frozen II”)
  28. Flemmingrad – Jonathan Groff (in “Frozen II”)
  29. Young Agnarr – Jackson Stein (in “Frozen II”)
  30. Young Iduna – Delaney Rose Stein (in “Frozen II”)
  31. King Runeard (young) – Jeremy Sisto (in “Frozen II”)
  32. Kai – Stephen John Anderson
  33. Gerda – Edie McClurg
  34. Snowgies – Various (in “Frozen Fever”)
  35. Little Rock (a troll) – Lewis Cleale
  36. Young Kristoff – Tyree Brown
  37. Guard (in “Frozen II”) – Fred Tatasciore
  38. Arendelle Citizen (in “Frozen II”) – Stephen Apostolina
  39. Arendelle Soldier (in “Frozen II”) – Daniel Kaz
  40. Northuldra Leader (in “Frozen II”) – Antonio Raul Corbo

Frozen Characters

Why does Elsa have powers, but Anna doesn’t?

“Frozen II” reveals that Elsa’s powers are a gift because of the selfless love between their parents – her mother, a Northuldra, and her father, a prince of Arendelle.

Is Olaf a character in “Frozen” and “Frozen II”?

Yes, Olaf, the friendly snowman, appears in both movies. Josh Gad provides his voice.

Who is the villain in “Frozen”?

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is the villain in “Frozen”. He initially appears charming and sincere but reveals his true, power-hungry nature later in the film.

Who is the voice actor for Kristoff?

Jonathan Groff provides the voice for Kristoff.

What is the name of the reindeer in “Frozen”?

The reindeer’s name is Sven.

Are Elsa and Anna’s parents alive in “Frozen II”?

No, their parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, died in a shipwreck, which is shown in the first “Frozen” film.

Who are the new characters introduced in “Frozen II”?

“Frozen II” introduces several new characters, including Lieutenant Mattias, Yelana, Honeymaren, Ryder, Bruni the Fire Spirit, the Nokk, and King Runeard.

Who is the antagonist in “Frozen II”?

Answer: “Frozen II” doesn’t have a clear-cut villain like the first movie. Instead, the antagonist is more of a situation – the past actions of their grandfather, King Runeard, and the consequences Elsa and Anna face in the present.

Frozen  – Memorable Moments

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