Anime Wolf Characters That Will Leave You Howling with Excitement

These anime wolf characters will leave you howling, Kouga, Shirou Ougami, Sajin Konamura, Gabumon, Sesshomaru, and Legosi from Beastars.

Let’s talk about anime wolf boys for a moment, shall we? Some might say they’re a bit “ruff” around the edges, but hey, to each their own.

We’ve been fascinated by stories about wolves and werewolves for ages, and the anime industry has certainly had its fair share of these types of narratives.

But you know how it is with anime; they always find a way to put their unique spin on things, which makes them so damn entertaining.

So for this list of top wolf anime, we’ve selected shows with a wolf as a main character or focus heavily on wolf-related themes.

The Ultimate List of Anime Wolf Characters: Who Will You Choose?

We wanted to be as versatile as possible with our picks, giving you multiple experiences centered around the same element.

Noblesse – Pamyeol-Ui Sijak

Noblesse - Pamyeol-Ui Sijak

Based on a manhwa written by Son Jae-Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang-Su, this anime adaptation is not one to miss.

The story follows a girl named Ashleen, who is caught up in a human war.

But don’t worry; she’s rescued by Muzaka, the lord of werewolves, who tries to give her a better life. It’s worth noting that Muzaka had given up on his duties as the wolf lord, so helping Ashleen was acceptable in his book.

However, Muzaka is less than pleased with the number of wars humans have been waging lately. So, he and his kind plan a war against humans in retaliation. When Muzaka finds out about this, he goes completely insane, and it’s up to his only friend to stop him from doing something unforgivable.

For this friend, it’s a challenge that will give their life a new direction. This OVA serves as the basis for the actual Noblesse anime.

So, if you’re a fan of wolf-based premises, check out this OVA – and if you enjoy it, you’ll most likely love the Noblesse anime, too.

Kiba – Wolf’s Rain

Kiba – Wolf's Rain

Meet Kiba, the fearless yet reserved protagonist of Wolf’s Rain – an anime that follows the journey of wolf-human hybrids as they search for the Lunar Flower. This rare object promises its owner eternal bliss in Paradise.

In a dystopian world where wolves are believed to be extinct, a group of these hybrid creatures manages to find each other and form a pact. And, as fate would have it, Kiba emerges as their pack leader.

Kiba is a compassionate and courageous leader, unyielding in the face of danger, especially when protecting his comrades.

He embodies all the qualities of a true wolf boy that comes through when it counts!

Ame and Yuki, Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Ame and Yuki, Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Let’s face it; when it comes to animated shows about wolves, it’s usually all about testosterone-fueled fights and epic battles. But hold on to your howls because Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children) is here to change the game!

This show offers a refreshing change of pace with its heartwarming melodrama and emotional gut punches that will leave you howling for more.

The story follows Ame and Yuki, two young half-wolves dealing with their father’s loss. Their human mother is left to raise them on her own, all while trying to keep their wolf side a secret from society’s judgmental eyes.

Watching Ame and Yuki navigate their new lives while simultaneously creating chaos for their mother is like snuggling up with a cozy blanket on a rainy day – it’s warm, it’s comforting.

It’ll leave you feeling fuzzy inside.

Wolf Girl And The Black Prince

Wolf Girl And The Black Prince

Romance fans, get ready – Wolf Girl and The Black Prince is here! Erika Shinohara has been lying to her peers about having a boyfriend, so she takes matters into her own hands and forces the idea on a random stranger.

Enter Kyouya Sata – he’s handsome but not exactly an angel, nature-wise.

Kyouya rejects Erika’s request for him to pretend to be her boyfriend, but she accepts his condition of acting as his dog.

As their relationship progresses, she genuinely falls in love with him – will Kyouya feel the same? Find out in this 12-episode series that brings new life to the concept of the wolf as a human characteristic.

Kouga – InuYasha

Kouga – InuYasha

Listen up, fellow weebs – we can’t talk about wolf boys without howling about the one show that turned an entire generation of anime fans into furries – InuYasha!

This timeless classic is a must-watch for any true anime aficionado, and its characters are as iconic as they come.

And while Kouga may not have been the main attraction in the love story between InuYasha and Kagome, he still played a pivotal role. As the leader of the Eastern Yokai Wolf Tribe, he’s on a mission for revenge against the demons that nearly wiped out his entire family.

And, let’s be real, he’s not exactly InuYasha’s biggest fan – especially regarding Kagome’s affections.

But don’t let that fool you – Kouga is a passionate and powerful leader with a hint of territoriality that only adds to his charm.

And get this – he commands an entire pack of actual wolves. Who wouldn’t want to run with a pack of wolves?

Even if you don’t have the ears to prove it, you can still see the potential! All in all, Kouga is a character you won’t want to miss.

Polt – Daily Life with A Monster Girl

Polt - Daily Life with A Monster Girl

Gather ’round, folks, and let me tell you about the most incredible shapeshifter you’ve ever heard of – Polt, the fitness guru!

This wolfy wonder runs a health spa that helps all creatures get in shape and lose those extra pounds.

Sure, she might have wolfish features like ears, a nose, and a tail, but her ripped physique really sets her apart.

This girl is seriously fit and is not afraid to show it off.

Polt may not spend all her time doing wolf-like things, but who cares? We’re all about representation here, folks. Wolves can be fitness buffs too, and Polt is living proof.

