Tall Anime Girls: The Ultimate Guide to the Most Powerful Characters

Tall anime girls are some of the most beautiful, like Ayaka Kagari, Alexandra Garcia, Meiko Shiraki, Kanamori Sayaka, and Pakunoda.

Alright, folks, today we’re going to take a gander at some of the most towering ladies in the anime universe.

These anime gals have left a lasting impression on viewers, not just because they’re sky-high but also for their unique personalities and contributions to their respective shows.

Sure, some of these tall anime girls might not be giants in real life, but they sure seem like it when they’re standing next to the mortals around them.

Let’s look at the 12 tall anime women who are head and shoulders above the rest!

Tall Anime Girl Characters That Will Take Your Breath Away

In anime, tall female characters are often portrayed as strong and powerful, with commanding personalities. They are not the typical damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by a knight in shining armor.

Instead, they take charge and are often the ones doing the rescuing.

This is a welcome change from the usual portrayal of women as weak and vulnerable.

Here we go!

Merlin – The Seven Deadly Sins

Merlin - tall anime women

Height: 177 cm (5 feet 10 inches)
Weight: 57 kg (126 Ibs)
Hair Color: Black

Merlin enjoys challenging and mocking others, often teasing her apprentice Vivian for her tendency to lose herself in rage.

As a master of magic, Merlin is always eager to test out new techniques, using anyone as a guinea pig as long as the results are good (as noted by Meliodas).

At 177 cm (5’10”), she’s shorter than you might expect, but it’s all relative when you’re in the same crew as Escanor, the mountain man, and Meliodas, the pervy short king.

And let’s face it – she may not be the most beautiful or the tallest, but that’s just being greedy.

Meiko Shiraki – Prison School

Meiko Shiraki - tall anime girls

Height: 180 cm (5 feet 11 inches)

A highly confident girl, Meiko is often spotted on campus wearing a scanty outfit. She has a reputation for being a sadist and a misandrist.

Standing at 180 cm (5’11”) on her own, she easily reaches 190 cm (6’2″) with her signature high heels.

Combine that with her whip, and it’s no wonder she has such a menacing presence.

And if you still think you could take her on, watch her arm-wrestle any of the students – because apparently, arm wrestling is just another part of the anime workout routine.

Ayaka Kagari – Witch Craft Works

Ayaka Kagari - Witch Craft Works - tall girl animation

Height: 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches)

Ayaka Kagari is a prime example of tall, dark, and stunning.

Standing tall at 175 cm, Ayaka towers over her friends and dominates the school as the most popular tall girl and a certified badass fire witch.

But don’t let her height and power intimidate you too much – if you’re lucky, she might sweep you up in her arms and fly you through the sky on her broomstick while blasting robot rabbits to smithereens.

It’s all in a day’s work for Takamiya Honoka, who leads a pretty strange life.

But even with all the craziness, Honoka can count on Ayaka to be her stalwart protector and doting princess, even if her monotone demeanor may initially seem a little intimidating.

Kanamori Sayaka – Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Kanamori Sayaka - Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Height: 181 cm (5 feet 11 inches)

Although Sayaka stands the tallest in her club, she is by far the most grounded. At 181 cm (5’11”), she towers over her friends, but her maturity sets her apart.

Having learned the value of money and marketing at a young age, Sayaka has become a realistically materialistic person.

She knows how to stand up for herself and her friends, bluff her way through tough situations, win arguments, and command attention.

It’s no surprise that she’s a dominant presence.

Kiss-Shot – Bakemonogatari

Kiss-Shot - Bakemonogatari - tall girl anime

Height: 182 cm (6 feet )

Although she spends most of the show the size of a toddler, we must not forget Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade in her prime.

In this form, she becomes the iron-blooded, hot-blooded, cold-blooded vampire (always a mouthful), standing at an impressive 182 cm (6’0″).

Kiss-Shot reigns supreme for some in a series with more “best girls” than one can count because of her cute-yet-dangerous personality.

She may not staple your cheek, but she’ll put on the most extreme sword-swallowing show of your life.

Alexandra Garcia – Kuroko no Basuke

Alexandra Garcia - Kuroko no Basuke

Height: 188 cm (5 feet  11 inches)

Alex, the tall, blonde, and beautiful Spanish-American basketball player with a bit of a kissing habit, might seem like a dream come true – until you find yourself sharing a sleeping space with her.

At a towering 180 cm (that’s 5’11”), Alex is a force to be reckoned with, even with her dormant feisty nature.

Not only was she a pro basketball player, but she’s also an incredible coach who’s helped mold some of the best boys in the series.

So even in the narrative sense, Alex stands tall – literally and figuratively.

Kohiruimaki Karen – Sword Art Online

Kohiruimaki Karen - Sword Art Online

Height: 183 cm (6 feet )

People like Karen – self-conscious women who wish to feel more confident about their height.

For Karen, that meant turning to Gun Gale Online to create a new, shorter persona.

In real life, Karen stands tall at 183 cm (6’0″), but in the virtual world, she made her character much shorter at around 150 cm (4’9″).

It was a way for her to feel more comfortable and less self-conscious.

And while she may be dressed head-to-toe in pink, don’t let that fool you – Karen is a force to be reckoned with, wielding her submachine gun like a pro.

Boa Hancock – One Piece

Boa Hancock - One Piece

Height: 191 cm (6 feet 3 inches)

Introducing the one and only Pirate Empress, Snake Princess, and Most Beautiful Woman in the World-ess: Boa Hancock. She stands out from her sisters at 191 cm (6’3″) with a slender build.

As the most beautiful woman in the world – second only to maybe mermaids – Boa Hancock expects forgiveness for her actions simply because of her stunning looks.

And her expectations are often met.

But then along comes Luffy, the Saiki Kusuo to her Kokomi Terukashi, and suddenly everything changes.

Luffy makes Boa Hancock fall in love, proving that even the most badass women can’t resist the power of love.

Pakunoda – Hunter x Hunter

Pakunoda - Hunter x Hunter

Height: 182 cm (6 feet 1 inch)

While not the most notable character from Hunter x Hunter, Pakunoda still deserves a spot on this list as an incredible spy and interrogator for the Phantom Troupe.

With her specialist Nen type, she can extract information from enemies and track potential threats.

One distinguishing feature that sets her apart from the group is her tall and slender physique, standing at an impressive 182 cm (6’0″).

And while you may be curious about other specific features she possesses, nobody knows.

What we do know, however, is that Pakunoda is extremely loyal to her group, especially Chrollo, which makes her a valuable asset to the Troupe – and to this list.

Isane Kotetsu – Bleach

Isane Kotetsu - Bleach - tall female anime characters

Height: 187 cm (6 feet 1 inch )

Even Shinigami can struggle with a height complex, as Isane well knows.

While she didn’t escape to an alternate world like some others, Isane tried to combat her growth by consuming copious amounts of porridge – to no avail.

She reached a towering height of 187 cm (6’1″).

But Isane’s height doesn’t define her as a person. She’s a true leader, serving as captain of the fourth division and previously as a lieutenant under Captain Retsu Unohana.

And when it comes to courage, she’s got plenty of it – even standing up to the seemingly unstoppable Sosuke Aizen.

Annie Leonhart – Attack on Titan

Annie Leonhart - Attack on Titan

Height: 14m (45 feet 9 inches)

Let us explain if you still don’t know why Annie ranks so highly on this list.

Even in human form, Annie is a force to be reckoned with. Her harsh personality is a direct result of her upbringing, and she is extremely physically fit, excelling at hand-to-hand combat.

While she may not be on the same level as Mikasa or Levi, she is still a formidable threat.

And then there’s the fact that she can transform into a titan, standing at a massive 14m (45’9″) and possessing incredible titan powers.

So, unless you’re a titan yourself, in love with a titan, or Levi, it’s best to steer clear of Annie.

Mount Lady – Boku no Hero Academia

Mount Lady - tall anime girl characters

Height: 20.62m (67 feet 7 inches)

At a staggering 20.62 m (67’7″), we have Mount Lady, the attention-loving and gorgeous superhero who may or may not be interested in Kamui’s quirk.

Despite often being portrayed as goofy and used to lighten the mood, Mount Lady is a true hero.

She uses her giant size to attack and defend those in need, making her a beloved character.

And let’s be real – the fact that she’s the size of three giraffes stacked on top of each other is just icing on the cake.

When it comes to size in the female anime world, Mount Lady is unrivaled.

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