Shirou Ougami – Brand New Animals

Shirou Ougami – Brand New Animals

We can never forget BNA: Brand New Animals – the anime that had us howling with excitement on Netflix. And if there’s one character who made us bark joyfully, it’s the one and only Shirou Ougami.

As a proud member of the marginalized Beastmen race, Shirou is as stoic as he is protective of his community. And with good reason – his kind is being hunted down by humans, and he takes his duty to fight for their rights seriously.

But when he meets Michiru Kagemori, a human-turned-Beastman, his ideals are tested in the most unexpected ways.

And let’s not forget – Shirou can transform into a wolf, which only adds to his badassery.

This lonely fighter may be fierce, but he’s also got a heart of gold – and he’s not afraid to sink his teeth into the fight against oppression.

Legoshi – Beastars

Legoshi - Beastars

This anime has got it all: murder mysteries, captivating deer, and even some thought-provoking takes on modern society.

At the center of it all is Legoshi – a towering, carnivorous grey wolf who’s more meek and mild-mannered than you might expect. But don’t let his size fool you – Legoshi’s got a heart of gold and a determination to unravel the mystery of Tem’s murder, no matter what the world thinks of him.

As he delves deeper into the case, Legoshi also gains a greater understanding of the prejudices and complexities of the world around him.

And, as his confidence grows, he begins to come out of his shell and enjoy the company of others – while still cherishing his quiet moments of solitude.

Moro – Princess Mononoke

Moro - Princess Mononoke

In Princess Mononoke, Ashitaka’s got some serious animal-bite problems, so he heads out to find the deer-like god Shishigami for a cure.

Along the way, he realizes that people are seriously messing up the world and pissing off wolf god Moro and her human daughter Princess Mononoke.

Ashitaka tries to broker peace, but instead, he stirs up more trouble.

Moro is a fierce wolf goddess who’s been around for centuries. She’s got brains, brawn, and a serious grudge against humans. But don’t let that fool you – she’s also got a soft side, especially regarding her adopted daughter San.

And even though she’s not exactly thrilled about Ashitaka’s presence, she can’t deny his love for San and his bravery in facing danger.

Sajin Konamura – Bleach

Sajin Konamura – Bleach

Prepare to howl with laughter, folks, because Bleach has a character that’s stranger than a wolf in sheep’s clothing – it’s a wolf man who’s also a captain of the Gotei 13! Talk about a wild card.

Sajin Komamura may look like a literal canine, but he’s got the heart of a true Soul Reaper. As captain of the 7th Division, he takes his duty seriously and proudly upholds the Soul Reaper spirit.

Sure, he used to hide his wolfish appearance behind a scarf, but once he gained confidence in himself, he ditched the accessory and let his true colors shine.

And let’s not forget – Sajin may be more wolf man than wolf boy, but he’s still a character worth howling about.

Gabumon – Digimon Adventure

Gabumon – Digimon Adventure

I was a huge fan of Digimon Adventure as a kid, and Yamato Ishida was my favorite Digidestined.

And why not?

His Digimon, WereGarurumon, was much cooler than Taichi Kamiya’s Agumon.

Plus, WereGarurumon always had Yamato’s back, reflecting his lone-wolf personality.

But even a lone wolf needs a pack, and that’s what WereGarurumon helped him with. Their friendship and camaraderie with the rest of the group soon became that of a wolf and his pack.

And let’s be real, WereGarurumon had the coolest werewolf design ever.

I mean, just look at those blue stripes and giant claws. You couldn’t help but be in awe of this beastly Digimon.

Sesshomaru – InuYasha

Sesshomaru – InuYasha

Okay, let’s get real. If you were a girl who grew up watching InuYasha, you definitely had a thing for Sesshomaru.

I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s got the looks, the power, and that signature wolf-like attitude that makes him oh-so-cool.

Sure, he wasn’t the protagonist of the series, but he sure was the most popular character.

And for good reason.

Sesshomaru was one of the strongest Youkai out there, with a cold and unfeeling demeanor that made him even more intriguing.

And let’s not forget that he had that whole brotherly rivalry thing going on with InuYasha.

Holo, Spice, and Wolf

Holo, Spice, and Wolf

Listen, I know what you’re thinking – a teenage werewolf who’s worshipped by an entire village for bringing good harvests? It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. But trust me when I say, Holo from Spice and Wolf is not to be underestimated.

Sure, she may not technically be a deity, but that doesn’t stop the people of Pasloe from putting her on a pedestal.

And who can blame them? Holo’s got a wealth of knowledge regarding tilling the land, and she’s been doing it for centuries.

But as times change and technology progresses, Holo finds herself feeling more and more out of place in the modern world.

So what’s a teenage werewolf to do?

Well, Holo decides to take matters into her own paws and consider a return to her snowy homeland in Yoitsu. But not before some seriously intense plot twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Blue – Wolf’s Rain

Blue - Wolf's Rain

Here’s an intriguing twist in the tale: as much as we love Kiba, he’s outshone by Blue, another wolf from the same show.

The interesting thing about Blue is that she was completely unaware of her true identity as a wolf.

All her life, she has been nothing more than a mere mutt, serving her human master with unwavering loyalty.

But, when she finally discovers the truth about her identity, it poses a difficult question that only she can answer.

Does she continue to serve her caring master or embrace her true self and protect her kind by turning against humans?

The choice is hers and hers alone.

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